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Naruto, Dante, Vergil, Reigar and Penance returned to the Namikaze estate. The way to the estate was silent. Dante didn't seem anxious to talk, Vergil still didn't trust the situation completely and the two devils were silent for their own reasons. The atmosphere didn't stop Penance from trying to break the ice but every time when she wanted to say something, she received a dark glance from Reigar.

They finally reached the front door and to their surprise they saw Argor standing next to it. He looked at the two devils with a cold look in his eyes and he said "I thought I smelled something foul coming here." Penance looked at the demon and while a mocking smirk appeared on her face she replied "Then you should shower more often." Argor clenched his fist and he took a step forward to say something but he was stopped in his tracks when he felt the cold steel of Reigar's sword on his throat. Reigar looked at Argor and he said "I don't like it when the lower species talk to devils like that." Argor grinded his teeth and he said "Things have changed since your slumber…Reigar of the Sword." Reigar made a noise that expressed his discontent about demons and he said "Humans remain humans, devils stay devils and demons stay demons. Beware demon…if I see you on my way again, you will cease to exist." And after that sentence Reigar sheathed his sword. Argor touched his throat to feel that it was unharmed and he said "Naruto…it seems that you received an important message while you were gone…a mission that concerns my reason being here." Naruto nodded and he said "I see. Who brought the message?" Argor crossed his arms and he said "One of those strange men with masks on…how do you call them again? ABU?" Naruto smiled and he said "ANBU. I guess it's a message from granny Tsunade." Naruto looked at Dante, who nodded, and they went inside.

On their way to the living room they saw Minato, who just came down the stairs. He saw the two devils and he immediately went into a fighting position but Naruto said "Dad wait…its fine. They are on our side." Minato gave the two devils a dark glare and he said "Never trust a devil." Penance smirked and she said "Don't trust anything…Seraph." Vergil sighed and he said "We will explain everything later. It's just enough to know that they aren't a threat…at the moment at least." Minato relaxed and he said to the three half-devils "I hope you three know what you are doing." Naruto nodded and he said "They came to us on their own accord and we have a common enemy so that's enough for me to trust them." Minato nodded and Naruto asked "Dad…can you please find the rest and bring them to the living room. I don't want them to freak out when they suddenly encounter Reigar and…" Naruto paused in his sentence, turned to Penance and he said "I just remember that we don't know your name." Penance smiled and she said "Penance." Naruto nodded and he turned back to his father while he said "Anyway…will you do that dad?" Minato nodded and he said "Good…only Trish is away so she will find out later." Naruto nodded and he said "I will keep an eye out for her." Minato nodded and he walked away. Naruto turned to the rest and he said "Let's go to the living room. After we introduced you two I will show you to your rooms." The two nodded but suddenly Reigar asked "What's below this house?" Naruto looked at the ground and he said "Devil-arms." Reigar frowned and he said "Quite a lot." Dante nodded and he said "Vergil and I found them during our adventures." Reigar nodded and Naruto said "Let's keep that for some other time. Let's move." And the group started to move again.

Just minutes later they reached the living room and after fifteen minutes everyone, besides Trish, was in the living room. Naruto introduced the two devils and explained why they were here and why Naruto allowed them to be here. Kushina, Blitz and Tayuya were not too happy with this development but Haku was fascinated by the two. She walked to Reigar and she said "I never saw a pure blooded devil before! Are you two old?" Penance growled while Reigar said "Older than humans can become. Why?" Haku looked at the two and she said "I'm just curious." Reigar gave her a questioning look and he asked "Why?" Haku shrugged and she said "Just because I am." Penance gave Haku a resenting look and she said "Curiosity can be dangerous." Just like every woman…either a human or devil…she didn't liked it when people asked about her age. Naruto walked in front of them and he said "That's enough. I will show you two to your rooms." Penance nodded and the two devils followed him while the others looked suspiciously.

While they were walking Reigar said "I don't like this." Naruto looked at him from the corner of his eye and he asked "Why?" Reigar kept looking around and he said "Too many corners and shadows where enemy spies could be lurking." Naruto smiled and he said "We have enough security here. The devil-arms are constantly checking their surroundings and soon one of our residents will develop, create and place a defense system." Reigar nodded and he said "I see. So we are completely free of hostiles?" Naruto smiled and he said "We are never safe, not even in trusted environments. We always keep an eye out but I can say for sure that I find this the safest place to be." Penance looked in front of her and she said "Honest and straightforward. I like that." Naruto showed the two their rooms and when he left them he thought: This is getting more interesting than I thought…

With Orion

Rage and Orion were waiting until someone returned. Eventually a small creature appeared, crawled on Orion's shoulder and whispered something in his ear. Orion nodded and the creature disappeared. He let out a big sigh and he said "I was afraid of this…Reigar has betrayed us and Penance followed him like the loyal dog she is." Rage immediately stood up and he cried out "What about Eldor?" Orion shook his head and he said "He's finished. Reigar killed him. Eldor was careless." Rage slammed against the wall and he said "Dammit! What are we supposed to do now?" Orion got a pondering look on his face and he said "We have three replacements." Rage got a startled look on his face and he asked "You are not thinking about resurrecting them? I could mean the end of us…even the end of this planet!" Orion growled and he said "I am deciding this Rage. Let me take care of them." Rage shook his head and he said "I would advise against it but…we need their energy. This sucks. It will also take three years until we can resurrect the others. We need some good planning." Orion nodded and he said "Agreed. We need information about four things. First thing we need to know about are the locations of our brethren. Second is about Konoha's plans against us. Third is the Akatsuki who might interfere with us and the last thing is the Order of Light. They are becoming quite a nuisance." Rage growled and he said "Let me go to them…I will wipe them out." Orion shook his head again and he said "No…if you get killed our main cause is lost. We just need a way that the other three parties turn against each other."

Sasuke appeared from the shadows and he said "I know a way to pull that off. The Akatsuki is only hunting jinchuuriki right?" Orion nodded and he said "Yes. Where is Orochimaru?" Sasuke smiled and he said "Away for the moment. But to return to our topic; the Akatsuki will surely try to capture Naruto because he is carrying the nine-tails…just let Konoha know about them and their focus will go to the Akatsuki. The Order of Light is everyone's opponent…we just need to make sure that they aren't at the same place as us…that's all." Orion seemed to think about it and he said "Perhaps…and we have enough time to think about a strategy. Three years is a long time." Rage nodded and he said "Too long." Orion smirked and he said "You were always impatient. But it's better for us to keep an low profile for the coming three years. We have too much attention and with Reigar on the loose…well…let's just say that it isn't safe for us until we resurrected the rest." Rage growled and he said "This really sucks…" Orion's smirk became wider and he said "Will you rather face Reigar now? Be my guest…" Rage turned his head away in annoyance and he said "It wouldn't be wise." Orion nodded and he said "Exactly. Don't worry about it…when we resurrected our brethren Reigar will pay the price for betraying us."…

In Konoha

Naruto read the message the ANBU brought to his house but it only said that Tsunade needed to see him as soon as possible. With a big sigh he laid down the message and went on his way. On his way to the Hokage tower he suddenly saw someone he didn't expect…Maya. Maya noticed him as well and she said "Hi Naruto…good to see you here." Naruto smiled and he said "Hi Maya…you look better…a lot better than last time." Maya smiled and she said "I finally found something to do while I am here. I had a good discussion with the Hokage and she offered me a good deal. I will be consulting Konoha when they are dealing with the Order of Light and when I don't do that, I teach students about demons." Naruto laughed and she said "Good for you although be careful…students can really be a pain in the ass." Maya showed a big grin and she said "I will be fine. I have my own ways to silence people. Where are you headed for?" Naruto pointed at the Hokage tower and he said "I received a note that Tsunade wanted to see me. I really hate it when that happens. It would be a lot easier if she wrote what kind of mission it is." Maya shrugged and she said "Perhaps it's too important to write. A written message can always be intercepted." Naruto looked at the big tower and he said "Perhaps but it's still annoying as hell." Maya laughed and she said "Well…you can't change anything about it. Anyway I should be on my way or else Kurenai will kick my ass for being late with the groceries. She can be quite strict sometimes." Naruto nodded and he said "That would be a shame…it's quite round and I would hate to see it damaged." Maya gave him a teasing smile and she said "I will take that as a compliment. If I didn't know any better I would say that you are trying to seduce me." Naruto smiled as well and he said "But you do know better." Maya started to walk again and while she winked at Naruto she said "Perhaps I don't. Catch you later Naruto." Naruto looked at her leaving before she turned around the corner and then he started to walk again.

Naruto reached the Hokage tower and he immediately went to Tsunade's office. He saw Tsunade, Jiraiya and Itachi standing there. He looked at the three and he said "You asked me to come here Tsunade?" Tsunade nodded and she said "Yes. I have a mission for you and the others. But before I explain the mission, Jiraiya has something important to say." Naruto looked at Jiraiya and he asked "What is this about?" Jiraiya looked seriously at Naruto and he said "The two that attacked you in Tanzuku town…Madoka Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki…" Naruto nodded and he said "I remember them. What about them?" Jiraiya started to lean at the desk and he said "I became interested when I heard about them and I asked around about them. They are part of a group called the Akatsuki…an organization that consists of S-ranked criminals. Although I did discover their goal, I didn't couldn't found out which criminals joined their ranks." Naruto looked at him and he asked "And what is their goal?" Jiraiya frowned and he said "There are hunting jinchuuriki…probably to extract them from their bodies. Why I don't know." Naruto got a startled look on his face and he said "But if they succeed the jinchuuriki will die!" Tsunade nodded and she said "Indeed and that's why I started to use my function as Hokage to prevent that for happening but I will fill you on later. Before I do that I want to ask you one thing; who are those two people you brought to our village?" Naruto looked at Tsunade and he asked "How do you know that? Are you spying on me again?" Tsunade smiled and she said "I don't call it spying. As Hokage I have to know what happens in the village and well…you are the only troublemaker." Naruto pretended that he was hurt and he said "Ouch…what a terrible thing to say…" Tsunade looked serious and she said "Naruto…" Naruto sighed and he said "Those two are devils who turned their backs to the brethren of chaos." Tsunade got a frightened look on her face and she said "What!? Have you completely lost your mind? They are probably here as spies!" Naruto shook his head and he said "I don't think so. The brethren of chaos have other means to get information. They only get in the open to follow their plan. On top of that…I believe these two aren't the spying types. And even if they are…they might know some things from us but we will also gather information about them."

Tsunade wanted to react again but Itachi said "Trust him lady Hokage…Naruto's instinct is mostly right." Tsunade looked at Itachi and she said "Okay…they will be your responsibility. Well…let's talk about the mission. This mission will be a collective mission from three elemental countries. The demon-activity at the borders has intensified greatly. I have asked Argor to find out the reason why, but that might take some time. But we can't let this problem drag on." Naruto nodded and he said "I understand but why don't we do this ourselves? Are the other elemental countries afraid that their image will be damaged?" Tsunade shook her head and she said "No…I came with the idea…and with the members." Naruto frowned and he asked "Why?" A sly smirk appeared on Tsunade's face and she said "Well…I told you that the Akatsuki is trying to capture jinchuuriki right?" Naruto nodded and Tsunade continued "Your teammates will be jinchuuriki's…not only to improve our relations with the other countries but also to bring you closer." Naruto shook his head and he said "But I have no intention to meet them." Tsunade sighed and she said "You might think that but hear me out. If the jinchuuriki know each other, they will probably seek out help from each other. Jinchuurki's have a hard life because of the ignorance of the villagers and therefor they are…distrustful against most people. But against such an organization as the Akatsuki they will most probably get captured if they face them alone…" Naruto nodded and he said "And since they are distrustful they will try to take them on alone." Tsunade nodded and she said "But if they know some people who went through the same things as they have been through…they might ask for help if the need arises." Naruto thought about it and he said "Yes…I think I understand. How many people may I bring with me?" Tsunade thought and she said "Itachi and two of your choosing." Naruto nodded and with a smirk he said "I think I know who to bring…"

Back at the estate

"If I didn't know any better I would say that you have lost your mind Naruto." Naruto just told Vergil who he wants to bring along for the mission. Naruto smiled and he said "I haven't lost my mind Vergil. I think it's very wise to bring Reigar along." Vergil glared at him and he asked "Why?" Naruto sat down on the couch and he said "He is the same as you…cool on the outside but he has a temper. The others don't know Reigar and Penance and when they both stay here while we are away they might get nervous." Vergil shook his head and he said "But I don't think he would even consider to go with you." Suddenly the two startled a little bit when they heard someone say "Perhaps I will…" Vergil and Naruto turned around and they saw Reigar, standing in the corner. He walked forward and he said "Humans are afraid of the things they don't understand. The more things they know leave, the more terrifying the unknown becomes." Naruto nodded towards Reigar and he said to Vergil "See…he understands." Vergil sighed and he said "It's two against one. Fine…bring him along…as long as he doesn't slay any innocent bystanders." Reigar growled and he said "No one is innocent…but my swords will be sheathed until demons appear." Naruto nodded and he said "Then it's decided. We will leave in a few hours. Will your lady friend behave herself while we are gone?" Reigar shrugged and he said "It depends…" Vergil quirked one eyebrow and he asked "On what?" Reigar turned around and he said "On her mood."

Meanwhile in the other part of the estate

Blitz was working in his office. He was designing a defense system but he was still thinking about the materials he was going to use. It wasn't easy to design a defense system in a world that didn't use that much electricity. Suddenly he almost fell from his chair when he saw a shadow next beside him. He looked up and he saw Penance. He cried out "Holy smoke…you startled me…" Penance looked at him and she said "I'm bored…" Blitz stood up and he said "Why don't you find something fun to do with your friend?" Penance growled and she said "He's ignoring me…again." She looked at the paper and she asked "What is this?" Blitz sat down again and he said "A defense system for this house. When it's done it should keep most unwanted beings out of this house." Penance quirked an eyebrow and she asked "Could it even kill unwanted 'guests'?" Blitz shrugged and he said "Well…it would be hard to build something that can kill higher demons and devils…but probably it will buy us enough time to prepare." Penance smiled and while she sat down on the desk in a sensual manner she asked with a nice voice "Do you do that often? Creating weapons of destruction?" Blitz looked at her and he said "It isn't a weapon of destruction...although I could make that." Penance looked 'fascinated' and while moved to the side she said "How…interesting and lovely." Blitz looked up with an annoyed look on his face and he said "You can stop that now you know. Although you devils might think we humans are not the brightest, I know you came here for something. So either tell me what you want or find someone else to irritate." Penance glared at him and she said "I just wanted some fun…but you're no fun at all." Blitz was looking at his sketch of the defense system again and he said "If you want entertainment you should go to Kushina…she's the prankster in the house." Penance stood up and insulted she said "Fine…then I'll go…" Blitz didn't reply anymore since he was busy again with the sketch…insulting and infuriating Penance.

She kicked against the desk while she cried out "Stop…ignoring me!" She forgot that desks aren't built to withstand the kick of a devil and the thing flew to the wall, reducing it to matchsticks. Blitz freaked out and he screamed "Are you insane!? You could have injured me!" Penance growled and she said "That's the big idea…" and she walked towards Blitz, who suddenly started running. He managed to get passed Penance and ran out of the door. He took the hallway to his right and immediately turned left after that but he stopped when he saw Penance in front of him, who said with a big smirk on her face "Going somewhere honey?" Blitz screamed like a little girl, turned around and ran the other way. He took different hallways and decided to hide himself in a closet. He let out a sigh of relieve when he suddenly heard behind him "You are a fast little rat aren't you?" Blitz freaked out again, rushed out of the closet and ran away again…

With Naruto

Naruto was standing near the stairs, waiting for Vergil and Reigar. Suddenly he saw Blitz, barely able to walk. He was sweaty, his hair was a mess and he was breathing heavily. He saw Naruto and he said "Naruto…help…me…" and he fell down from exhaustion. Naruto looked surprised and his surprise grew when he saw Penance appear. She looked at the unconscious Blitz and she said "He's down for the count…guess the game is over." Naruto looked from Blitz to Penance and he asked "Why the hell did he ran away from you to the point he was exhausted?" Penance looked at Naruto and she said "Because I scared him." Naruto shook his head and he asked "Why?" Penance smirked and she said "Because I was bored and I needed some entertainment." Naruto frowned and he thought: She might be a handful… Naruto looked at Penance and he said "Well…since you are the reason that he is passed out, you can bring him to his room." Penance looked strangely at Naruto and she asked "Why?" Naruto smiled and he said "Because you are responsible." Penance wanted to object but suddenly she stopped when she heard Reigar say "Do what he says Penance." Penance looked up the stairs and she said "But…" Reigar growled and he said "Do it. We are guests here." Penance sighed and she said "Fine…" she picked up Blitz like he was a ragdoll and she went up the stairs. She passed Reigar but she stopped when she heard him say "You may have fun in my absence but keep it under control. Understood?" Penance nodded and she said "Understood." And she left.

Naruto looked at Reigar and he said "It seems she listens to you." Reigar leaned against the stairwell and he said nothing. Naruto continued "If I pulled something like that to Haku she would kick me across Konoha." Reigar looked at Naruto and he said "You are interested in us?" Naruto nodded and Reigar said "Some things should be left unsaid…especially the question you want to ask." Naruto looked strangely at Reigar and when Reigar saw that strange look he said "Your next question was what kind of relationship Penance and I have…and I am not obliged to answer that question." Suddenly Vergil reached the duo and Reigar growled "You are late." Vergil shrugged and he said "I am never late because I am not bound to time." Reigar pushed himself from the stairwell and he said "It's time to go." Naruto nodded and he said "Yes. We don't want to keep our contact waiting." Vergil looked at Naruto and he asked "Who is our first contact?" Naruto smiled and he said "Someone we both know…Gaara. He will be waiting at the border of the desert." Naruto turned to Reigar and he said "I think you will like him Reigar. He is very collective and silent." Reigar glared at Naruto and he said "I doubt it. I will not be there to make friends…but to fight demons." Vergil looked at Reigar and he asked "And why do you fight if I may ask?" Reigar looked at Vergil and he said "I don't know what you mean." Vergil looked at a point in the distance and he said "Everyone fights for a reason. Some fight for the ones they love, others for hate and some for power."

Reigar looked strangely at Vergil and he said "What a strange thing to ask. What do you fight for?" Vergil crossed his arms and he said "I fight for power to protect the ones dear to me. Without power you can't protect anything." Reigar frowned and he said "Everyone fights for the same reasons…everyone fights for existence. Fighting for power is a wrong concept that can lead to dark ways." Vergil looked strange, for the first time in a long time, because that happened to him and yet he asked "What do you mean?" Reigar crossed his arms and he said "Power corrupts. The more you fight for power, the more the line between right and wrong fades. Quickly after that you don't only lose your judgment but also yourself. I always made it clear that I fight for existence…not only for me but also the things that I find valuable. What about you?" And he pointed at Naruto. Naruto shrugged and he said "I simply fight to save the lives of others. They have the same right to live as me." Reigar nodded approvingly but Vergil asked "You always talk about honor and pride…why?" Reigar looked at him and he said "I once was the same as you…I fought for power but in time I realized something. Power is nothing without good guidance. Honor and Pride are my guides. Without honor and pride you are nothing." Naruto nodded and he said "Well spoken. But it's really time to go…we don't want Itachi to wait." Reigar looked at Naruto and he asked "What's an 'Itachi'?" Naruto smirked and he said "You will see."

The two half-devils and the pureblooded devil reached the gates of Konoha, where Itachi was waiting. Itachi looked at them and he said "You are late." Naruto shrugged and he said "A bad habit that Kakashi rubbed on to me." Itachi growled and he said "Don't make a habit out of it. Is that the devil?" Naruto nodded and he said "Yes, that is Reigar." Reigar was looking silently at Itachi and Itachi asked "Nice to meet you…but why are you looking at me like that?" Reigar moved his gaze away from Itachi and he said "Nothing. Let's move."

The way to the border was silent. Reigar and Vergil didn't speak and Naruto and Itachi didn't have much to talk about. Finally, after hours of walking, Naruto became restless and just to get a conversation going he said "I wonder how Gaara is doing. Last time I saw him I was bed written." While Itachi kept walking he said "He can take care of himself. The only thing I am pondering about is what will happen during this mission." Naruto looked at Itachi and he asked "What do you mean?" Itachi sighed and he said "Although you lived in our village for years, you still can't see that everything a Hokage does is political. I thought about the mission and I believe lady Hokage has some kind of design." Naruto shook his head and he said "You are overthinking it again." Itachi looked at a point in the distance and he said "Perhaps…" and it became silent again. With a big sigh Naruto thought: Just a few miles and this boring trip will be over

At the border between fire and wind country

Finally the four from Konoha reached the border where they saw Gaara waiting. Naruto raised his hand and he said "Hey Gaara." Gaara looked at Naruto with his green eyes and with a nod he said "Naruto." Naruto looked around and he asked "Are you alone or are your brother and sister around?" Gaara shook his head and he said "They are on a mission with their teams. I am alone here." Itachi looked at Gaara and he said "You will guide us to the location where the demons spawn?" Gaara nodded and he said "Yes. After that I will travel with you to the village hidden in the clouds to meet our contacts there." Vergil crossed his arms and he asked "Why are we taking such a long route? Why not meet all together, kill the demons and go our separate ways?" Gaara shrugged and he said "I don't know. The only thing I know is that the Raikage will debrief us when we arrive at the village hidden in the clouds." Vergil nodded but Gaara suddenly looked at Reigar and he asked "Who are you?" Reigar crossed his arms and he said "I am called Reigar." Gaara nodded and he by mere coincidence he looked at the ground and he saws Reigar shadow…only it didn't look like the man that was standing before him. It looked bigger…bulkier. Sand came out of Gaara's gourd and he asked with a stern look on his face "What are you?" Naruto made a calm gesture and he said "Gaara…relax. I asked him to join us on our mission." Gaara looked at Naruto and he said "That's not the question I asked." Naruto sighed and he said "He is a devil and he was a part of the Brethren of chaos but he changed camps." The sand went back to the gourd and Gaara said "It's your responsibility Naruto but I will keep my eye on him at all times." Reigar smirked and Naruto said "I understand. Shall we continue with the mission?" Gaara nodded and the group went on its way.

In Konoha

The day was nearing its end and Penance was wandering through the Namikaze estate. Blitz was avoiding her for obvious reasons and most people were gone. Haku and Tayuya went to a nearby town while Minato and Kushina went out for dinner. They didn't like the fact that a she-devil was in the estate while Naruto and Vergil were away. Trish still hasn't returned.

Penance sighed and she mumbled "Is this how humans live? How incredibly boring." She went through the corridor and she heard footsteps. She went through the door to her right and she walked right into the office of Dante. Dante, who was reading one of the many letters he received for once, looked up but when he saw Penance he returned to his reading. After a little while of silence he growled "What do you want?" Penance leaned against the wall and she said "I'm bored. How can you stand this boring house?" Dante sighed and he said "You will get used to it. Why don't you entertain yourself?" Penance frowned and she said "I have to restrain myself." Dante frowned and he asked "Why?" Penance moved her head away and she said "Because Reigar said so. It's best not to anger him." Dante shrugged and he said "Then find something you can do Penny." Penance twitched an eyebrow and she asked "What did you call me?" Dante looked at her while humor twinkled in his eyes and he said "I said Penny…an abbreviation of Penance." Penance growled and she looked at Dante with a stern look on her face…

With Naruto

Naruto, Vergil, Itachi, Reigar and Gaara finally reached their destination. Gaara pointed at a hill and with his calm voice he said "They normally spawn at the other side of that hill." Naruto nodded and the group went to the hill. On the other side they saw a lot of demons, mostly hellprides. Naruto let out a soft whistle and he said "There are quite a lot of them." Vergil nodded and he said "A good battle strategy is recommendable." Gaara looked up to Reigar who stood up and started to walk. Gaara said "Reigar…what are you doing? We need to form a plan." Reigar snorted and he said "Don't worth the effort. Stay here if you like." And he kept on walking. Naruto looked at Reigar and he said "He has lost it." Vergil growled and he said "He acts like my idiotic brother." Itachi looked at Naruto and he said "You have the lead on this mission. Do we assist him or work on a battle plan?" Naruto sighed and while he stood up he said "We can't just leave him there…he is capable to kill them all without leaving anyone for us. Let's move."

The group quickly caught up with Reigar and the five of them stood against the big demons horde. Only one of them looked bigger and he noticed them. He looked at them and he said "You humans give off a strange vibe. Why?" No one spoke but Reigar did something unexpected. He reached out for Vergil's Yamato, unsheathed it and slashed towards the group. The bigger demon gave him a strange look and he asked "Is that a declaration of war? You people can't kill us." Reigar looked at the demon and he said "Half of you are already dead." The demon looked strange but suddenly he started to laugh. Reigar leaned towards Vergil again and sheathed Yamato…and the results were devastating. Explosions occurred, destroying many demons, including the larger one. Vergil looked at Reigar with a strange look on his face and he asked "What was that you just did?" Reigar nodded towards the group of demons and he said "Fight now…ask questions later." And the remaining demons attacked the group. Although they had the advantage in numbers, they didn't have the strength to overpower the group. The main focus was on Reigar, who decimated their group with one powerful attack. The fight didn't take long and when it was done, Reigar sheathed his sword. He looked back to see how the rest of the group was doing and he saw Vergil, looking at him with a cold glare in his eyes.

Reigar turned around so that he was facing Vergil and he growled "What?" Vergil grabbed the hilt of Yamato and he asked "Why can you wield Yamato and what was that attack you did?" Reigar smirked and he said "Well…Yamato is no stranger to me and for your second question…I used the attack you normally use…only in its true form." Vergil frowned and he asked "True form?" Reigar nodded and he said "I suppose your father saw me do it once and he replicated it…only he replaced the power of the technique with finesse. He was truly a gifted warrior." Vergil gave Reigar a stern look and he asked "But how do you know Yamato?" Reigar turned around and he said "I will tell you in time young one…in time. For now…let's continue with the mission." Gaara crossed his arms and he said "Next is the village hidden in the clouds. Our contacts will be waiting." Naruto nodded and he said "Yes. Yugito Nii and someone called Killer B." Naruto turned to Vergil and he said "You met Yugito before right?" Vergil nodded and he said "Yes. The woman we helped while we were saving children from the Order of Light." Naruto looked at the sky and he said "I wonder how she is doing." Vergil started to walk and he said "I don't care. Let's just get on with it. " Naruto sighed and he mumbled "Another silent trip ahead of us."

The group started walking and they took their time. They were walking for three straight hours when Reigar suddenly stopped. Naruto looked at Reigar and he asked "Why are you stopping Reigar?" Reigar looked to his left and he said "I smell something foul…" Suddenly he quickly unsheathed one of his swords and aimed it to his left just in the second someone jumped forward. It was a man who looked like a ninja. He had paint on his face, but no headband but the strange thing was that he was wearing a strange, blue belt. Itachi looked at it and he said "Blue belts…mercenaries who are common in this region." Reigar growled and he said "Wrong…" Suddenly the dead body started to shake and 'something' came out of it. Reigar immediately unsheathed his other sword and cut the small brown demon in half. Reigar quickly glanced to the group and he said "I will be right back." And Reigar stepped into the bushes. Just one minute later the group heard the sound of steel going through flesh and high, painful shrieks. Then it became silent...besides some footsteps. Just a few seconds later Reigar was standing before the group and he said "Lowlife trash…prowling on unwary travelers." Naruto nodded and he said "They won't be prowling anymore. Let's get a move on."

While they were walking Vergil suddenly said to Reigar "So…you know the dark slayer style?" He tried to sound uninterested and he did it pretty well…only Naruto knew that Reigar's behavior concerning Yamato interested Vergil. Reigar raised one eyebrow and he asked "Dark slayer style?" Vergil looked at Yamato and he said "The style is use the fight with Yamato." Reigar kept walking and he said "Only the basics. I know the sword and the sword knows me…but my spirit wasn't compatible with it." Vergil frowned and he asked "What do you mean?" Reigar pointed at the sword and he said "As you might know…Yamato is a sentient weapon. It chooses its own master. I had it for a time but we weren't completely compatible. I could fight with it but I couldn't get the full power out of it." Vergil looked in front of him and he said "I see. I wonder how you were able to get it and how Sparda got it." Reigar frowned and he said "Perhaps that's a mystery you will never find out young halfbreed." Vergil growled but he quickly stopped. He probably asked too much.

In Konoha

Minato and Kushina finally got back from their dinner. They didn't like the idea that a she-devil was in the house while Naruto and Vergil were away but eventually they didn't have any choice. Kushina and Minato went to the living room and Kushina suddenly looked surprised. With four half-devils, two girls and two men the house was never clean but this time the living room was even shining! They saw Penance on the couch and Kushina asked "Did you do this?" Penance looked up, nodded and she said "Yes. You humans call it cleaning if I am correct." Kushina nodded and she said "But I never…ever got it so clean!" Penance got up and she said "I had nothing else to do. That human is still avoiding me and no one else was here." Minato looked strange and he said "I thought Dante was home…" Penance smirked evilly and she said "Oh him…well…let's just say he's…hanging around. I am going to retreat to my quarters." And Penance went upstairs. Kushina looked in the hallway and she said "I would have never have guessed someone like her would clean." Minato nodded and he said "But I wonder what she meant with Dante hanging around." Suddenly the two heard a silent mumble and they looked up. Minato looked strange while Kushina held her hand in front of her mouth. Dante was hanging on the ceiling, being held their by a sticky substance while he was gagged. Minato sighed and he said "I knew it was too good to be true…"

With Naruto and the others

Naruto and the group reached the borders of the village hidden in the clouds. They looked around and Naruto said "Our contacts should be waiting here…" Itachi looked around but there was no one around and he said "Then we are forced to wait until they arrive." Vergil snorted and he said "A deal is a deal…letting us wait like this…" Suddenly they heard a voice from the bushes from their right "Are you the people from Konoha and the village hidden in the Sand?" Naruto nodded and he said "Yes…is that you Yugito?" The group then heard a deeper voice that said "It became time…I already started to whine fool, ya fool." It became silent but suddenly the lighter voice said "Stop that Lord killer Bee…" The two came out of the bushes and the group saw Yugito Nii and a strange man. He was wearing shades even though it was very dark. The man said "Don't tell me to stop rapping or I'll be slapping fool, ya fool!" Yugito Nii looked at Naruto and the group and she said "Forgive Lord killer Bee…he loves rapping."

It was very dark and that's why Yugito couldn't recognize Naruto and Vergil. She made a light and suddenly she said "Naruto? Vergil? I didn't suspect you two here!" Naruto smirked and he said "Nice to see you too Yugito. Strange that you didn't know about our presence since we already knew that you would be our contact together with…Killer Bee." Yugito nodded and she said "Unfortunately we don't always know everything." She looked at Itachi and she said "I recognize that face…an Uchiha right?" Itachi bowed and he said "Itachi Uchiha." Yugito got a stern look on her face and she said "I don't care much for the Uchiha. I had trouble with them in the past…but since you are here I guess I have no choice but to work with you." She looked further and she said "That is a face I do recognize…Gaara of the Sand…" Gaara nodded and he said "Indeed. I also heard of you..." Yugito nodded and then she looked at Reigar and with a little bit of suspicion in her voice she said "I don't know you…" Reigar crossed his arms and he said "I don't know you what?" Yugito smiled and she said to Naruto "I like him…" she turned back to Reigar and she continued "I am Yugito Nii and this man over here is Killer Bee." Reigar nodded and he said "Reigar." Yugito frowned and she asked "Reigar…who?" Reigar just looked at her and he said "Just Reigar."

Yugito's frown went down even further but Naruto asked "You are here to guide us to the Raikage right?" It was killer Bee who nodded this time and he said "Hell yeah we'll lead you to my bro even though he might be asleep yo fool, ya fool!" Now it was Vergil who started to frown and he said "This is getting irritating…and we are not fools." Yugito made an apologizing gesture and she said "That's just the regular ending line of his rap…don't take it seriously." Vergil looked at her and he said "When he starts rapping I will…" Killer Bee looked mad and he asked "Are you dissin' my rapping fool, ya fool!?" Yugito turned around and she said "Our mission is to bring them to lord Raikage in one piece…or do you want to face his Iron claw?" Killer Bee growled but remained silent. Yugito nodded and she said "Follow me…I'll lead you to lord Raikage." The group nodded and they followed Yugito Nii and Killer Bee. The entire village was in peace because they were sleeping except for some ninja who were standing watch. After a few minutes they reached the Raikage tower and Yugito knocked on the closed door. After a few minutes a blond woman opened the door and Yugito said "Ah Samui…" Before she could speak further Naruto suddenly said "Those…are unreal!" Vergil placed his hand in front of his head in shame, Gaara closed his eyes and Itachi looked away. Only Reigar responded with "Learn some restraints boy…it's not respectful talking about women's breasts out loud." Vergil growled and he said "Really…it must be my brother's upbringing talking right now." Samui looked calmly at Naruto and she said "Not cool brat…" and she immediately drew her Tantõ and struck it towards Naruto. Just for a small second a smile appeared on Naruto's face and the next second Samui's tantõ missed him and Samui felt something on her right side. She looked to her right and she saw that Naruto drew his sword and in his free hand he was holding three blond hairs. It took her a second to realize that it was her hair and Naruto said "Just a souvenir of this village." Yugito stepped forward and she said "Samui…enough! These are the people from Konoha and the village hidden in the Sand!" Samui slowly backed off and she said "Follow me…but keep that pervert away from me." Naruto smiled teasingly and he said "You like me…you just don't let it show…" Samui snorted and turned around…

Samui leaded them to the office of the Raikage. He looked up and he growled "It became time you finally showed up." Itachi bowed and he said "I apologize for our late arrival but the journey was longer than we anticipated." The Raikage nodded but suddenly he looked at Naruto and he asked "Why are you holding blond strands of hair?" Samui growled and she said "Those are mine. He is a very rude young brat." The Raikage growled again and he said "So you must be Naruto…" Naruto made a comical bow and he said "In the flesh. That lady next to you left me no choice." The Raikage stood up and he said "I know this is a joined mission but if you touch one of my people again I'll skin you brat!" Naruto smiled and he said "The stories about you are true…you are very energetic." Suddenly the Raikage was surrounded by electric chakra and faster than the eye could see he made his way to Naruto. Naruto was already busy with his evasive maneuver when the Raikage's hand was caught by someone else. The Raikage looked at his right and he saw Reigar who said "We are guests in your house and Naruto's behavior was unacceptable but that doesn't mean such an act of aggression is allowed."

Samui, Yugito and Killer Bee looked surprised at Reigar and Killer Bee thought: He stopped Bro's fast punch! Impossible. Killer Bee looked at Naruto and his thoughts continued: And he would have surely evaded it…this is unreal shit my man… Itachi cleared his throat and he said "I apologize for Naruto's behavior lord Raikage…he loves pranks although it can get him into trouble...but he is serious when the situation calls for it." His assistant, Mabui, joined the conversation and she said "Think about the relationship between our village and Konoha." The Raikage calmed down and walked back to his desk while he said "I just wanted to test him after the stories I have heard. Mabui…fill them in." Mabui nodded and while she got a scroll she said "There are three missions all of you should complete…working together. The first mission is to find out what is happening to travelers that want to reach this village. Lately travelers are disappearing without any reason and later we found them dead…" Naruto interrupted Mabui and he said "You mean the forest path that we took?" Mabui nodded and she said "Yes…the forest path." Naruto chuckled and he said "You can sign that off…it's already taken care off." Even the Raikage looked surprised and he cried out "What!?" Naruto kept on chuckling and he said "Yes…we were ambushed but they were low-level demons and Reigar over here took care of them." Mabui nodded and she said "All right…the second mission is to eliminate some…suspicious characters that are prowling on our ninja in the north…for what reason we don't know." Itachi nodded and he asked "And the last one?" Mabui looked at the Raikage and he said "The last one is to take care of those bastards from the Order of Light in the west! We could have taken care of them already but your Hokage asked me to put that on hold so that we can combine that with this mission!"

Naruto looked strange and he asked "Why?" The Raikage looked outside and he said "It looks like they are after my brother. Lady Tsunade told me you have been in the same situation and that you can handle it." Naruto nodded and he said "We have encountered the Order before…even Yugito here." The Raikage looked at Naruto again and he said "I know…I already raised hell against them." Itachi stepped forward and he asked "Lord Raikage…may I ask you a question?" The Raikage nodded and Itachi asked "Why are all these missions with jinchuuriki? Not that I have something against them but…it doesn't make sense." The Raikage looked at him and he asked "Didn't lady Tsunade tell you?" Itachi shook his head and the Raikage sighed "She always let me handle with the dirty work. The big meaning is to bring the jinchuuriki together." Naruto, Yugito and Killer Bee looked surprised and Yugito asked "B-But why?" The Raikage growled and he said "Because she and lord Jiraiya found out that there are two groups hunting jinchuuriki. The first is the Order of Light. They make a lot of 'accidental assaults' on jinchuuriki. The second is the group called Akatsuki…who hunt jinchuuriki for their own reasons." Killer Bee shook his head and he said "I really don't understand why we must form a band fool, ya fool." The Raikage punched on his desk and he said "I might not always see eye to eye with Tsunade but I believe she is right that if the jinchuuriki stand together, they will survive longer!" Itachi nodded and he said "I knew there was something behind it!" Reigar crossed his arms and he said "I find it stupid. If they are all at one location, the enemy can get them all at once." Vergil turned to Reigar and he said "But then we only have to guard one place…and they are much weaker when they are on their own." Reigar spat on the ground and he said "If they can't take care of themselves they aren't worth much." The Raikage stepped forward and he said "Enough! We don't know the enemy and we don't know what they are planning and this is the best countermeasure we have!"

Naruto made a calm gesture and he said "I understand. We will fulfill you missions but what is the meaning after that?" The Raikage looked at Mabui and she said "Then we and Konoha will search for the other jinchuuriki. Samui and her team will be your contacts." Naruto showed a big smile and she said "Now that's the best news I heard all day." Samui growled and she said "Just one more word from you…" Mabui turned to Samui and she said "Well…you will join them on your mission…to see their progress and how they hold up." Samui glared at Mabui and she said "Going with that brat? He wouldn't be able to concentrate on the mission at hand!" Mabui wanted to say something but Naruto said with a stern voice "I may give a wrong impression but I am quite capable when I am on a mission. So stop calling me a brat, suck it up and focus on the mission." Everyone in the room, even the Raikage, looked dumbfounded at Naruto, who turned to the Raikage and said "We will take care of the missions and we will report back here when they are completed. If you have anything else to discuss…discuss it with the others…I'm outside." Naruto turned around and he was on his way to the door but suddenly he stopped when the Raikage cried out "What gives you the goddamn right to talk to me or my people like that!? You are a chunin from Konoha…who follow orders from the Hokage so you either respect us or else…" Naruto turned his head so that the corner of his eye was visible and with an uninterested voice he asked "Are you done?" The Raikage growled of anger but Itachi, Vergil, Gaara and even Reigar noticed that Naruto's visible eye got a harder expression.

The Raikage looked like a volcano…ready to explode and he said "You…will pay the price right here and now!" and he rushed forward, even though Mabui tried to stop him. The Raikage almost reached Naruto, but Naruto turned around while an orange chakra surrounded him and what no one expected happened…he caught the Raikage's fist! The Raikage was surprised to say the very least and he heard Naruto say "I did not come here for a fight…but I will defend myself when it is necessary. Until now I got quite a…cold…welcome from you subordinate and even from you so don't be insulted when I return the favor. You talk about respect? Give it first before you want it in return. Your title doesn't mean anything to me…only the deeds you did to receive it." He released the Raikage's fist and he said "I'll be waiting outside." The rest didn't move…except Reigar, who strangely enough followed Naruto. After a few seconds the Raikage regained his cool and he said "The brutality of that brat!" Itachi scratched the back of his head and he said "My apologies lord Raikage…Naruto has a certain personality and he can be quite aggressive when he feels like being insulted. Let's just continue with the briefing and start after you are done."

The Raikage crossed his arms and he said "I have nothing more to say unless you have questions." Vergil looked at Mabui and then at the Raikage when he said "I have one question. Why did you agree with this plan?" The Raikage frowned and he asked "What do you mean?" Vergil smirked and he said "I know that every village see their jinchuuriki either as a burden or a powerful weapon which they don't release without any reason…you even have two jinchuuriki's. So why are you cooperating?" The Raikage nodded and he said "That's a good question. Jinchuuriki's are powerful weapons indeed…but we can't allow them to fall into enemy hands. It's for the best that they are at a safe location instead of scattered around the countries, making them easy targets." Vergil nodded and he said "Indeed…and since Konoha has more information about the Order of Light, the Akatsuki and even demons, they are a good location to guard the jinchuuriki." Mabui nodded and she said "Indeed. By the way mister…Vergil am I correct?" Vergil nodded and Mabui said "According to the order you have one person too much…the man who stopped lord Raikaige's attack the first time." Vergil nodded and he said "He is called Reigar…he was added just before we left. He is with us and we will take full responsibility for him." Mabui nodded and she said "Good. Are there any more questions?" Everyone shook their heads and Mabui said to Samui "Prepare yourself to go with them Samui…and it seems for the best if you avoid that Naruto for the time being." Samui nodded silently and she went with the others, leaving Mabui and the Raikage alone.

When they were sure they were all alone Mabui said "It looks like Konoha send some of their finest for this mission. They look very skillful to me." The Raikage glared at the door and he said "That Reigar…I don't trust him." Mabui looked at him but she knew it was best not to speak now. The Raikage continued "When he held me I felt something strange…something I never felt before." Mabui put her hands at her back and she asked "Should I check him out?" The Raikage nodded and he said "And also about that Naruto and Vergil. Especially that Naruto has my interest. There is something different about that child…something more than being a jinchuuriki." Mabui bowed and then she disappeared.


Naruto was leaning against the wall, looking at the sky, which was covered with stars. Reigar was sitting on a big rock and he said "Letting your emotions take over isn't a good thing." Without changing his position Naruto said "It weren't emotions. They doubted my abilities without knowing them. I hate people who judge and I made it clear to them…easy as that." Reigar glared at him and he said "You could also have said it with words. Now you look like a hostile." Naruto chuckled and he said "I look like a hostile…says the devil." Reigar smirked and he said "You are right." Naruto crossed his arms and he said "This way is easier to express myself in…at least they immediately know that I don't fool around when the situation calls for it. People who judge easy are often bad listeners…and they piss me off…" Reigar thought about Naruto's point of view and he said "True…"

The door opened and Naruto saw the entire group, including Samui. When he saw her his eyes narrowed and he said "Are we set to go?" Everyone nodded and Gaara asked "How do you want to handle this?" Naruto smirked and he said "Easy…divide into two groups without losing the reason of the mission. We are with eight people. Gaara, Yugito, Killer B and I must be one team because we are jinchuuriki right?" Gaara nodded and yet he said "But Samui must be included as well because she has to note our progress." Naruto growled and he said "Fine…and Samui then. Itachi, Reigar and Vergil are the second group. Can you three handle it?" Vergil smirked and he said "Can an Uchiha spit fire?" Itachi turned to Vergil and he said "Actually we can…oh…I get it." Vergil glared at Itachi with his cool, blue eyes and he said "I thought Uchiha's were smart…" Vergil looked at the rock were Reigar was…or rather used to be. There was no sign of him anywhere! Vergil looked around and he growled "Where is Reigar?" Itachi looked at the ground and he said "According to the trail on the ground I would say he went north…" Naruto smiled and he said "I suppose he guessed my planning. I wanted to ask you three to investigate the north while we are going west." Vergil looked at Itachi, who nodded and he said "We have some ground to cover…who knows how far Reigar is ahead of us." Vergil nodded and he said "We are on our way." And the two left. Naruto turned around and with a stern voice he said "We better move as well. I want this mission to be over as quick as possible. Let's go." And he went away with the others hot on his trail.

Naruto and the others had to go through a little bit of forest before they could reach the location where the members from the Order of Light were last seen. Naruto was traveling in front together with Yugito and she said "You were quite harsh against the Raikage." Naruto spat on the ground and he said "I don't like people who judge to early. They are the people why jinchuuriki and people who are different have such a hard time." Yugito looked in front of her and she asked "When did he judge you?" Naruto kept on traveling and he said "From the start, together with that Samui. I have a carefree character, so they immediately think I'm a joker…and the Raikage said I was just a chunin who simply follow orders, that I don't have any respect for others and other crap like that. Wrong judgment on that one." Yugito looked at Naruto and she said "But people do that all the time…judging people on what they experience and see." Naruto growled and he said "He has no right to talk about me. He doesn't know anything about my childhood, my character or my abilities. I heard about his hard nature but you don't see me rubbing his face in it do you?" Yugito shook her head in honesty and Naruto said "Exactly…"

Samui was traveling in the rear, together with Gaara and she said softly "What a turnaround." Gaara looked at her and Samui continued "From a joker he turned into a serious person." Gaara looked at the front of the group and he said "There is one thing you should know about Naruto. He takes his responsibilities very seriously despite the fact he acts carefree…or as a joker as you said." Samui looked at Gaara and she said "You worked with him before according to our intelligence." Gaara nodded and he said "And I know him…even better than he realizes…and I respect him even more." Samui raised an eyebrow and she said "You respect him?" Gaara nodded seriously and he said "He saved me from my inner darkness, even though his darkness hasn't disappeared." Samui looked at Gaara and he continued "He uses his darkness in his fights and that's what makes him so good." Samui jumped on another branch and she said "But that darkness can also slip in while he is interacting with others." Gaara shook his head and he said "I told you I know him. When he is talking to others…like his friends…there is a powerful force that contains the darkness." Samui frowned and she asked "What is this force you are talking about?" Gaara smiled and he said "His heart. You don't know him, but he is loyal, caring and good for his friends. He draws strength from them and with that strength he can contain any darkness. He showed me the light and taught me that friends and family can overcome any demon…even the most powerful tailed beast." Samui jumped further and she said "Perhaps I misjudged him." Gaara nodded and he said "You judged too soon. Be careful with that in the future…Naruto hates people who judge too quickly." Samui nodded silently as the group progressed…

With Vergil, Reigar and Itachi

The three were walking and Itachi said "I wonder what we will find when we reach our destination." Vergil glared at Itachi but he remained. Itachi continued "This mission was constructed for the jinchuuriki…so I guess that they aren't ordinary ninja…perhaps not even human." Vergil shrugged and he said "We will see. I hope they can fight…it's been a while since I had a decent challenge." Reigar glared at Vergil in a mockingly manner and Vergil growled "Besides you of course…" Suddenly Itachi stopped and as he activated his sharingan he said "Wait…" The other two stopped walking and Vergil whispered "What is it?" Itachi looked up and he whispered "Three enemies in the trees. Wait here…they are mine." And Itachi suddenly disappeared. Eldor and Vergil listens and quickly after Itachi disappeared they heard a soft moan or sigh. Just a few seconds later they heard a muffled scream and they looked up, hoping that the remaining enemy didn't hear the sound. It remained silent so the two knew that the last enemy didn't hear anything. The two suddenly heard a strange sound, like someone fell down. Quickly after that Itachi returned to them and he said "Scouts neutralized." Vergil nodded and they went on…

With Naruto

Naruto was still traveling from tree to tree when Yugito said "We're close. We should walk from here." Naruto nodded and he jumped down and everyone followed his example. Naruto looked at Yugito and he whispered "Do you know how the camp looks like? "Yugito shook her head and she said "Unfortunetaly not." Naruto nodded again and he said "Then it's time for a little recon." He crossed both his index and middle fingers and he whispered "Shadow clone jutsu." Seven Naruto clones appeared and he said "You know what to do. Sneak around, look at the camp and gather information if you can." The seven Naruto's nodded and they went on their way. Yugito turned to Naruto and she asked "Why did you send clones?" Naruto looked at her and he said "Shadow clones to be precise. When they are dispelled by either me or someone else, the things that they have learned will be transferred to me. This makes them perfect for gathering information." Gaara nodded and he said "I will help too." Suddenly sand came out of gourd and took the form of an eye that flew towards the camp. Samui turned to Naruto and she asked "What now?" Naruto shrugged and he said "Now we wait…"

With one of Naruto's clones

One of Naruto's clones was close enough to hear two people talking. He went closer without being seen and he heard someone saying "Yashi…I still don't think this is such a good idea. Jinchuuriki aren't only strong but if we screw up we are at war with some elemental countries. Don't forget that most jinchuuriki are respected as great weapons." Yashi shook his head and he said "Tago…just like you, I have my orders. This assignment comes from the top!" Tago growled and he asked "But why? Why now? Why jinchuuriki?" Yashi growled as well and he said "I don't know exactly but some rumors say that this assignment is to sabotage the plan of that strange organization…you know…the ones with the black cloaks and the red cloud pattern." Tago looked interested and he asked "The group they call the Akatsuki? What are the leaders thinking!? You know how dangerous that group can be if they set their mind on something?" Yashi punched on the table and he cried out "Don't be such a coward!" Tago shook his head and he said "I am not a coward…only cautious. You know…the Akatsuki isn't even my biggest concern…but the jinchuuriki of Konoha is. He not only has the full support of the Hokage, but he is also close with that demon-hunter…Dante." Yashi got a pondering look on his face and he said "That might spell trouble. The Hokage has quite some influence…and that Dante is skilled enough to take out our best fighters." Tago nodded and he said "That's what I mean! What do you think what will happen when a few jinchuuriki, the Hokage or even Dante and his companions decide to take on the Order? We will be wiped out…destroyed…finished!" Yashi growled and he said "Don't underestimate our power Tago! We are quite a force to be reckoned with."

The Naruto-clone decided he had heard enough. The others would also be done with the recon. The only thing he had to do now was to find a place where he could dispel himself without being seen. Disappearing in a cloud of smoke is cool, but in terms of stealth it's inconvenient. A little bit later he found a suitable location and he dispelled himself…

With the original Naruto

The group was still waiting until the 'recon-Naruto's' were done. Suddenly he looked up and he said "The recon is finished." Gaara looked at Naruto and he asked "Did one of them find out something?" Naruto nodded and he said "The 'attempt' to attack jinchuuriki isn't because of the demons itself. It's to sabotage the plan of the Akatsuki." Yugito looked up and she asked "Akatsuki? What's Akatsuki?" Naruto opened his mouth to say something but Samui said "Akatsuki…a group of S-ranked criminals. They were mercenaries at first but later they started to hunt jinchuuriki. The reason why I don't know." Killer B looked at her and he asked "Then why didn't we know…yo?" Samui sighed and she said "The Raikage said not to. You and Yugito have enough on your minds." Naruto shook his head and he said "It would be better if they had information about the members of the organization so that they can prepare themselves." Samui looked at Naruto and with a plain voice she said "I wonder how it is that you know the Akatsuki." Naruto sighed and he said "I had an encounter with two of them and it wasn't pretty." Samui looked interested and she asked "You already had an encounter with them!? With who?" Naruto looked at Samui and he said "Kisame Hoshigaki and Madoka Uchiha. A deadly combo." Samui frowned and she said "I have heard about Kisame Hoshigaki but I never heard about Madoka Uchiha." Naruto looked serious and he said "There are only three living Uchiha's that we know of: Itachi, Sasuke and Madoka Uchiha. Itachi and Sasuke live in Konoha and Madoka is part of the Akatsuki…and one of the three killed the Uchiha clan." Samui looked shocked and she cried out "That guy killed his own clan!?" Naruto nodded but Gaara said "We have more important things to do now like completing a mission…" Naruto looked at Gaara and with a smile he said "You're right Gaara…sorry. Is everyone ready?" Everyone nodded and Yugito asked "What's the plan?" Naruto smiled and he said "You'll see. Follow me." And the group went on their way.

With Vergil

Vergil, Itachi and Reigar were hiding in the bushes and Vergil growled "I can't believe this! They sent us after simple mercenaries!? What were they thinking!?" Itachi looked calmly at the group and he said "This isn't an ordinary group of mercenaries. This is the Onori." Vergil glared at Itachi who continued "Their specialty is theft of heavily guarded objects and persons. Their greatest strength lies in stealth and assassinations but they can also fight." Reigar looked at the group and he said "Unlikely. They shouldn't pose a problem." Itachi gave Reigar a resenting look and he said "Together they can be strong. We need a way to divide them." Reigar looked at the camp and he asked "You are able to breath fire am I correct?" Itachi nodded and Reigar continued "What happens when you combine oil with fire?" Itachi looked strange and he answered "A big fire of course. Why?" Reiger nodded and the camp and he said "You see that big barrel there? Between the lid and the top of the barrel I see the black substance." Itachi nodded and he said "A diversion…I will sneak behind them, put the barrel on fire and then we can attack." Reigar nodded and Vergil said with a mocking tone in his voice "And here I thought you were only able to jump into situations." Reigar looked at Vergil and with a monotone voice he said "That's the way I prefer it…but it isn't always recommendable." Itachi joined in the conversation and he said "Reigar is correct. This seems to be the best way to handle the situation. I will be right back." And Itachi disappeared while the two were waiting for the moment to step into action…

With Naruto

Naruto and the rest of the group were near the camp. Most of the people were asleep because they didn't suspect any danger. They didn't even know they were detected! Only a few guards were posted but they weren't very alert. Naruto turned to the group and he whispered "My clones found five guards. Two on this side, two on the other side and one in front of the command post. The guards haven't discovered us yet because most of them are either drunk or asleep." Yugito smirked and she said "Fools. Alcohol has a price but they won't suspect it's going to be this high." Naruto glared at her and he said "No killing unless it's necessary. We are jinchuuriki…not barbarians." Samui nodded as well and she said "No good comes from killing people who can't defend themselves." The rest nodded as well and Bee said "Killing fools ain't my style, I'm keeping my cool for a while." Yugito sighed and she said "Fine…no killing unless it's necessary. What's your plan?" Naruto smiled and he said "You'll see…"

The guard who was standing in front of the command post yawned and he thought: I hate nightshifts. Nothing ever happens. Damn the commandant, damn the Order…hell…damn the jinhuuriki… He was getting fed up when he suddenly heard a soft whistle. The guard looked to his left and he saw a beautiful woman, who winked at him. The guard shook his head like he couldn't believe it and he thought: Can this be? Could this be my lucky day? I shouldn't leave my post but…oh the hell with it! Nothing ever happens! He walked towards the beautiful woman, who lured him to the bushes. Suddenly he felt a dreadful pain on the back of his head and then he lost consciousness…

Naruto came out of the bushes and he whispered "I knew your charms would do the trick Yugi…" Yugito growled and she mumbled "If you say that one more time you will lose your balls." Naruto looked frightened and he said "Haku would never forgive me if I let something like that happen!" Gaara looked calmly at Naruto and he whispered "Let's go. The longer we stay here, the more chance we have to be discovered." Naruto nodded and he said "Good…stand guard while I go into the tent."

Naruto went into the tent. It was quite spacious and on the far end there was a big bed. Naruto could hear the commandant snore and he sneaked towards the bed. He was just getting ready to abduct him when he suddenly heard a hard noise. Not only Naruto heard the noise, but the commandant as well, who woke up. He looked confused at Naruto but then he opened his mouth to cry out for help but one hard punch of Naruto prevented it. Naruto was just about to pick up the commandant when the flap of the tent went open and Yugito said "Naruto…that hard noise woke up some guards. We gotta move and quick!" Naruto growled and he asked "What the hell is going on?" Yugito shrugged and she said "We heard an explosion. It seemed it came from the north." Naruto spat on the ground and he said "Damn! Must be Reigar's temper again. We are leaving now! We'll take the north side of the camp. If we're fast we can escape without being seen." Yugito nodded and they went on their way…

With Vergil

Vergil saw that Itachi used a small fire jutsu on the barrel and it caught flame but Vergil startled when he saw a big explosion. Just before the explosion he saw a few bags and Reigar said "Just as I thought…explosion powder." Vergil looked at Reigar and he cried out "You knew!? Itachi might be in trouble right now." Reigar smirked and he said "Don't worry…I have this all planned out!" Before Vergil could say something, he felt a hard hand on his back and he was pushed out of the safe hideout. The men in the camp saw him and one of them cried out "Look! An intruder! GET HIM!" Vergil quickly turned around but Reigar was nowhere to be seen. Vergil growled "Idiot…letting me take care of the small fry!" Vergil slowly turned around while the men rushed at him and he said softly "Someone has to take out the trash…"

The blast of the explosion had thrown Itachi away and he was regaining his senses. He shook his head to drive away the dizziness when he heard someone say "Get a hold of yourself." Itachi looked up and he said "Reigar?" Reigar nodded and he said "Vergil is fighting those men. Let's go." Itachi shook his head and he asked "What are we going to do?" Reigar turned to the camp and he said "We are going to find out why they are here. Stop fooling around and follow me." Itachi stood up and he said "But we need to help Vergil!" Reigar smirked and he said "He can take care of himself. Let's try to find something that explains the presence of the men here."

One hour and a half later

Naruto and his group met Vergil's group outside the forest. Both groups had one men more and Vergil looked at the still unconscious commandant and he asked "A prisoner?" Naruto nodded and he said "The leader of the camp. We know why they were here for but he is proof. What about yours?" Vergil looked at the prisoner, who was gagged and he said "Our source of information." Gaara looked at the prisoner and he asked "But why is he gagged? He won't be able to say something like this." Vergil glared at the prisoner and he said "He was annoying. All the way he kept complaining about the death of his comrades and the pain he is in. It was either this or Reigar killing him." Naruto smirked and he said "Reigar killing someone? What a surprise!" Reigar crossed his arms and he said "My hands are clean…for now. It was Vergil who killed everyone." Naruto looked surprised at Vergil but Vergil spoke telepathically to Naruto: His comrades are just unconscious but he might lose hope if he thinks we killed them. Naruto nodded silently and he said "Let's take these two worthless people to the Raikage. He must be dying to meet them. The rest nodded while the conscious prisoner became pale. Everyone heard about the personality of the Raikage and his 'hospitality' for prisoners…


A hard cough was heard in the interrogation room. The commander from the Order of Light camp regained consciousness when the interrogator threw a bucket of cold water over his head. It only took a second for the commander to realize that he was captured. He found himself on a seat while his hands were tied on his back. He looked to his left and he saw someone he didn't know although the person was in the same situation he was in. The commander looked up when he heard a hard voice saying "It became time you woke up." The commander looked up and he saw a person he didn't want to see in this situation: The Raikage. He also saw other people and he certainly recognized the jinchuuriki. The commander growled and he said "You people were able to abduct me from my own camp." Naruto chuckled and he said "You shouldn't have been so generous with the booze." The Raikage went to the commander and he said "You are going to tell us why you people are hunting the jinchuuriki!" The commander glared at the Raikage and he said "You won't get anything out of me."

Naruto stepped forward and he said "Lord Raikage. We know the reason why they want to attack jinchuuriki. It's to sabotage the plans of the Akatsuki." The commander looked startled and Naruto continued "The information we would like is how much the Order knows about the Akatsuki." The commander growled and he said "You won't get anything out of me!" Naruto shook his head and he said "I wish you haven't said that." Naruto turned to the other man like nothing happened and he asked "And what about you? Why were you in the nearby area?" The other prisoner moved his head away and Naruto said "Wrong answer." Itachi suddenly held a blade and he drove it through the prisoner. The commander let out a scream of horror, realizing he might share the same fate. Naruto turned to the commander again and he said "Well…there is always information enough…enough information that would make you expandable. However, we would like to save time and trouble. So this is our deal; your life for your information. What does the Order know of the Akatsuki." The commander looked terrified while he was thinking but Naruto didn't give him too much time and he said "Itachi…" Itachi came closer to the commander but he suddenly cried out "Okay! Listen…I don't know much about the Akatsuki but I can lead you to someone who can!" Itachi stopped and Naruto said "Continue…" The commander nodded and he said "Deep in the northwest region of Earth country lives an old man…" The Raikage gave the commander a suspicious glare and he asked "You mean the old sage? You're full of it! He doesn't interfere with people!" The commander looked scared because if they didn't believe him he would be killed and he said "The Order tortured information out of him and they are keeping him prisoner in his own cave! I think that if you people free him he would be very grateful and reward you with information."

Naruto looked at Gaara and he said "What do you think Gaara?" Gaara closed his eyes and he said "He looks too scared to lie. It's worth a shot." Naruto looked at the commander and he asked "What about the Order? What can you tell us about them?" The commander shook his head and he said "I don't know anything. I don't even know the leaders. The give me orders by the means of contactpersons or letters. The only ones who know something about future plans are Crimson and Steel!" Naruto crossed his arms and he asked "Who is Steel?" The commander looked hopeful at Naruto and he said "The strongest fighter of the Order of course. He's been with the Order since the beginning and he is the right hand of the leaders. Crimson can tell you some things about the leaders, but Steel knows a lot more." Naruto nodded and he said "That wasn't so hard was it? Itachi…" Suddenly the commander felt dizzy but then his head cleared up and he saw the other prisoner, alive and well. The commander looked confused but then he remembered the abilities of the sharingan and he said "Damn! You fooled me!" Naruto laughed and he said "Indeed and it was easy, thanks to Itachi."

The Raikage leaned against the wall and he said "You might be young but it was a good idea using the Uchiha's genjutsu ability. The prisoners will be brought to the prison." Naruto nodded and he said "That would be for the best. We don't want that this person tells the Order that we know about the sage in the North." The Raikage nodded and he said "It seems the mission was a success so you people can return to Konoha." Naruto smirked and he said "Just a few of us. I hate to leave things for later so I am going to the North together with anyone who volunteers." Gaara nodded and he said "You can count me in." Yugito smirked and she said "How more people from the Order of Light I defeat, how better I will feel." Reigar closed his eyes and he said "I am curious about how much this sage knows. Perhaps we can get some additional information about some other things…and I have a lot of questions." Naruto laughed and he said "And questions are there to be answered. The rest can report to the Hokage the mission was a success." Itachi nodded and he said "We will…but let's rest It's late and we can all use a good night sleep." The Raikage glared at the rest and he said "We have prepared rooms for you. Samui can show you the way to your rooms." The rest thanked the Raikage and Samui left, followed by the rest.

Samui had shown everyone to their rooms except Naruto. When they arrived Samui said "Naruto…" Naruto looked silently at her and she continued "I'm sorry about my behavior earlier. I misjudged you and that was totally not cool." Naruto put his hand up and he said "It's all right. Just remember to never judge a book by it's cover because you never know what the content is until you read it. A good night." Samui nodded and she said "Good night…"

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