Sorry it's so late, but I've had so much homework (damn school -.-). This is the last chapter but I have the whole sequel to this story planned out already lol. It doesn't have a name yet but theres going to be some Ed torture (sorry Ed! I wuvz you and would never kill you!) there is a hint about how the next story will start, lets just say the dead rabbit has something to do with it...cause rabbits are evil.

I'm also probably going to work on the sequel of Damaged, which will not be the last story in the little chimera Ed story lineness. So yeah, I have a lot of stories to work on now, oh well, gives me something to think about other than homework.

Ed and I wuvz you all and thank you for reading this story! We hope that you like the stories to come as much as you liked this one!



It had been a month and a half since that accident in the woods, and I've recovered fully from my injuries. I leap through the thick blanket of freshly fallen snow, enjoying my freedom from that damn cast. There are burn scars over the bullet wounds but I don't mind, three more to add to my collection.

Winry and Al finally said that I was allowed outside, and now here I am, leaping through snowdrifts as a wolf. The cold can't penetrate my thick tawny fur, it's good to be a wolf at times that way I won't freeze my ass off in the snow.

My front paws slip in the snow and I fall face first into a large drift, front half of my body buried in the snow. I laugh as I struggle to get out of the snow, wiggling my shoulders, back legs scrambling in the snow trying to find a purchase. After minutes of struggling I'm free, shaking snow from my fur and watching it fall to the ground in a cascade of white.

Then I pick up a strange scent, it smells familiar but at the same time different. I can tell it's the scent of a rabbit, but there seems to be a sinister aura in the scent. I lower my nose to the ground and begin to follow the scent, swerving through snow drifts and leafless trees until I find what I'm looking for.

At the base of a large maple tree lays a dead rabbit, lying curled against itself in a mound of dead leaves. From the look of it the poor thing must have died from the cold. I walk towards it, sniffing its soft brown fur, sneezing when the fur tickles my nose. I paw at the body, whimpering and hoping it'll wake up and run from the wolf standing over it. It doesn't move, lying limply against the roots of the tree as my paw shakes it.

Some strange animalistic urge comes over me, making my body freeze. My mind is telling me that there's a perfect piece of prey here, it died of cold and not disease. The rabbit is okay to eat, to rip into shreds…blood sweet blood…flesh tearing and ripping from underneath my fangs…

I shake my head trying to get the thoughts out of my head, it doesn't work and my inner wolf wins the battle. I lean down and grab the rabbit in my jaws, looking back and forth for any signs that anyone or anything is watching. I back away from the tree and set the body down before my paws, looking at it closely.

Then I dig my fangs into its cold flesh, savoring the taste of blood on my tongue. Crimson begins to soak into the snow, staining my paws. The whole time I'm eating the rabbit I'm thinking to myself how wrong this is, I'm a human being and here I am tearing this dead rabbit into shreds. Then again I am part wolf now, that makes it okay doesn't it?

I don't even notice that I've eaten all the meat from its bones, I'm so lost in thought that I don't care that I'm gnawing on its back leg. Once I realize the rabbit is nothing more than bones and some fur I wipe my paws and muzzle in the snow, that way when I get back home Winry and Al don't ask what happened.

I sigh and begin to walk back home, leaving the remains of the rabbit to be buried by the snow.