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It was night in a peaceful village called Konoha. It seemed like a night like any other night. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. There was something cold in the air...a feeling like something terrible and inhuman happened and it did. The terrible and inhuman thing was on the streets, which was empty at this time of night.

A young boy around 4 years old was crucified on a rougly hand-made cross. He was bleeding all over and seemed dead. Just a few hours ago he was running happily on the streets of Konoha and now he was hanging here...beaten, taunted and left for dead. No one really cared either. There were only two persons who cared about the boy's wellbeing.

The first was the Third Hokage, a gentle old man and the leader of Konoha. He would use all his might to protect the boy, but he can't prevent that the villagers take out their rage on the little boy. Since the Kyuubi, the nine tailed fox, was sealed in Naruto by the fourth hokage, the villagers wanted their revenge on him, thinking the boy was the demon reincarnate, much against the dying wish of the fourth Hokage who wished that his son would be welcomed like a hero.

The second person was Kakashi Hatake, an ANBU captain. After he learned Naruto was the son of the Fourth hokage, his beloved sensei, he promised he would keep Naruto safe, no matter the cost. But because of his occupation he can't keep a constant eye out for Naruto, since he would get many missions outside Konoha.

The boy moved his head a few times. Someone dressed in a red trench coat with white hair, who was lurking in the shadows couldn't believe it. Most adult men couldn't survive that kind of treatment and especially not a 4-year old. He wasn't the only one that noticed it. One of the jonin responsible for the young boy's condition noticed it as well and quickly he gathered 4 compagnions.

The jonin said "Look at this fellows...the demon kid is still alive! Let's finish the job!"

The boy shivered on the cross although it was very hard because he was nailed very tightly to it.

The man who was lurking in the shadows, called Dante, couldn't stand the sight of it anymore and decided to take action. He disappeared from his position and appeared on the nearby wall close to the boy. He was leaning against it and said. "You know, this is none of my business, but I can't stand it when 5 adults abuse a young kid who can't even defend himself."

Angry Jonin #1 "Stay out of this stranger! This doesn't concern you, this is a matter for the people of Konoha."

Dante "I see, so the people of Konoha are proud that they crucified a kid that isn't even half their size...what a great village indeed."

Angry Jonin #2 stepped in "I will let you know that this stupid excuse for a child is actually a demon! He needs to be killed even if the Hokage refuses it!"

Dante came off the wall and got a interested look in his face "A demon you say?"

Angry Jonin #1 "Yes, this is the holder of the Kyuubi, who savaged this village a few years ago!"

Dante's eyes got a unforgiving look and pulled out his sword "Then let me handle this...It's my specialty after all."

The jonin gave a signal that he may do it "Be my guest, I don't care as long as the demon is dead."

The young Naruto shivered when he was looking at the strange man who was coming near, expecting his own life to end I've never done anything to deserve this...I'm only 4 years old and it seems I won't see another day...what have I done wrong to deserve this. Why do they hate me?

Then he heard screams in the night while blood spat around. Within just 10 seconds all 5 Jonin's where in a pool of their own blood. One actually lived, although he was in his dying moments.

Dying Jonin "W-why?"

Dante "I said I would kill the demon and I did. You guys were trying to take a life before it can flourish, I've met demons with more honor in their left ass cheek than all 5 of you guys combined!"

The man passed away, fleeding from his life while he tried to take the life of an innocent child.

Dante sheathed his sword on his back and walked towards Naruto pulled him from the cross and lifted him up with one arm and looked at the kid like he was taxing a rabbit. He was battered, bruised and bleeding all over, while the old wounds weren't even healed, indicating that this wasn't the first time some people abused him. Naruto's eyes were empty, like he already gave up his life and was shaking.

Dante looked like he was sensing something inside the kid and a surprised look got on his face " can't be! I know this's like my own! So that's why you are hated."

The boy shivered even more while a tear was running down his cheek.

Dante "Poor little bastard...I think I will find this hokage person and have a nice little chat with him to express my feelings to him."

And with that he raised the kid to his back and went to the big tower. When he arrived a woman tried to stop him screaming he wasn't allowed in at the moment. Dante hated when he had to raise his arm to women, but he had other things on his mind and hit the woman in the neck, sending her to dreamland.

He arrived at the Hokage's office and kicked the door open. And old man jumped from his seat and took a battle position.

Hokage "Who are you...what do you want?"

Dante "My name is of no concern to you...and what I want are answers" as he got Naruto of his back and showed him to the Hokage.

The Hokage got a scared look in his eyes "Oh no...Not again! It's even worse now!"

Dante got a hard look in his eyes "Again? So you know what this kid had to endure and you didn't give him bodyguards!"

Hokage "Of course I gave him bodyguards...but due to some difficulties they can't watch him all the time!"

Dante "Great, an old geezer who can't even protect children from the ninja's of his own village...what's this world coming to. And what did this kid do wrong to deserve this kind of treatment!"

Hokage sighs "Alright I will tell you."

And the Hokage began to tell the whole story about Naruto's parents, the kyuubi, the last wish of the fourth hokage which meant that the people should have welcomed Naruto as an hero and how the people reacted to it.

Dante only got angrier "Grr...Selfish people, who doesn't even understand the meaning of being possessed or being a vessel and even spitting on the dying wish of their 'beloved' leader!"

Hokage "Yes, from the day Naruto was born he had to live a life of being hated and scorned without knowing the real reason why, without parents to relieve his burden or friends to share his pain with."

Dante became silent but then spoke "Not anymore!"

The hokage startled at the mysterious stranger "What do you mean?"

Dante "It means I am taking the kid with me!"

The Hokage started to yell "And what gives you the right to make decisions for the boy!"

Dante "I have my reasons...I can only say that I am the closest thing of a family he has left."

The hokage got a determined look on his face "No, I won't allow it! Naruto will stay here and become a great ninja like his father wanted him to be."

Dante got a scary glare, dripping with killing intent and the Hokage couldn't help it but he shivered like a leaf.

Dante "Gimme a fucking break! The ways things go now the child won't even live to reach puberty, let alone be a ninja! I'm taking him with me and if you plan to stop me…" As Dante paused his glare got even scarier "Then I will have to take measures!"

The Hokage couldn't stop shaking, as his eyes were fixated on the silver haired stranger's eyes. Finally he submitted "Fine take the boy…but allow me to make one request."

Dante "Name it and then I will see"

The hokage took a deep breath "Make sure the wish of his father is honored and let Naruto become a ninja to this village."

Dante was thinking "That is for the boy to decide when he is old enough, until that time I will keep myself busy with raising the kid and training him. If I do my job well he won't get crucified anymore!"

The Hokage got a disgusted look on his face "He was crucified!"

Dante nodded "Yes...what do you think these marks on his hands are? Stigmata's?"

The Hokage sighed "They really tried everything...Gen-jutsu's, torture, beating, carvings...they even tried to set him on fire once."

Dante "Disgusting...I'll take him with me so that can never happen again!"

The Hokage turned around to look over the village as if he was reminiscing "You know, even with being the leader of this village, I've failed the previous Hokage since I couldn't protect his son…a strange world isn't it stranger?"

Dante "Sure is…by the way, not too far from here near an alley there are 5 jonin corpses, better get rid of them before children wake up."

The Hokage startled "What did you say!"

He got no answer and when he turned around he saw that Dante and the boy were gone.

A few days later

Kakashi Hatake returned from his mission and went to report to the hokage. He gave the missions reports and his own experiences on the matter. Finally the report was over.

Kakashi "Now that I'm done I will keep an eye out for Naruto."

The hokage had a sad look "Don't bother about that…Naruto's gone"

Kakashi was startled although his face was behind a ANBU mask "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S GONE!"

The Hokage sighed as he explained that a stranger took Naruto with him when Naruto was beaten, abused and crucified by a couple of Jonin. Kakashi was enraged when he heard that even Jonin were the ones doing terrible things to him.

Kakashi made a fist "If I find out who they are they're dead meat!"

Hokage "They already got what they deserved by the man who took Naruto."

Kakashi "Do you know who that man was lord Hokage? And what he wants to do with Naruto?"

The hokage looked Kakashi straight in the eyes "I only know the man wants to train him and then, when Naruto is old enough he let Naruto decide if he wants to become a ninja or not…and I don't know who the man was but I do know one thing…he's dangerous."

Kakashi let his head down "It's probably better for him anyway…too many people hate him for being the Kyuubi jinchuuriki… O man I can't even imagine how master Jiraiya would react when he hears his godson was taken away. Too bad we couldn't protect him enough."

The hokage got a serious look on his face "Not anymore…from this day forward a lot of things will change…"

8 years later just outside Konoha

Two figures were on a hill and were looking over Konoha. One was an adult and the other a child.

Dante "It's been 8 years since they last saw you…you think they forgot about you Naruto?"

The young boy was much bigger now. Also his appearance changed besides the blond hair, only changed in style now...instead of spiky hair he had his hair a bit like Dante's hair and whisker-shaped marks on his cheeks he was completely different. He was wearing black pants, a dark blue vest and had a black trench coat with red flames on the lower part that went up and formed a cross. He got a big sword on his back just like Dante, the sword's name was Repent.

Naruto shrugged "I don't know…or care anyway. I'm just here to grant my biological father's dying wish."

Dante raised his eyebrow "Biological father?"

Naruto nodded "Yes, I have two fathers…one was a great man but unfortunately died before I got a chance to know him…and you who was always there for me."

Dante "Come on, don't get emotional on me kiddo. By the way there was something I wanted to give you before you take off."

Dante reached into his trench coat and pulled out a katana.

Naruto look shocked "Y-Yamato? But you said…"

Dante smiled "I said I wouldn't give it to you so easily, but you trained with me and became strong and you earned. Hell, the last time I trained with you was a party I won't forget so soon!"

Naruto took the katana with shivering hands, shivering of happiness "Thanks uncle Dante, it means a lot to me…I had a great time too."

Dante "I know, you like fighting as much as I do! It's in our family's blood! Now you better get going or else you're gonna be late!"

Naruto walked away but stopped when Dante called.

Dante "Hey kid!"

Naruto "Yeah?"

Dante "Rock their worlds!"

Naruto smirked "Ow you betcha, they wouldn't know what hit them!"

As Naruto walked away a voice was heard behind Dante. It was a beautiful blond woman called Trish.

Trish "Emotional?"

Dante "Nah, just gonna miss the brat."

Trish "What a surprise, he almost is as worse as you are."

Dante smirked to Trish "I'll take that as a compliment."

Trish sighed "I almost feel sorry for that village."

With Naruto

He walked towards the gate of Konoha as two old Jonin stopped him.

Jonin #1 "State your name and what you want to do here."

Naruto "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and my business is my own."

The two Jonin startled when they heard the name.

Jonin #2 "What! How dare you to come back here demon!"

Jonin #1 "Wait Minno…don't break the rules."

Jonin #2 "Screw the rules!"

Naruto sighed "So much for a happy welcome home party" and he disappeared.

Jonin #2 "What the…? Where is that kyuubi-brat?"

Naruto was on the wall the surrounded Konoha "I'm here slowpoke, I'm so nice to let myself in…see ya." And he jumped down.

Jonin #2 "How…? We gotta go after him!"

Jonin #1 shook his head "Nope, I'm too old for this crap and being around you is dangerous now...if you even use the D-word on Naruto means that your punishment will be severe. The lowest punishment is a drop in rank and 3 months without pay. "

Jonin #2 "I don't care! At least I protect my village, I'm going after him now!" and he ran off.

With Naruto

Naruto was exploring the area a bit since it was a long time ago since he set foot in this village. He couldn't remember much of it since he was so young, although some places did seem familiar because those were good spots to hide from the angry villagers.

Naruto Tch, at least I'm not that weak anymore.

Jonin #2 found Naruto and was running towards him "Wait up kid!"

Naruto let out a big sigh Don't they ever give up…oh well guess that means I have to get a bit more resourceful.

The Jonin finally caught up "Ah, found you, now you and I will have a nice little chat." And when he spoke his eyes filled with rage.

Naruto shrugged "Whatever but make it quick, I have a Hokage to see."

The Jonin drew a kunai "Don't worry kid, it won't take long."

Naruto raised both his eyebrows "Oh, so you want that kind of talk…sure I'm game" and when he spoke he pulled out Yamato and released it a little bit from it's sheath "I really want to test this little baby out ya know."

The Jonin charged at Naruto, but he suddenly stopped as Naruto just put Yamato back in its sheath with a 'click'sound.

The Jonin had a look of fear in his eyes while pieces of clothing were falling off of him leaving the poor guy only in his underwear.

Naruto got a dangerous glare in his eyes "Beat it or the next attack will be ace of spades."

Without hesitation the man turned around and ran for dear life, only to get caught by a few Ninja. One of them appeared in front of Naruto. It was a man with long black hair in a ponytail while some hair was banging over his Konoha forehead protector on his head. He had black pants, a chain mail shirt and a Jonin vest. Two black eyes drilled into his.

Man "Who are you?"

Naruto waved his finger in front of the man "It isn't polite to ask a name before giving yours"

Man "Indeed, but someone may ask another's name first if the stranger charges into his home. But if you must know my name is Itachi Uchiha."

Naruto showed his smile "You're right, my name is Naruto Uzumaki."

The man froze when he heard that name but then relaxed "I see, so you've finally returned. Then I will escort you to Lord Hokage."

Naruto shrugged "Fine by me."

Minutes later at the office of the Third Hokage

The Hokage was looking at the returned Naruto. The boy was a lot bigger and also his attire was different. It remembered him of the man that took him 8 years ago, he even had the same kind of air around him.

Then the Hokage finally spoke "So Naruto, I'm glad you returned. I was starting to worry you wouldn't show your face around here anymore since what happened 8 years ago."

Naruto took a seat and kicked back while he was laying his legs on the Hokage's desk. "Nah, you don't get rid of me that easily and by the way I have a dying wish to fulfill."

The hokage had a vein popping out of his head when he saw how the young boy was manhandling his desk but he decided to let it go for a moment.

Hokage "Do you know the basics of Ninjutsu? Did that man train you well?"

Naruto just nodded "First of all his name is Dante. Second, for ninjutsu I had another teacher so I know the basics and a bit more…It wasn't like I was to return here when I was little to only learn ninjutsu and then go back to Dante."

The Hokage spoke "I see, well as you might know, we had some great changes in this village since you left."

It was true. After Naruto was taken the Hokage decided he must not let this happen ever again. Everyone who spoke about the demon out loud would get severely punished by the ANBU black ops. If a conspiracy were planned to search and kill Naruto they would know about it! If one was caught he was interrogated in such a manner it would only take one day before the entire group was captured and punished.

The Hokage found out what Danzou was planning in the future: Use the power of the kyuubi for himself and set the council against the Uchiha clan so that their own prodigy, Itachi Uchiha, would kill them. The Hokage captured Danzou and had him executed. After that the ANBU ROOT division was expelled. The ones that were too far-gone in Danzou's ideas were dealt with.

Unfortunately the Uchiha clan was destroyed anyway. Until this day it is still a mystery who pulled that off. There were only two survivors of the massacre; Itachi Uchiha who was on a mission and his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha.

The Hokage was still the same kind man, only since that incident 8 years ago his fist was raised against the wicked, much harder than before and without mercy if he had to.

Naruto nodded "That's all fine and all old man, but what's next? I mean I know I have school tomorrow but I don't have a place to stay."

The Hokage pulled out a set of keys "Already thought of that. Here are the keys for your new apartment. The old one isn't available anymore since some villagers burned it to the ground a few years ago."

Naruto took the keys "Thanks old man, I'm gonna check it out…after I got something to eat! You know where I can get pizza around here old man?"

The Hokage looked at the boy with strange eyes "Pizza? What is pizza?"

Naruto's eyes became big of fear "P-please…don't tell me you guys don't know what pizza is? It's the greatest thing ever!"

The hokage was shaking his head "Sorry, never heard of it."

Naruto "Dammit! Then I must search for something else…take it easy old-timer" and Naruto walked away.

The Hokage was shocked when he heard Naruto curse, or even the fact Naruto dared to call him Old-timer!

The Uchiha was just chuckling.

Itachi "Oh well, at least he has some spunk."

Hokage "I get a bad feeling about this…let's just pray that he doesn't pick up fights with his fellow students."

With Naruto

Naruto was walking around Konoha to find a good place to eat and he ended up in a place called Ichiraku's Ramen. He walked in it.

An old man and young girl that was apparently a daughter of the old man were standing behind a counter. The old man's name was Ichiraku and his daughter was called Ayame. Naruto thought the girl was kinda hot.

Ayame "Hey a new visitor. How can I help you?"

Naruto raised his hand "Hi babe, I would like the beef ramen please."

Ichiraku froze when he heard how the newcomer called 'his' Ayame.

Ichiraku said with a threatening voice "What did you call her?"

Naruto shrugged "Babe, as in beauty, gorgeous, pretty and stuff like that."

Ayame just smiled "Ah relax dad, he's just a kid and it was kind of a compliment. One beef ramen coming up."

Naruto got a bowl of ramen in front of him and started to eat.

Naruto Holy crap! This taste fucking awesome! It's not better than pizza but is a close second! I should let Dante eat this stuff once.

He quickly ate his ramen and paid for it. He left while he gave a little wink to Ayame who blushed a little bit.

Naruto arrived at his new place. It was pretty spacious and there was more than enough room to live here. He decided he should go to bed early because tomorrow he would have to participate in the Genin-exams.

The next day

Naruto woke up and took a shower. After the shower he wrapped a towel around his waist and looked at himself in the mirror. His muscles were pretty defined and had some seals on his arms. Those seals contained some devil arms that could be quite useful. His hair looked like a mop, but at least it was better than that spiky hair he used to have. He got dressed in his usual attire and had the sword on his back.

It's a sword that Dante made. It isn't as good as his Rebellion-sword but it came pretty close. He clinched Yamato at his belt and he was ready to go. He also had two holsters containing firearms, but unless normal guns this one uses chakra and demonic energy instead of bullets. These gave a few advantages. There wasn't a 'boom' effect, rather a low energy noise that sounded like starting up an electronic device and he could adjust the effects to hurt, to knock out or even to kill.

He walked and soon he was standing in front of the school building!

Naruto talked into himself "It's time to get this party started" and he kicked in the door.

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Naruto and Dante sweatdrop "There is something really wrong with you don't you know that?"

Mnarutodbz glares at Naruto and Dante "I know...but at least I'm real...and next time you guys make such a remark I'll write that you are gay and Dante gets Gai while Naruto gets the Hokage!"

Dante and Naruto looked at each other, nods and yell in unison "TAKE THIS YOU SICK FREAK...DRIVE!"

Mnarutodbz is hit by the shockwave "OI VEY (holy shit) and"