Chapter 40 A New World

Naruto lied flat on his back as he looked up at the wooden ceiling; he wasn't looking forward toward waking up. It had been nine months since the cure was spread over the battlefield and people where either turned back mostly human or they turned totally into animals. They had retaken the villages with no trouble the rear guard horse forces that Sasuke had left had pulled out before the humans arrived. The first major problem was with food since they didn't want to eat the turned cattle like they did when they where animals. Luckily the villages outside of the first infection zone, Earth, Wave, Lightening and dozens of smaller countries still had most of their supplies of human food and human clothing. It would take a while to get everything back to a state resembling normal but it would get back.


"So Tsunade any luck with a cure for the cows?" asked Naruto as he walked into the lab inside the retaken Hokage building.

"That was easy." answered Tsunade "The problem is the fact the when the horses left they made sure to destroy every one of their races blood sample."

"So you can't cure the horses what of the others bears and such?" asked Naruto

"They are done." answered Tsunade "However it will take time to grow the cure."

"I think time is finally on our side." answered Naruto as he looked out the window to see people tearing down the monuments to Kabuto and the walls that used to mark the military like districts that marked the board between the old races. People where already building new roads and new buildings trying to rebuild their lives. People's lives where not without issues sudden kids not always with people they like. The kids were confused wondering what was happening. Then there was the orphans kids who parents either where killed in battle or where turned into animals, they required the most care. People where already splitting up heading back to their original villages. Some had spread the word that different villages where now only going to be certain races. The world was already dividing up and it they had just got their humanity back.

End Flashback

Once the cure for the cows, bears every other race apart from horses was created in large enough numbers Sai and others began to spread the cure across the land. Ever once in a while people who used to be deers, rabbits, foxes and other creatures came out of the woods but still there was no sign of the horses. Most villages where now focused on a single race if not all a certain race. People who home used to be lightening country but had been turned into a cow or another creature other then a cat when Sasuke attack was forced out. The wolves/dogs claimed the Earth village as their and theirs alone village. While the sand, leaf and wave took the stand that everyone was welcomed however just walking though the rebuilt streets it was easily to see that the Sand was mostly made out of wolves and dogs, while the wave was now a mostly cat town. The Leaf was the only major village to have a balance but people where still moving around.


"What do you mean you are leaving the leaf?" asked Naruto as he looked at Hinata as she packed up her and her five kids supplies.

"I can't stay in the Leaf." answered Hinata as he tail stopped moving as she took a deep breath as she looked out the window where the stone face of Kabuto was being torn down being replaced by one of Naruto's fox ears in all "Too many memories and too many of those memories are painful. My family and I need a fresh start and that can't happen here."

"Hinata can you make new memories here." said Naruto "We are your friends."

"The thing is Naruto…..whenever I look at you I still want to run my claws across your neck." Answered Hinata "I….loved you and that love caused me to be rap by your enemy. I had five kids with him and you know what….even though he raped me I am happy."

"Your kids." said Naruto

"Ya….they are the world to me, how will people treat them with the Uchiha name?" said Hinata

"They could take your name." answered Naruto

"But people will know." said Hinata "How many wolves, dog or some other race will try something….at least in Lightening they will be among their own kind."

"Hinata we are all the same race." Said Naruto

"Please….technically you and I could have kids but we are no longer the same race, I am a mostly human cat and you are a mostly human fox." said Hinata "We are different."

"Hinata you don't have to do this." said Naruto "Sakura-chan says that in time we will lose all animal traits and be human."

"Did you forget that isn't going to happen until around yours and mine great great grand children." said Hinata as she finished packing "I will do what is best for my children and me."

"You will always be welcomed here." Said Naruto

"Naruto, you where the love of my life I just wish I was your love too." said Hinata as she walked out the door before grabbing her kids and moving to the all cat village in Lightening country.

End Flashback

That was the last day Naruto saw Hinata after saying goodbye to Kiba and Neji she left the village. Ino and Kiba had welcomed two daughters just a week ago and Shikamaru's and Temari's daughter was doing better. There was still so many problems to deal with however he couldn't think of that as he looked at his pink vixen sound asleep on his chest, his three kids sleeping in the crib beside the bed. Normally Sakura would be the first one up not him but she had been putting hours in at the rebuilt hospital figuring out the differences between those the different races. It seemed that the animal traits where now partly cosmic and a child born of different races would be the race of one of their parents however nothing was for sure until it was proven. Naruto smiled as he looked down at the ring he had given Sakura last night at their wedding. It wasn't much but it their family and friends where there.

"Is something wrong Naruto you haven't looked this upset since that report that Lee and the other horses would kill anyone who came to their island in wave." said Sakura

"No…nothing wrong it's just I wish we could have gone on a honeymoon." said Naruto as Sakura placed her figure on his lips.

"Please Naruto a few days off with nothing to do but be with you is good enough for me." Answered Sakura as he yawned showing off her fanged teeth.

"Now what do you want for breakfast, lord Hokage?" asked Sakura as she rolled over pinning Naruto under her nude body.

"I can think of something." said Naruto with a smile as they locked lips again.

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