Okay I know I have a lot of stories going now but still when I think of a good idea I have to get it up here!

"Sam come here we have some news for you."

"Really what! Please tell me that it is something good."

"Well we are going on a trip to Gulf Shores and we will be right on the beach."

"So cool! I love the beach! But by we you mean just our family right!"

"No Sam Jake and all of his family is going to!"

"But Dad with Jake there he will be way to protective I mean if I am lucky he will let me go in the water. Well as long as I can sneak away from him I will be okay. How long are we staying?"

"Only three weeks. You will have your own room and Jake will have the room next to you on the left. The room on your right should be empty but you never know. Jake family each have there own room!"

"Wait ONLY 3 weeks that is a long time what about the horses?"

"They will stay here the cowboys don't wanna go so they will take care of the horses we leave tomorrow at four in the morning and I think you are sitting next to Jake on the plane. It is only an five hour flight I think."

"Great! I should go pack! Thank you so much Dad!"

"But wait there is a catch the parents will hang out with each other and the kids are going to hang out with each other so kinda they are going to make sure you are okay I gave them the key to your room so they can check on you to see that you are okay."

"WHAT! Dad that is the last thing I need. But as long as I can go on the beach and in the water I am happy."

"Okay and Gram wants you to try on some bathing suits."

"Okay that is good because my old one doesn't fit."

Sam gave her dad one more hug and went up to her room to see two bathing suits lying on her bed. One was read and was a two piece and the other one was a light blue one piece Sam tried them both on and they both fit. Sam got a suitcase down from her closet and got all of her clothes out. She packed tank tops, shorts, one skirt, and flannel shirts, t-shirts, her bathing suits, and everything else. When Sam was done it was time to go to bed.

When she woke up the next morning Sam got ready and went to tell the horses goodbye. Sam petted every horse and went to go pack Blaze's food and the things that he would need. Sam was just about to go in the house when she heard the Ely's truck pull in the drive. Since the cowboys were staying they would take them to the airport and then bring the trucks back. All of the piled out and herded there way into the house but Jake stopped when he saw Sam.

"Hey Brat do you need help with your suitcase?"

"No Jake all I need to put in there is my hat."

"Whatever Brat call me if you need anything."

Sam just walked on by knowing that if she said she needed help he would just smirk at her so she went up to her room and put her hat in the suitcase and tried to lift it up. Sam could hold onto it for five seconds but then she ended up dropping it with a loud bang. About two seconds later her door got bursted open by Jake and everybody else.

"What are you guys doing in my room and staring at me like I am a freak?"

"We heard a loud bang Brat and we thought that you fell or something but since you didn't what was that bang?"

"My suitcase. It is not my fault. I need a lot of stuff well not really it just weighs a lot and I tried to carry it but I admit that I can not carry it."

"Fine I will help you and carry it for you Brat geez you get so mad about some things that are just weird to get mad at."

"JAKE ELY are you calling we dumb and weird? I will have you know that I barely got any sleep last night so I am as tired as a horse that ran twenty miles."

"Okay Sam calm down."

"Fine lets go."

They all walked down the stairs and each into their trucks with Pepper and Ross driving. The Ely's got there first and then the Forster's. At the airport they had to go through all of these lines and then at six they got to go on the plane. Sam got seated next to Jake. Sam called the window seat so Jake got the isle one which caused him to roll his eyes at her. Sam just sat down hoping that Blaze would be okay on the plane ride. After the people went over the rules and everything else Sam was over tired. She could barely keep her eyes open and just wished for her bed. The take off was okay and then they were up in the air. Sam was afraid of heights and when she looked out the window she freaked out and grabbed Jake's arm.

"Brat what are you doing let go of me!"

"Sorry Jake its just that nevermind."

"Brat tell me and you still haven't let go of my arm!"

"Nothing and I am sorry again."

"Good now since I have my circulation back tell me what is wrong."

"Nothing now goodnight."

Sam drifted off to sleep not caring that he was looking at her trying to read her mind. But Sam was still going to listen to the people around her.

"Wyatt. Anything my brothers and I should know?"

"Nope just take good care of her."

Sam woke up and was happy when they landed she practically ran to the baggage and got her bag which Jake had to carry and then they went to the condos that they were renting. Sam got out and gasped at the sight! The beaches were so clean and the water was so blue and pretty (AUTHORS NOTE:THIS IS BEFORE THE OIL SPILL HAPPENED!) Sam couldn't wait to hit the water but Quinn was already on it.

"Race y'all to see who can make it down to the beach in there beach clothes."


When the kids got their keys to their rooms they all took of running towards the room. Sam got to hers and opened her suitcase and pulled on the first swimsuit that she came across which was the two piece. She put that on with a cover-up over it. She ran back down the stairs and was surprised to see that she was the first one there. The guys came two seconds later.

" What took you guys so long?"

"Nothing you were just quick!"

"Yeah well lets go."

Sam started walking towards the beach with the guys following. They made a square around her so nobody could see inside there square.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Nothing its just that you are like our little sister and we are just going to be your older brothers now."

"Okay but still can you give me some room?"

"Yeah. So Sam did you put on sunscreen?"

"No Kit I didn't and I don't want to."

Jake looked mad and said "Sam you are going to put it on no matter what."

"Fine but when I take this cover thing off you guys better not laugh because I have a farmers tan. You guys are lucky that you don't."


They got to chairs and Sam sat down for a little while just getting sun. They were sitting close to the volleyball courts and the ocean when Sam felt her stomach getting hit by a large volleyball. When Sam got hit she left out an omp sound and the rest of the guys shot up from where they were sitting. Sam stood up and saw a guy come over.

"I am so sorry about that some people don't have the best aim."

"It is fine."

Sam sat back down trying to laugh because the guys were still watching her. Sam couldn't take it no longer she bursted out laughing. All of the guys came over this time and looked are her.

"What is so funny? You better not say nothing."

"Fine it is just that how can you miss aim that much?"

"Well we were seeing of any of use could hit your chair and somebody hit you."

"Oh. Wow."

"You think you could play against all of us and then you should see that we will crush you but since you look like a girl from the city you will be a wimp."

"Oh that so well bring it on. Oh and by the way I am a farm girl always have always will. Lets go."

Sam stood up and walked over to the court when Jake grabbed her arm "Come on lets go play in the ocean!"


Sam walked in front of Jake knowing that he would glare at the guys and have his brothers hurt them while she was with him.

"Sam I don't want you to talk or see any guys while we are in charge and here."

"Fine Jake but still race to the ocean!"

Sam took of at a run throwing her cover up on the ground. Sam looked back and saw that Jake looked mad then she felt arms lifting her up.