Ch1:start! It started when Maria Banning is doing her play as Jareth Peter Pan. Maria was doing her lines and kept it going but then all the sudden David Bowie Banning's cellphone goes off!

"Michael I'm at my daughter's play, It's impossible I'm on a plane to London with my wife and daughter." David Bowie Banning said.

"David your missing it."Maggie said.

"Want a meeting torromow a.m.?" David Bowie Banning said.

"David what about your daughter's game and you promised to be there for her." Maggie said.

"Micheal it's my daughter's big game steertboro series I promised to be there for her so we'll make it a short meeting." David Bowie Banning replied.

"Maggie I'll be there my word is my bond." David Bowie Banning said.

" Okay try to be there and don't break your promise David." Maggie said.

"Don't try to break you're promise David." Maggie said.

The Play was over baseball game came around and Maria's team is Streetboro Baseball she is first base number thirty. She looked at the bleachers her father wasn't there that only meant he broke another promise to her.