A Past To Be Revived

Chapter Six

It was the same uneventful day through school, exactly how it had been in her past life. Kimimo finished all her school work quickly enough, reading as she walked home. Toshiro was besides her, thinking as he stared at the page he'd been on for the past twenty minutes. "It's suspicious when you keep staring at the same page, Toshi," Kimimo commented, flipping through her own page.

"..." He closed the book, sighing. "I just have better things to do than spending my time doing absolutely nothing in the Human World."

"I'm pretty sure there have been Hollows here so there's no reason to keep worrying about it. We'll get to do something soon."

"Kimimo," Miyuki said, interrupting Kimimo, "Tell your captain you have to go to Urahara's shop."

"Forget it, Miyuki. I'm not in the mood to." Miyuki was silent.

They arrived at the house and Kimimo quickly went upstairs to drop off her bag of schoolwork. When she returned back downstairs, Toshiro was beginning to make dinner. "You can cook?" she wondered, snickering.

Toshiro simply frowned and continued with his cooking. Kimimo shook her head and continued reading her book. "Well, if you don't want to talk about your cooking, how about you tell me what's been on your mind. When we were walking, I know you were thinking about something other than what you told me."

He didn't answer for some time. "I... was just thinking about something that's not important."

"Hmm... well, if you ever need to talk, you can." He raised his eyebrows at her, surprised she was willing to allow it to end there.

"Here, this is dinner." A nice plate of Japanese food sat in front of Kimimo.

"Thanks," she nodded, then took the rice ball and began nibbling on it. Toshiro sat down opposite of her and began eating as well.

Kimimo excused herself early, standing up. "I want to go to bed early. I'm exhausted." Kimimo slipped out of her school outfit into a bathrobe and went to the bathroom to take a relaxing bath. Well, that had been the plan originally until she saw what was outside. A pool! Kimimo stared out the window for a moment and dashed back to her room. She easily found herself a swimsuit and sneakily passed Toshiro in the living room.

At least, she'd hoped she would be able to. "Kimimo, where are you going?" Toshiro called, not even glancing back at her. Kimimo didn't answer; she made a dash for the outside. Toshiro shook his head, but didn't go after her.

Kimimo threw her towel to the side and ran for the in-ground pool. She dived in, giggling as she resurfaced. Then she screamed. Toshiro sat in front of her, studying with narrowed eyes. "I thought you said you were getting a bath."

Kimimo pouted. "It's not like that exactly. You see, I was going to get a bath, but then I saw the pool. It looked so much fun to play in. You should join me."

"It doesn't look fun," he remarked, but before he could say anymore, Kimimo pulled him into the water. He came up sputtering and glared at Kimimo as he tried to regain his breathing.

"See, isn't this fun?" Kimimo giggled, splashing her captain with water.

"No, it's not," he frowned.

"Well, it's probably because you're in your clothes still. Go change."

"I'm leaving and going back to reading like I was before."

"No, you won't." Kimimo quickly grabbed hold of Toshiro before he could begin swimming away and held him there as he thrashed around. "Promise you won't leave!" Kimimo grumbled as Toshiro glared at her.

"Let me go and I might promise that."

"You have to promise me first, Toshiro," she said seriously. He hesitated.

"Fine, I won't," he huffed. Kimimo let go of Toshiro. Toshiro quickly got out of the pool, at least he tried to, but Kimimo got a hold of him. "I'm going to come back," he snapped. "I just need to change into some more appropriate clothes."

Kimimo hesitated. "I'll give you ten minutes." She let go of him and grinned stupidly as her captain disappeared. She leaned back in the water and stared up at the starry night, sighing softly as she began thinking.

At least she enjoyed herself until suddenly she was taken under the water. She struggled against her attacker, several bubbles going up to the surface as she lost her breath (although being a Shinigami, you'd think she wouldn't need to breath underwater). Finally, she pushed the attacker to the side and made her way up to the surface. However, when she looked around, the only person there was Toshiro, who was floating on the surface.

"You attacked me! Didn't you?" she accused, glaring at him.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," he said calmly. Kimimo glared at him some more.

"Fine, if you want to be that way…" She lunged at him, but suddenly she froze as she heard her pager go off. She quickly swam over to the edge and grabbed hold of her white touch screen.

"Wait, you got one of the new upgraded ones? Why did they give it to you?" Toshiro asked as he looked over her shoulder.

"First off, look at your own phone," Kimimo grumbled, glaring at him. "This is my phone because it's a test experiment to see if it'll electrocute me like it did several others who tried it out."

"Well, I hate to say this, but I left my phone upstairs," Toshiro sighed.

"Oh, that's so smart!"

"What does the phone say?"

"There are several hallows downtown. We should probably go and try to stop them."

"No, I think we should just sit back and wait for other Soul Reapers to come and do the job for us," Toshiro replied sarcastically.

"I agree!"

"Oh, come on, Kimimo," Toshiro snapped, getting out of the pool and running up to the house. Kimimo rolled her eyes, but followed.

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