I would have rather been raped twice than put Seth or Jacob in danger. I wanted to be the hero.

Seth was beating the living sence out of Sam and Jacob was too. I just lay there in my hazy state and watched as they beat an unconscious body.

I was close to tears.

Jacob took me in his arms and carried me home while Seth dragged Sam's body off.

Did they kill him?

"It's over..."

"Lee, it's over. I promised you."



"I love you."

He smiled. "I love you, too." he replied.

That evening, Seth came home and he had drops of blood all over him.

"Seth, you didnt..." I muttered when I saw him.

He just smiled and nonchalantly shook his head. I grimaced.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." he teased and went up the stairs. I began to follow him but Jacob pulled me by my waist and slammed me back into his lap.

"Just let it go, ok? You're safe now. Knowing Seth, he probably put him in a river."I let out a half hearted laugh and snuggled closer to him. Then I asked him the question that had been burning my tonuge all day.



I paused.

He looked down on me with one eye. I opened my mouth, 100% sure that I shouldn't ask this question.

"Are you...okay? I mean Sam was your friend. I mean..."

Jacob expression was uneasy. I couldn't tell if he was upset or happy or what.

"Jake, Im really sorry. I really am."

"No, I'm sorry. I didn't believe you. I had to see him actually put his hands on you to really get the message in. Leah, when I saw him with his hands and lips all over you..." He couldn't finish.

"You punched him, didn't you? You believed me then."

"I know but I was still in doubt even after I socked him out. I had felt so betrayed. I trusted him with everything. The fact that he was the reason that you came to my house that night-"

I groped my lips around his and my wet tongue entered his mouth to taste him.

"Lee, I'm so sorry. Something could've happened to you if I hadn't gotten there in time..." He trailed off and he put his face in his hands and shook his head. I was starting to believe he was more emtionally scarred by me being raped than I was! I put a hand on his shoulder and kissed his ear.

"It's okay. You made it. I'm safe, just like you said."

He looked up at me and grinned seductively. "I love you."

I was one kiss away from fucking him. I got that special tingle of wetness in my shorts and my fingers caught his as I got him off the couch and led him to the stairs.

"Where we going?" He asked, cutely.

I kept walking and said devilishly, "Come on."

He caught on eventually when I had him on his back on my unmade bed.

"Oh, Leah." He laughed as he tried to get on top of me.

I wrestled him down in protest. "I don't think so."

We were loud and I didn't give a damn if all of La Push knew I was ass-naked, taking a ride on the Jacob train.

I didn't give a damn if all of La Push knew I had put my mouth on Jacob's dick. I sucked it with great pleasure, thank you very much.

I also didn't give a damn if all of La Push knew that I was in love with Jacob Black. And I was pretty sure, Jacob didn't care if his buddies called him "whipped" or that they knew I loved him back.

In a way, I felt bad for Sam. He'd never find love.

He may have taken my virginity but that was one thing he could NEVER have of mine.