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Chapter 1 Morning

The full moon shone high in the star filled sky above a small hot springs. The light from the moon augmented the light from floating candles that moved slowly across the crystal blue water. In the center of the pool standing in waste high water where two humans, a beautiful woman in her early 20s and a handsome man also in his 20s. The two of them stood in front of each other pressing their bodies together as much as possible as they kissed. The woman moaned as the man kissed her and his hands roomed over her body, the only thing separating them was her thin red bikini and his black swim trunks.

"I love you." said the man in between kisses

"I love you Naruto-kun." said Sakura as she kissed Naruto's neck.She could feel Naruto's penis straining against his swim trunks trying to get to Sakura's womanhood.Sakura stopped for a moment to look into Naruto's beautiful blue eyes. She loved everything about Naruto apart from his body there is his personality, his willingness never to give up, never give up hope and his ability to make her feel safe.

"Sakura-chan?" asked Naruto

Sakura knew what he was asking for and her answer came with one simple word.

"Yes." said Sakura as she felt Naruto reach for her bikini strings.

"Sakura one last thing." said Naruto

"Don't worry I am on the pill." said Sakura

"No it isn't that." said Naruto as suddenly Sakura found herself standing by herself in a darkened room. The only source of light came from a single small window "You are not the one for me."

"What?" asked Sakura as she ran to the window only to see Naruto standing in the hot springs but he wasn't alone, with him in a white almost see though bikini that could barley hold her D cup breast.

"Hinata" growled Sakura in anger as Hinata and Naruto started up where she and Naruto had left off.

"I love you Hinata-chan." said Naruto as he removed her top

"Take me Naruto-kun." Moaned Hinataas Sakura watched Naruto in

"NO!" cried Sakura as once again everything changed and she found herself looking at her empty bedroom, she sat up only to realize what had really happened.

"It was just a dream." said Sakura as she ran her hands though her pink hair. "Naruto and Hinata haven't done it."

"As far as we know." said Inner Sakura "Until a few days ago the two of them where a couple for almost 2 months."

Sakura lowered her head as she thought about all those times Naruto asked her out to dinner as kids but she turned them down. Now it seemed that those days where behind her, Naruto and Hinata had been going out since the end of the war with the Akatsuki only two months ago.

"They did have a fight the other day." said Sakura "Maybe there is a chance there."

"Stop lying to yourself they had a little fight and it will blow over in a day or two." said Inner Sakura "We fucked up when we had our chance to go out with him all those times in the past."

"But I love him now." Said Sakura

"Maybe if we had discovered that sooner we may have won Naruto's adult heart." said Inner Sakura as the clock alarm went off.

Sakura knew what that alarm meant. Slowly she got out of her bed and headed toward the her own shower. She was now 21 but a few days after her 17th birthday Sakura and Ino had moved into an apartment building, at first living with your best friend was fine but lately Ino had been driving Sakura up the wall.

The reason was simple ever since Ino started dating her latest boyfriend a small two bedroom apartment now had three people most of the time. Not to mention all Sakura had found out that Ino and her boyfriend where screamers and you can't study medical textbooks with that happening in the background. Since Ino and her boyfriend seamed to do it almost every night it meant Sakura wasn't getting much done but it did cause her to spend time with Naruto in her bedroom.

Flashback three months ago.

"Thanks for doing this Naruto." said Sakura as she watch Naruto place a seal on her wall. His back was to her, letting him look at his perfect 10 but.

"Don't worry about it Sakura…it is nice to use my skills for something outside of combat." said the 20 year old Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Naruto had decided to take his father's clan name after his 18th birthday.

"How are things at the front?" asked Sakura "I head out in a week to join them."

"As good as it can be, we reached the outskirts of the hidden Rain village." said Naruto "Hell the only reason I am back is because in the Leaf is because the old lady wants me to rest up before the final push."

"I heard that you are going to be named the sixth Hokage?" said Sakura as Naruto laughed a bit.

"So you heard too?" asked Naruto

"Everyone knows you are going to be names the next Hokage, you saved us from Pain and is a leading force in defeating Madara Uchiha." said Sakura as she looked at her teammate, turned friend, turned village hero and the man she loved. "I would bet that Lady Tsunade will retire the moment the war ends."

"Then you would lose Sakura…the Leaf Council isn't the same as the council from the sand, they want a more mature Hokage." said Naruto "So the old Hag will have to wait till I am 25."

"I guess I must be hanging around with Tsunade too much if I lost a bet." laughed Sakura as Naruto joined her as he finished the seal.

"Alright it is done, all you have to do is channel some of your chakra into the seal and it will cancel all sound." said Naruto "But remember it works both they can't hear them and they can't hear you. If you bring a boy over."

"I see the man I want." said Inner Sakura as she licked her lips.

"Well I better get going Hinata is taking me out for lunch." said Naruto

"Damn Hinata!" growled Sakura as she watched Naruto walk out the door.

End Flashback

Sakura got dressed and gathered her gear; she was leaving on her first mission since the end of the war. She walked out the door and entered the center living room/kitchen. She quickly started her breakfast and before grabbing a cup of coffee. The moment she started firing some bacon she felt something brush against her leg. She looked down to see a pair of eyes looking up at her.

"Morning Akamaru." said Sakura as she tossed some raw bacon to the large dog. Akamaru wasted no time in downing the meat.

"So your master kept you outside again." said Sakura as Akamaru let out a load bark.

"Sh…you don't want to wake them." said Sakura but it was too late, she heard movement coming from Ino's room. The door slowly opened as Ino walked out in only a bra and shorts, the shorts where even inside out.

Sakura was taken aback by the after smell of Ino and Kiba's love making. She didn't know how Ino and Kiba made a good couple, part of her just thought it more of a friends with benefits thing going on. However Ino was talking as if it was true head over heels love.

"Morning forehead." yawned Ino as she forced Sakura off the stove.

"Ino what are you doing?" asked Sakura

"Well It is my week to cook isn't it?" asked Ino

"I didn't think she would remember." thought Sakura as she handed over the oven and sat down at the table and waited. A few moments later Kiba walked out of Ino's bedroom in only a pair of boxers.

"Ah…Kiba put on some cloths." said Sakura

"What is the problem forehead you have seen Kiba in a swim suit before." answered Ino as Kiba walked behind Ino. Sakura tired not to watch as Kiba and Ino make out.

"I am leaving." said Sakura

"Wait aren't you going to wait until breakfast is done?" asked Ino

"No…I'll just grab something on the way to the main gate." said Sakura "Just make sure you are there in an hour."

"I'll be there." said Ino as Sakura walked out the door.

After grabbing something to eat, Sakura reached the main gate. However she was expecting to find Shino waiting for her but Hinata was there instead.

"Hinata what are you doing here?" asked Sakura

"Shikamaru fell ill so Lady Tsunade asked me to take his place." said Hinata

"Great I get to spend a few days with Naruto-kun's girlfriend." Thought Sakura

"Do you know the mission?" asked Sakura

"It is a simple mission, we go pick up Temari and escort her to the Leaf." said Hinata

"Did she tell you why we need three ninjas to do this?" asked Sakura

"Ya, Temari is transferring to the Leaf to be with her soon to be husband Shikamaru. Part of tradition is for the new ninja to be escorted to her new village after she surrenders her Sand headband." Said Hinata "Is something wrong Sakura you seam hostel."

"Sorry it is just seeing Kiba and Ino make out while she was cooking put me in a bad mood." said Sakura "I wish Kiba and Ino knew to keep things like that inside the bedroom."

"Kiba is a dog." said Hinata as Sakura looked at her, somewhat surprised by Hinata answer "But not in the bad way, his clan's links with dogs means he partly acts like a dog sometimes."

"Still it isn't the sort of thing I like to see in the morning." said Sakura

"Ya…Naruto-kun sleeping beside me is the thing I want to see in the morning." thought Sakura as Ino rushed up.

"Sorry I am late." said Ino

"If I didn't know better I thought you were Kakashi." said Sakura as Ino glared at her.

"Don't compare me to that legendary pervert." said Ino

"From what I heard though two walls it is aproant." said Sakura

"Let's get going it is a three day trip to the sand." said Hinata as they started walking. The trip went normally and after a short ceremony in Gaara's office where Temari handed over her sand headband they started back to the Leaf. On the way to and from the Sand Sakura couldn't help but think about how much things had changed.

During the war they had been lucky and the worst injury any of their friends had happened to Shikamaru. During the final battle he had been hit by a kunai in the hand, it had taken off his left pinky finger. In a massive war lasting years with thousands dead the worst injury to happen to your friend is the lost of a pinky finger is lucky. Even Sasuke Uchiha lived though the war, He was currently serving a life prison term in a max level Leaf prison only after Naruto had talked the village council into sparing his life.

"He should have let that snake die." said Inner Sakura "I still can't believe Naruto didn't even want him in prison."

"Naruto was too kind on him…because he thinks I still like that snake." resounded Sakura as they prepared to leave a small roadside inn they had spent the night in. After spending the night they gathered in the lobby the next morning.

"So Hinata you have been quiet how are you and Naruto?" asked Ino as Sakura stopped in her tracks, luckily she had already paid the bill and was waiting on the change.

"You two have been going on what two or three months now?" asked Ino as Hinata looked down.

"Not, well we had a big fight and….we broke up a few days ago." said Hinata sadly as Sakura smiled "However when we get back to the Leaf I will ask him to give me a second chance."

"Not if we beat you too it Hinata!" snapped Inner Sakura as she got the change.

"Alright we are ready to go" said Sakura as she walked up.

"Alright, then let's get going…we have three hours till we are back in the Leaf." said Ino

Two and a half hours after leaving the Inn Sakura, Ino, Temari and Hinata walked along the road heading back to the Leaf village.

"Why did Lady Tsunade give us such an easy mission?" asked Ino as Sakura looked at her friend.

"Because she is the Hokage." said Hinata

"I mean all of us are jonnin with a lot of combat experience since the war with the Akatsuki." said Ino "We need some real missions not these little things."

"So you don't like spending time with me Ino?" asked Temari with a grin as the older Kunoichi.

"No it isn't that, I would just rather spend time with my boyfriend." said Ino with a wink as Sakura rolled her eyes.

"I am just glad Naruto placed those sound canceling seals on the walls so I don't have to listen to you two go at it like wild animals." said Sakura

"Please Sakura you are just upset that after 21 years you still don't have a steady boyfriend." said Ino as Sakura glared at her best friend and roommate.

"I'll find someone." said Sakura

"Well Hinata you said you and Naruto broke up is there a reason?" asked Ino as Hinata looked down.

"He said….I was to nerves that I wasn't myself." said Hinata but for some reason that didn't sit right with Sakura.

"What is she talking about, she is way better at standing up for herself." Thought Sakura

"What does that me?" asked Temari

"Basically I let him be to dominate." said Hinata

"So Naruto is the submissive type?" asked Ino as Temari laughed at that while Sakura and Hinata glared.

"No…but when we went out I would let him order for me." said Hinata "Naruto-kun hated that."

"Naruto-kun always liked people who stood up for themselves." thought Sakura with a smile.

"I am sorry to hear that ." said Sakura as she lied though her teeth.

"I have to admit, Hinata you two are very different personalities." said Ino as Hinata lowered her head.

"I know, but I still love him." said Hinata

"Speaking about being different what about you and your boyfriend? A wild dog and a flower?" asked Temari as Ino glared at Temari. Before anything could be said they turned the corner to see smoke rising from the area of the Leaf.

"What is going on?" asked Ino

"You don't think the village is under attack again?" asked Hinata "Like when Pain attacked us?"

"Hinata can you see what is going on?" asked Sakura as Hinata activated her Byakugan, in order to extend her view she had to narrow her scope to a single point.

"Do you see anything?" asked Ino

"I can't see into the village but from the outside I can see fires all over the place and looks like a more than a few buildings have fallen." said Hinata

"Alright we need to hurry drop everything that isn't a weapon." ordered Sakura as she prepared to drop her pack.

"Stop." said a voice as Tenten jumped down from a tree with a figure on her back.

"Tenten?" asked Ino as Tenten placed the figure on the ground.

"Ya, it's me." said Tenten as she dropped to her but and inhaled deep breaths of air.

"What is going on? Why don't you want us to help save the village?" asked Sakura

"Because Lady Tsunade ordered everyone who could to get out and for me to find you guys before they do." said Tenten

"Tenten who is attacking the Leaf village?" asked Temari

"In a way you could say it was us." said Tenten

"Supports of Danzo, with his death why are they fighting?" asked Ino

"Not them, someone attacked us with some sort of gas and made villagers and ninjas alike attack the village." said Tenten

"A bio attack?" asked Sakura

"Ya, it started one morning with a strange fog." said Tenten

"Fog happens in the spring not summer." said Hinata

"That is why it is strange." said Tenten "I woke up to find Neji-kun on the bathroom floor throwing up, when I went to see what was wrong he attacked me. I barely got out alive."

"You where not effected?" asked Ino

"No the airborne verson seams only affect men over the age of 13." said Tenten

"So it's men vs. woman?" asked Temari

"At first but it seems that woman are only free from airborne but it seems that if they bite you or break your skin you turn into them." Said Tenten

"Turn into them?" asked Hinata as Tenten looked over to the figure. "Take a look but be careful l don't break the skin or else you will change."

Slowly Sakura moved over and started unwrapping the blanket only to see Naruto lying there, his eyes closed and he was barely breathing.

"What is wrong with him?" cried Hinata as she rushed forward only to be stopped by Temari.

"No he is just in seal induced coma." said Sakura as she pointed toward a paper seal on Naruto's forehead. "we use them for surgeries."

"But what is wrong with him?" asked Hinata as Sakura picked up Naruto's right arm which was wrapped up even more. Slowly she unwrapped the arm only to be greeted by a sight none of them had seen before. Naruto's lower arm had changed. His finger nails where now three inches long black, pointed and curved. However that wasn't all hand from about half way between his wrist and elbow where now covered in black hair.

"What the fuck?" asked Ino

"The bio attacked did more than just upset people, it turned them into half people half animal things." said Tenten

"Then why do you have Naruto wouldn't he be like the other?" asked Ino

"He didn't change like the others; he fought with us till this morning when he started changing." said Tenten "Tsunade thinks that he has some sort of immunity, that slowed down the rate of change. Most totally changed within two hours but he hasn't. That is why she ordered me to bring him to you so that you could finish the work Tsunade started and find a cure. Now we better get going before anyone finds us."

"Ah but you aren't going anywhere." said a deep voice

They turned to see a large creature standing there. It stood there completely naked, only a few strains of a jonnin uniform remained. As a medical ninja Sakura could tell it was between six feet six inches and seven feet and a lean 200 pounds of pure muscle. It was so ripped that Sakura could clearly see the six pack from under it's had dark brown hair covering its entire body. However that wasn't what was strange about it. Its neck was long with black hair running down its neck and a long fur tail. Its face was pushed out in a long muzzle with its eyes on the side of its face. Two short ears turned independently. It's hands looked just like a normal human however it's feet where not, they where jet black hooves. Standing there was a half human half horse creature.

"What the fuck is that thing?" asked Sakura

"I am what you are about to become Sakura-chan." said the horse man

"Do I know you?" asked Sakura as the horse smiled

"Don't you recognize me?" asked the horse man

"Look at the eyebrows." said Tenten, that is when Sakura looked up and notice a pair of extremely thick black eyebrows.

"Lee?" asked Sakura as the horse nodded his head.

"Why don't you just give up? Kiba is looking for Ino, Neji wants his fiancé back and Shikamaru has been hunting for you Temari." said Lee "It would be a shame if you ran off and got turned by another male and not able to spend your lives with them."

"How about we cure you guys and then everything can go back to normal." snapped Tenten

"We can't go back, considering we kill Tsunade." said Lee

"What?" asked Sakura

"She was beyond breeding age and without a male to claim her or children to care for, her fate was sealed." said Lee "Now surrender."

"I don't think so Lee." said Tenten as he pulled a three kunia's and threw them into the ground right in front of Lee. Each one of the kunia's had paper at the end; they exploded at the same time sending a cloud of red dust into the air. Instantly Lee back up coughing up a storm, he had to close his eyes because of the dust.

"What was that?" asked Ino

"It's a pepper bomb, works great on them." said Tenten "Now Grab Naruto and run!"

Instantly Sakura picked Naruto up, she had to strain herself a bit to hold the much bigger man but soon all them disappeared into the forest.

I hope you enjoy the first chapter of the story, I have planned this story to be highly mature and there will be mature scene ahead, I will warn you before they come but they will come. If you don't want to read turn back now, I will not hold it against you. Now until next time keep reading. Thanks Wilkins75