Okay, third chapter, ready to go! Enjoy.

If I Were Like Frank

Hello there! My name's Chet Morton. Are you new to Bayport? Yes? Well, let me tell you a few things about our fair city.

First thing you need to know is where to get help if something bad, or should I say... mysterious, happens. Call the Hardy boys. 'Who are they,' you ask? They're only the sons of ace detective Fenton Hardy, that's who they are. In fact, they are a couple of aces themselves.

They happen to be friends of mine, so I can testify to their smarts when in comes to cracking a case. How well do we know each other, huh? Well enough for me to get dragged into... I-I mean, well enough for me to assist them in their work.

Do I like helping them out? Well, I'm not too fond of dangerous situations; but there have been times when I've provided them with valuable clues. I remember one time, when I was in one heck of a mess; and I had picked up on a clue.

That situation tested my mental ability to the utmost. I kept asking myself what I would do if I were Frank; he's the oldest Hardy brother...

Okay, Chet. Be calm and think. Two thugs just followed you from the movies and cornered you in an alley, now what?

Good question. What's the answer?

" Alright, fatso," the slightly less thuggish of the two thugs said, " we've got a little message for the Hardy boys, and you're gonna deliver."

Shaking, Chet forced himself to answer. " Oh, that's not too bad. Just give me the message and I'll be on my merry way!"

Like it would really be that simple!

The other thug snorted. " It's not gonna be so easy, boy. The Hardys have started a dangerous game by messing with us, and we play for high stakes or no stakes at all. They need to know that."

Chet, you can't fight your way out, not with these two. Chet thought back to something Frank had said way back in fifth grade.

" We'll have to think our way out, you guys." Yeah, Frank was right.

Chet thought through his situation just like Frank would have. Get as close to the mouth of the alley as possible, then bolt!

One of the thugs pulled a pistol. Bolting did not seem like a good idea anymore.

" Now, we're just gonna rough you up a bit, keep you with us for a while, then set you loose. That's our message to the Hiccup brothers. No need for a return address; they'll know who it's from."

The guy with the gun moved in on Chet. " You don't scream; I don't shoot. Get it?"

Chet gulped down his fear as a plan formed in his head. " Got it."

" Good. See, you won't mind spending a few hours with us." The big guy swang his arm at Chet. The blow would have knocked Chet semi-unconscious.

It would have, but Chet's plan stood in the way. Dodging the punch, Chet grasped the guy's gun arm and bore down, hard.

An involuntary screech of pain ripped from the man's throat as Chet planted most of his ample weight on the arm. The gun fell and Chet kicked it into a far corner of the alley. It landed among some trash. The other thug, falling into Chet's trap, went after it.

Giving the guy in his grasp a solid smack to the jaw and releasing the now limp arm, Chet made a mad dash for the mouth of the alley. His car was across the street, in front of an ice cream parlor. Although his stomach growled at the thought of creamy concoctions, Chet went straight for his car.

Of, course, when he heard the first shot ring out from behind him, he dropped to the ground and rolled every which way. Until he had rolled to the driver's side of his jalopy.

Yes! He pulled himself into the drivers seat, gunned the motor, and tore off down the avenue.

" I've got to warn Frank and Joe!" he thought. " And I should thank Frank. If I hadn't been my hanging hanging out with him for all these years and knowing his mind set; I would be... I would be..."

Just the thought of what could have happened made Chet slam on the brakes for a second. It also made him crave the comfort of his mom's double chocolate chunk cookies.

And that's what happened. I told Frank and Joe, and they ended up breaking the whole crime ring wide open. And that led them into another case, but that's a different story.