A/N For the first time, I'm writing about something serious. This is a tad different from what I usually write so I hope you enjoy.

Leah's POV

"Dont," I pleaded with whoever was handling me so harshly. His hands were huge, rough, and very hot. They felt far too familiar.

One hand was covering my mouth, ceasing my chances of screaming out for help. The other was around my waist in an uncomfortable grip.

I squirmed, trying to free myself and run as fast as these legs could go. This person was male and had a good, tight hold on me. His scent wast familiar though, he smelt really...woodsy. As if he took a shower in the leaves, dirt, trees and whatever else.

It was an intoxicating smell...it lured me in.

I at least wanted to know where I was going. What we were going to be doing? would he reveal himself? Was I going to die?

My face was buried into the unknown male's chest, causing me to see nothing but the ground. His grip on me tighten as I began to get some room to escape.

I could barely breathe. It was so hot.

Finally, we stopped.

I was free to run until the male picked me up and slammed me on what seemed to be a bed.

It clicked then.

"No." I moaned.

The room was dark so I had no clue as to where I was. This room's scent wasnt familiar either, but the way I felt when we had entered had changed compared to how I felt when I was outside.

I heard a door slam, so now it was completely dark.

I did my best to try and squirm away before the male could do any thing.

"Get back here!" He whispered. I disobeyed and tried to run. Failure hit when he plopped his rough hands on my shoulders and had me pinned.

"Let's see what we have here." He whispered into my ear and crept his fingers into my shorts. I felt a smile in his smug, deep voice.

Just knowing that someone was horny enough to cause another harm...it hurt.

A tear of fear crept down my cheek with a few more to follow.

"Please, dont..." I pleaded, knowing it was totally pointess. I knew for a fact that he was gonna do what he wanted with me, never get caught, and do it to another girl somewhere else.

"Mmmm... You smell great." he complimented as he kneaded one of my breasts. I squirmed more but the pin he had me in, made it impossible.

I cried out but it came out as more of a soft moan.

I didnt want this. I didnt need this. I wanted a hero; someone to save me from this man, who obviously thought it was okay to do this to helpless girls.

"Hope you came prepared." He whispered before ripping my shorts off of me and exploring my lower half. I refused to open my legs but he squeezed down on me until I did.

"Nice and tight and wet..." he commented. My tears kept rolling.

"Dont!" I screamed and he just laughed at me, an evil, sinister laugh.

"If I were you, I'd enjoy this while I could. Who knows when another man will give you attention like this?" he was saying as he fingered his way through me.

I screamed aloud at the pain as he broke the skin of my virtue. I wanted to fight back, but couldnt. Never have I been so restricted.

"Stop!" I screamed.

He continued laughing,

"What? You dont like that?" he teased and went deeper.

I shook my head and screamed even louder. He obviously wasnt worried about anyone hearing me. He mustve taken me to a place really far out of La Push; Somewhere only I could hear my screams and care.

Just then, he positioned himself to enter himself into me and just as he was about to, he leaned down and whispered into my ear the words that I dread for the rest of my life.

"Watch your back next time, little girl." he chuckled and before I could even cry more, he was in me.

I knew no one was gonna care. I knew that my virginity was long gone. I didnt know if I deserved this.

He was right. No other man was gonna give me this kinda attention ever again.

I'm content with loneliness.