Prologue: Edward Speaks

Okay, I'm going to tell all you who are reading this what happened up until this point in this new fanfic. Mistclaw is just a lazy ass and doesn't want to write a 17 page explanation about stuff that happened before.

To start off with Al and I got our original bodies back, how I don't really know (Mistclaw you and your laziness, she just doesn't really feel like coming up with a whole other story to start this one out though…) and, for those of you who watched the last episode of brotherhood, I can still use alchemy and I have my real leg.

Mustang isn't blind and Havoc isn't paralyzed anymore, okay? Instead of Gruman being furher Mustang is (And I'm just SO happy for him). Everyone that was under him got promoted too (Hawkeye became a general, Havoc and Breda are now lieutenant generals', Falman is a major general and Fuery is a brigadier general). I still work under Mustang and he promoted me to colonel.

So the place of the story is central city, me and Al have recently bought a small townhouse close to headquarters where I work. Al stays home some days but he has a job at a flower stand down the road (he also helps stray kittens' find homes…). I'm 18 and Al's 17, so I guess that's pretty much it.

Oh might as well add that Father is long dead, just like the homunculi, almost forgot that. Mustang is doing a good job running this country, but I still don't really like him.

So now that you know the back story Mistclaw will start writing (I stole her computer from her wow head brother). There's no author's note here, since this whole chapter is just a large note and I'm not the author here, just the victim in this. Love you all just as much as Misty does and we both hope you enjoy this story as much as the ones before!

you all (Mistclaw showed me how to make the heart, you press down the alt button and press the little 3 where the number lock button is and stuff :])

Time for Ed to get off the computer, Misty is kinda sleeping on the couch while her brother (you might as well know that his name is Erik) is glaring at me to get off. Bye guys!