Hello everybody! Okay, this is my first time writing fanfiction for the Hardy boys, and I would reall appreciate positive feedback and constructivecritisism.

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If I Were Like Frank...

I, Joe Hardy, detective extraordinaire, have a brother. His name is Mr. Sensible, or as he is more commonly known, Frank Hardy. My sidekick.

Now, please understand. I love Frank; he's one of the greatest guys I know. However, he seems to be under the impression that he's the leader of our duo. I don't know where he got that idea ( delusional, maybe?), but he has it.

And, since he's got that absurd idea, he seems to always approach problems calmly; which makes me look, well, impulsive! And I am totally not; impulsive, I mean. Seriously, I think things through, just after I've already done it ( whatever it is). After all, hindsight is twenty-twenty.

The worst part, however, is that Frank's being the levelheaded one has left me thinking...about what I would do...if I were like him.

If I were like Frank, I would totally be the sensible one!

" Joe, quick! Let's tail that guy!" Frank said, pointing to the man who had just crossed the street, clutching a suspicious looking package to his chest.

" Frank, we don't even know if he's in with the thieves! He could just be conducting a business deal!" I replied.

Frank stared after the guy. " Monkey business, I'll bet!"

A woman suddenly cried out, "Stop, thief! Help!"

Without hesitation, Frank leaped off the curb and dashed across the street; luckily, traffic was very low.

I followed, of course. The strange man had quickened his steps, and he turned to glance over his shoulder. Seeing Frank charging after him, the man let out a yelp and took off running. Frank was right at the guy's heels as they both turned down a dingy alley.

Bursting onto the scene, I saw that Frank had already tackeled the guy and was wrestling with him to get the allegedly stolen package!

I was about to leap to my brothers aid when a second man emerged from the shadows. I shifted into a judo stance.

The man came toward me. He was tall, with broad shoulders and red hair. He also had a mustache. The way he walked seemed very familiar.

" Joseph Hardy, would you like to explain what exactly you and your brother are doing?" he asked.

I was totally shocked. Immediately abandoning my judo posture, I tried to explain the past fifteen minutes to my father before I died of embarrassment.

At the sound of Dad's voice, Frank had stopped rolling around with the guy and had hauled the poor man up to his feet.

" Dad!" he began. " Look! We saw this guy carrying a package, and we figured he stole it..."

" You figured he stole it." I interrupted.

" And we tried to get it back... here it is." Frank held up the parcel that he wrenched from the scared, nervous-looking man.

" Mr. Hardy," the man said, " I was bringing the papers to you; when this guy jumped me!"

The smile vanished from Frank's face. He realized the same thing I had when I first saw Dad. The man was one of our dad's informers!

" Son," Dad said to me, " take you brother home. Now."

Later, as Frank and I drove home, I had to seriously fight the urge to shout ' I told you so!' I figured Frank was already horrified at his HUGE mistake, there was no need to torment him more.

Yeah, life would be something like that.