"Where in the world is V?" Haley murmured to herself as she scoured the Weary Travelers inn's halls for the nth time. After a first unsuccessful search for the wizard with Durkon, they had decided to look for Vaarsuvius each on their own to increase their chance to find the elf; she looked in the inn while the dwarf checked the tavern and the tree-free immediate surroundings.

She had checked virtually every room in the hotel; first her own, then the men's and even Belkar's, where she'd found a voodoo doll of Miko full of daggers, which she'd stolen for her personal use. She had checked the other rooms, taken all visible valuable when Durkon wasn't looking and still hadn't found her friend. This left only the room of the personification of annoyance and arrogance. She of course didn't expect Vaarsuvius to be there, at least willingly, but maybe, just maybe, Miko could actually turn out to be useful for once in her stuck-up life.

She knocked the door of her room and waited, tapping her foot as the paladin took her time to answer; she didn't care if she was sleeping, she just wanted to be done with her inquiry as fast as possible. The door slowly creaked open just enough to reveal an inquisitive eye. It blinked twice, then the door was entirely opened and Haley saw a disgruntled Miko staring at her. "What do you want?"

The exhaustion coating her words surprised Haley. She had shown absolutely no sign of fatigue whatsoever since she'd met her, not even after fighting her party and helping defeating a whole tribe of ogres. She briefly wondered what could have tired so when her eyes drifted down.

Haley blushed when she realized Miko was wearing nothing more than a dark red towel, visibly wrapped around herself in haste and barely large enough to protect her modesty. Haley could feel envy and jealousy fill her as she subconsciously compared the paladin's flawless skin - damn that high Charisma! - to her own.

"What do you want?" Miko repeated, audibly irritated.

"Oh? Oh! I was wondering if you had seen..."

Haley's voice died in her throat as she became conscious of the light red, irregular scrawl on the crimson towel; elven runes. Her eyes widened as she stared dumbfounded at what she'd recognized as Vaarsuvius' cape.

Her gaze slowly drifted from the red cloth to the bed behind Miko. She squinted her eyes and suppressed a gasp when she saw a purple mop sticking out of the bedsheets.

"What. Do. You. Want?" Miko hissed, oblivious to Haley's train of thought.

"Nothing, good night!" Haley replied quickly before turning on her heels and walking down the hall as fast as she could.

Miko merely shook her head, muttered "Rogues..." and closed the door before making her way to her bed to snuggle with a trancing elf.