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He sat on the bus seat greatly interested by the comic book in his hands, not caring that the ride was bumpy and on multiple occasions almost knocked it out of his hands. It would've been fine if it wasn't for the guy next to him that kept trying to climb over the seat and mess with one of the Italian brothers behind them without getting caught by the bus driver...again.

"Toniooooo! I can't read if you keep kicking me!" he whined.

"Huh?" the other boy looked over "The Adventures Of Spiderman?" he said as he read the title of the comic.

"Duh! I wanna know how it ends so stop kicking me!" the younger whined.

"Stupid asshole..." the now (temporarily) forgotten Italian mumbled.

"Ve~ Doitsuuuuu!" the younger Italian said as he leaned over his brother to the seats across from them "Do you think we'll have a cabin together?"

"I don't know...and please do not all me that..." Ludwig said and rested his head on the seat in front of him.

"Is my not awesome little bruder embarrassed by his boyfriend?" a certain older brother said with a mischievous grin growing on his face.

"Will you not bring up that my brother is now dating that potato bastard?" Lovino snapped in anger as he pushed his brother back to his side of the seat, wishing he had something to throw.

"Lovi! You're so cute! Even when you're all angry!" Antonio cooed as he tried to climb over the seat again.

"You're kicking me again!"

"They can be so funny Yao, da?" one of the upper classmen said from his seat.

"I wouldn't say funny aru..." the Chinese teen said from beside him as they watched the people occupying the back four seats of the bus. Though one wasn't as fun to watch because there was a teen asleep and the other was drawing something in anime style.

"Da they can be annoying." the taller of the two said.

"Brother!" they both heard the girl in front as she looked over the seat.

"AAH!" the taller screamed and pushed himself back against the seat and moved Yao in front of him.

"Ivan! What are you doing aru?" he yelled in fear of the younger sister.

"Brother don't hide!" she said and tried to move the teen in between them who let out a squeak.

"Blast it! Will you all just shut the bloody hell up!" one of the students sitting towards the middle of the bus snapped at the people in the back.

"You can be so high strung mon cheri. They're having a little fun." the person beside him said with a smirk.

"Don't call me that frog!" Arthur snapped and hit the other over the head with the thick book he was reading.

"Arthur! What did I tell you about hitting Francis!" the teacher snapped. Everything went silent and from the back he could hear 'Oooooooooooooooooooh, Artie's in trooooooubleeee!' and a snicker.

"Shut up Alfred!" he snapped at his cousin.

"Kirkland, answer me." the teacher said in a threatening tone.

"You said not to..." Arthur muttered

"Give your apology."


"No buts."

"I apologize frog..." Arthur mumbled.

"I forgive you." Francis said as he nursed his head but his smirk never left his face. Everything soon became a large jumble again as everyone started talking and messing around again.

The ride continued for what seemed like a lifetime for half and what didn't feel like long enough for everyone else.

All of the students trailed out of the bus to where they were lead the fire pit at the center of the camp. None noticed the group of councilors climb up onto the logs surrounding the area.

"HEY! LISTEN UP!" they yelled and all soon turned to the councilors.

One of the female councilors cleared he throat "Ok, we will show all of you around and to your cabins but first, we'll name off your groups and cabin numbers."

A different councilor pulled out a piece of paper and started to read off names "Cabin one will have Alfred Jones, Antonio Carriedo, Ivan Braginski, Ludwig Wellishmidt, Feliciano Vargas, and..." he trailed off trying to read the name.

"Just call me Sey." the girl said from the group as she dusted the dirt from her dress.

"We're in the same group! Ve~" Feliciano cheered and hugged the German.

A thick blush came onto Ludwig's face "Ja...we are."

"No! Why do I have to be stuck with with...that!" Alfred yelled as he pointed at Ivan "The hero does not share a cabin with a loser like him!"

"Are you sure the loser isn't you?" Ivan said with his child like grin.

"Can I have a cabin with Lovi?" Antonio asked causing said teen to start swearing at him also.

"Please hold all complai- comments until all groups have been announced." the councilor said.

"Cabin two, Yao Wang, Lovino Vargas, Matthew Williams, Francis Bonnefoy, and Arthur Kirkland." he said and there was more swearing.

"Cabin three, Kiku Honda, Heracles Karpusi, Sadik Adnan, Feliks Lukasiewics, Toris Laruinaitis, and Katyusha Braginskaya..." he said after a long struggle with names.

"Augh! Screw this! You all can sort yourselves! This is gonna be on the wall!" he said and jumped from the log. Before he even made it to the wall to post it there were teens mobbing him.

After a while of sorting (and much MUCH swearing) everyone was in their group and being lead to their respected cabins which happened to be quite far away from each other.

"I call a top bunk!" Alfred shouted as they entered cabin that was marked with a one. The blond scurried up the ladder on one of the bunk beds and laid back and pulled out his comic book again.

"Ve~ I want a top bunk too!" Feliciano said as he headed for a different bunk bed.

Ludwig grabbed the other by the collar "You're going to fall from the bed."

"No I won't!' Feliciano whined.

"Yes you will."

"No I won't..." the Italian said with his best puppy dog pout face. Ludwig did his best to resist the face but he never could. He always fell to the face.

"Fine..." Ludwig mumbled and the other squealed in delight.

"I'll be on top and you'll be on bottom!" the Italian said happily, causing all to become silent before Alfred broke into a laughing fit with Antonio and Sey started laughing also and Ivan started giggling.

"I didn't know that's how ya rolled!" Alfred yelled as he laughed.

Ludwig's face flushed to a bright red as they laughed and commented. Feliciano just smiled, being as oblivious of what's going on as usual.

"Just...just go pick your beds." Ludwig muttered and headed for one of the bunk beds, dragging a still on planet pasta Feliciano.

"I will take this bed, da?" Ivan said a put his bag on the last top bunk. Alfred glared across the room at him before returning to his comic book.

Antonio and Sey looked at the two empty beds that were left. The bed under Alfred's or the bed under Ivan's...neither liked the options.

"I'll take the bunk with Alfred." Sey said and walked over to the bed and sat down with her bag.

Antonio walked to the only other bed available and sat down and pulled a stuffed turtle stuffed animal from his bag and laid on his side.

Soon a councilor came into the room "Alright, is everything settled?"

"If you can get that outta the room, yep." Alfred said as he pointed across the room at Ivan, not once looking from his comic.

"Do you think I am happy with being in the same cabin as an idiot as yourself? Nyet." Ivan said with a child like smile.

"Freak..." Alfred muttered.

"Repeat that?" Ivan said, suddenly right at Alfred's bed with a metal pipe.

"Holy shit! You were just- what- wait but- how'd you even get that in the camp?" Alfred stammered out as he looked over and jumped.

Ivan just smiled and a dark aura started to appear around him "That doesn't matter, da?"

"It does too!" Alfred shouted "Yo councilor person! Do you not see this thing trying to beat the hero?"

The councilor just gave a chuckle "Teens and their games..." he mumbled to himself.

"This isn't a game!" the blond teen snapped "He will kill!"

"All of you follow me. Your first activity will be a scavenger hunt." the councilor said grinning.

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