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Ichigo and Grimm had been together for two years, and even though they loved each other, having sex in the same fashion was bound to get boring, so, one day, while at work, an idea struck Ichigo like a cliched bolt of lightning.

Role playing.

Of course! If that shit didn't grab his horny blunet's attention, then Ichigo would be at a loss. Hmm...but how would this work? Did he tell Grimm ahead of time, and get him used to the idea; or should he just spring it on him, ambushing him after work?

The second option sounded much more appealing, so once he finished his shift at the popular Urban clothing store, Hueco Mundo, he headed to the adult novelty shop a few doors down. He checked his watch, just to be sure that he had enough time to make his purchase, and get home to fix dinner, before Grimm left the office.

Ichigo stepped into the store, and was immediately overwhelmed. He had no idea what he wanted to buy. He had the concept down, but as far as the actual outfit? He was at a loss. As he browsed the store, ambling down aisle after aisle, nothing captured his interest, and there was certainly nothing that would capture Grimm's.

Suddenly, a pink-haired man wearing silver, rectangular-framed glasses appeared at Ichigo's side, scaring the living shit out of him. The man wore a friendly grin, but his honey-colored eyes seemed to dissect the orange-haired boy.

"My name is Szayel, can I help you with anything?" he asked quietly. Ichigo nodded.

"Yeah, actually, I, uh, I was looking for something to, ya know, spice up my relationship."

"What did you have in mind? Games? Massage oils? Flavored and warming lubricants? Flavored condoms? Bondage? Costumes?" Szayel supplied. Holy shit! All that?

"I was looking for costumes. Maybe a waiter...or something..." Ichigo's voice trailed off in embarrassment, while Szayel nodded and grinned.

"Follow me."

Szayel led him to an aisle comprised solely of costumes of all kinds. Ichigo felt his jaw dropping at the sheer variety. It was insane. They had nurses, cops, playboy bunnies, and so much more.

Szayel held up a small package with a picture of a man on the front, wearing a black bow-tie, and a pair of tight, polyester, black briefs.

"Rather simple, but effective, I'd say," the pink-haired man commented. Ichigo smiled. It was perfect.


After buying the simple outfit, Ichigo boarded the bus, and made his way home. He and Grimm shared a nice, two-bedroom apartment in a quiet neighborhood, and had for the last year. Ichigo couldn't be happier.

Ichigo remembered meeting the blue-haired editor at his job. Grimmjow had been looking for a pair of vintage jeans in his size, and had asked Ichigo for assistance. The attraction had been acute, and stronger than 100 proof alcohol. It had taken no time at all for them to become an item.

The sex was...fucking unbelievable, but Ichigo didn't want to run the risk of his boyfriend getting bored with him.

Ichigo rushed into the apartment, showered quickly, and slipped into his new outfit. He looked himself over in the full-length mirror, nodding satisfactorily at his reflection, before easing into the kitchen to prepare Grimm's favorite meal of beef and vegetables in garlic sauce, with a side of white rice.

Ichigo had just turned off the rice, when the front door opened and shut, admitting his blue-haired lover.

"Yo, Ichi, I'm home! Fuck, somethin' smells good," Grimmjow called, moving towards the kitchen, loosening his tie as he advanced.

Ichigo smiled, knowing his boyfriend was going to like his surprise. Grimmjow was always commenting on how sexy Ichigo's body was, and here he was damn near naked, about to serve the man dinner.

"Ichi, what'd you m-" Grimmjow paused in the doorway of the kitchen, eyebrows at his hairline, and mouth agape, as he silently observed Ichigo's appearance. "Babe, what the fuck're ya wearin'?"

Grimmjow's voice was husky and thick with lust, making Ichigo grin, and saunter up to him. He tugged on the blunet's loosened tie, and lifting himself to his toes, placed a chaste kiss to each corner of the man's mouth.

"How was work?" he asked, pretending to be oblivious to his state of undress, as he moved to fix Grimm's food. He was trying so hard not to laugh, though.

"I-It was alright. Ichi, what's goin' on? Why d'ya look like yer goin' on tour with Chippendales?"

"I'll be your waiter this evening, Grimmjow-sama. Please...take a seat," Ichigo rumbled, dropping his voice an octave or two.

Ichigo pulled out the chair in Grimm's usual spot at the kitchen table, waiting patiently for his lover to take a seat. Grimmjow's face was priceless. His blue eyes were extremely wide, as he moved forward.


Ichigo shushed him, as he pushed the seat forward slightly, assisting his man into the chair comfortably. He leaned over towards Grimm's ear, and slowly licked the shell, before murmuring into the delicate appendage.

"I wanted to try something new. Let me cater to you, Grimm. Relax, and I'll take care of you."

Ichigo enjoyed the way Grimmjow shuddered, and fisted the tablecloth. The blunet turned to face him, and gripping his chin, kissed him hungrily, slipping his tongue into the orange-haired man's mouth.

"Mmm," Ichigo moaned softly. If he let Grimm keep that up, they wouldn't even make it through dinner. "Grimmjow-sama, you don't want your food to get cold, do you?"

"Ichi, food is the last thing on my mind right now," Grimmjow growled, pulling the red head into his lap.

Ichigo gasped, as he landed against Grimmjow's erection. Damn, already? He pushed out of the man's lap, or rather, he tried to. The blunet had a steel grip on the smaller man's waist, making Ichigo laugh shortly.

"Grimmjow-sama, I can't feed you if you don't let me go," he murmured. Grimmjow reluctantly loosened his hold, and allowed Ichigo to stand.

"Fuckin' tease."

Ichigo chuckled, but went to the counter to grab Grimm's food. This would be the tricky part. He climbed on the table, positioning himself in front of his boyfriend, legs dangling over the side, and spread apart provocatively, as he held the bowl of food in his hands.

Grabbing the chopsticks he'd placed on the table, he expertly lifted a small portion to Grimm's mouth. The blue-haired man stared at Ichigo, as if he was trying to bore a hole right through him, but opened his mouth nonetheless.

Ichigo smiled, winking slyly, making Grimmjow growl low in his chest, as he chewed the mouthful. The red head, eased his foot up the larger man's thigh, toeing his way to the heavy bulge resting between those powerful legs. Once his foot reached its destination, he pressed against it, gently massaging with his toes.

Grimmjow continued to stare so intensely, his electric blue eyes actually seemed to glow. Ichigo just kept his saucy smile in place, as he fed the man before him, and simultaneously gave him a "foot massage".

When the food was halfway gone, Grimmjow calmy took the bowl and chopsticks from Ichigo's hands, placed them to the side, and stood, leering down at him. Ichigo was nervous now. The look in Grimm's eyes was predatory, and he knew the man meant business.

Without warning, the larger man began leaning forward, making Ichigo lean backwards, until his back was pressed flush against the table, and Grimm's arms were braced on either side of his head.

"Ya know how dangerous teasin' me is, Ichi. Think it's my turn now, yeah?" Grimmjow murmured, as he ran a hand up Ichigo's toned stomach, over his left nipple, and up his neck to cup the back of it. "I like these lil' panties you're wearin'. I can see right through 'em."

Ichigo swallowed convulsively and bit his lip, as Grimm's free hand brushed lightly over his tucked away, but half-hard length. Grimmjow dipped his head and captured his lips in a hot, demanding kiss.

He couldn't fight Grimm when it came to things of the sexual nature, and the blue-haired menace knew it. The man had perfected the art of playing Ichigo like an instrument by their fifth month of dating. It was ridiculously unfair.

Grimmjow pulled back, only to run his tongue over Ichigo's jaw, and down to the base of his neck, where he undid the bowtie, and paused for a leisurely suck.

"Grimm, I wanna-"

"Unh-unh. Ya gotta learn your lesson, babe. M'gonna show ya how to tease the right way," Grimmjow's deep voice vibrated through Ichigo's chest.

Fuck. This wasn't what he had planned at all.

Grimmjow's wickedly sinful mouth traveled down his torso, kissing, licking, nipping, sucking. Shit. He was making his way down Ichigo's quivering abdomen, causing his toes to curl and uncurl in anticipation.

The blunet gripped the waistband of the skimpy, black underwear, and tugged them down and over his hips. Ichigo lifted up to help, until his achingly hard erection flopped free, and slapped against his pelvis.

"Mmm, look at that, you're already hard for me, huh, Ichi?"

Ichigo didn't even get a chance to respond, when Grimmjow lifted his knees and tongued his inner thighs. His lover sucked and licked, making his dick bob and twitch excitedly.


"Shhh, lemme work."

Suddenly, Grimmjow's warm, wet tongue probed his entrance, and Ichigo arched his back, whimpering pitifully. The man was torturing him. When his boyfriend's writhing appendage penetrated him, he couldn't hold back a lusty groan.

"Oh god, Grimm, please!" Grimmjow grinned, and reached up, massaging his balls. "Shit!"

Ichigo squirmed and twisted in his lover's grasp. His heart was racing, as blood surged through his system, making him light-headed. The man was toxic.

Grimmjow removed his tongue, and Ichigo peeked through half-lidded eyes to see the man wetting his fingers, before inserting one into the smaller man's tight passage.

"Ahh!" Ichigo cried out. "Please! I-"

"Ya want more, dontcha? Greedy lil' bastard," Grimmjow growled, as he pressed a second finger inside.

Without warning, half of his dick disappeared in Grimm's mouth. Oh, fucking hell. Ichigo grasped a handful of soft, bright blue hair, arching his back almost desperately, as his blood boiled and roared in his ears. The added stimulation was almost too much.

"Thi-this...was supposed you!" he panted, tugging on Grimmjow's hair.

"It is...I liked your surprise...a lot. I'm just showin' my appreciation," Grimm responded in between licks.

Ichigo's brain felt fried, like someone had just strapped him to an electric chair, and threw the switch. The sensuous feeling of the skin of his dick being tugged with every suck, while Grimmjow's fingers probed his insides, was driving him mad. The steady coiling in his pelvis had reached its breaking point, and Ichigo bit his lip. He was so close.

"Grimm, I'm c-"

What the fuck?

Grimmjow had stopped everything, and was again leaning over him. What the hell was he doing? Ichigo barely held back a pitiful whine, and started to question the blue-haired man, when a large hand wrapped around his length, and started stroking.

"Mmm," he moaned, and tossed his head back.

Ichigo vaguely noticed the sound of a belt being unbuckled, and a zipper rasping, as Grimmjow's voice cut through the thick haze his mind had become.

"Need some lube, Ichi." Blue eyes gleamed lecherously, and Ichigo knew exactly what he meant by "lube".

Although he didn't want to move, he climbed off the table, pushing Grimm roughly back into his seat, making the blunet's eyes widen at his aggression. He hurriedly undid the white dress shirt that had been hindering his view of Grimmjow's hard, and very well-defined, chest, before assisting in its removal, but leaving the silver tie in place. Ichigo didn't even bother removing the man's boxers, instead opting to pull the impressive erection through the small opening in the gray underwear.

He wasted no time lowering himself to his knees, and teasing the head, before engulfing it. He ran his tongue up the underside of his boyfriend's dick, tracing the vein, then slowly began taking more of the length into his mouth.

"Nnn," Grimmjow groaned, biting his bottom lip, and leaning his head back, as he ran his hand through tangerine locks. "Fuck."

Ichigo glanced up, locking gazes with those stunning blue eyes. Smirking inwardly, he relaxed his throat muscles, and swallowed, as his lips met curly, blue pubic hair.

"Oh my god," Grimm moaned, his hand gripping the back of Ichigo's head.

Damn, it was such a turn-on hearing his lover express his pleasure. Ichigo moaned softly, and grasped his own dick, steadily stroking. Shit, he could come just from sucking Grimmjow off.

"C'mere, baby. I want ya to ride me."

Ichigo hastily complied, straddling Grimmjow's thighs, but the blue-haired man shook his head in the negative.

"Nah, turn around," he murmured.

Ichigo grinned, as he did as he was told, turning his back to the larger man. Grimm had such an ass fetish. Once he was facing away, he felt Grimmjow slouch lower in the seat, sliding forward. He reached down, gripping his man's dick, as he lowered himself onto it.

"Unnngghhnn," he moaned, shuddering as he was filled to the brim.

Grimmjow hissed, as he grasped Ichigo's hips hard enough to bruise. The red head leaned back against his lover's chest, and snaked an arm around his neck, as he turned his head for a kiss. Their lips met sloppily, kissing noisily, as Ichigo raised and lowered himself.

Grimmjow moved his hips upwards, meeting him thrust for thrust, while his hands roamed the red head's torso, tweaking his hardened nipples. Ichigo felt like he was on fire from head to toe, consumed in a raging inferno.

"So good...mmm...shit, Grimm," he moaned wantonly.

"Ya like that, Ichi?" the blunet murmured in his ear, before gently nibbling it. Oh, fuck.

"Jesus Christ!"

"Yeah, ya like that."

God, he was so close. His dick was standing straight up, straining and throbbing, as Grimmjow abused his prostate...over...and over...

The pace was increased to a frantic slapping of skin, as his ass met his boyfriend's hips repeatedly. Grimmjow lowered a hand, wrapped it around Ichigo's painful erection, and stroked, alternately teasing the slit with his thumb.

Ichigo growled, and began impaling himself forcefully, as he reached down, palming and massaging Grimmjow's balls.

"Oh, fuck! Ichi, I'm comin'," the man groaned.

"Come for me, Grimm."


Ichigo felt the sudden, surging hardening of Grimm's dick, before it throbbed uncontrollably, signaling his release. Fucking hell, his man was even sexier in the throes of passion. Ichigo arched his back, hissing, as Grimm gave his dick one last tug, forcing his own orgasm.

"Ahhh! Grimmjow!" he shouted, body shuddering, as he gripped the blunet's knees to steady himself.

Breathing harshly, Ichigo reclined against Grimmjow's chest, enjoying the way the man pressed his face into the crook of his neck. Sweaty, and thoroughly exhausted, his only thoughts were of how much he liked this role playing thing. Ichigo smiled lazily. He was already cooking up more costume ideas.

So, yeah...*scratches head sheepishly*...hope ya liked it. Also, I'm accepting outfit requests (please, only one per person, or else I'll be flooded! XD), and if you haven't noticed yet, this series will be all about role playing. I'll be alternating POVs with each installment, so the next will be Grimmjow. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your outfit ideas! XD