A/N1: Written because how can they make an episode like "Black Hole" and create a House and Wilson scene like the one with the organ and expect anything other than long, fluffy goodness? Also, this is the first multi-chapter Hilson romance I've ever written, so be patient with me. Slash. Don't like, don't read.

A/N2: Oh, Huddy. How cheerfully I am going to rip you to shreds. No guilt, because we all do what we gotta do.

A/N3: When I went to France many years ago we flew to Texas for our layover, which is where I got the idea for the end of this chapter. It really does happen.

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The Courtship of Gregory House

Greg House never pretended to be a morning person. Normally he left his cell phone turned off Saturday nights so that he could fully sleep in on Sundays. He was finally-finally!- with the woman of his dreams and he wanted the feel of her body against his to last as long as possible. So it was to his deep annoyance that the very loud ringtone of Dancing Queen interrupted his weekend routine.

Cuddy stirred. "What…?"

"Cell phone," he explained. He leaned over her, fishing into the pockets of his pants lying on the floor to retrieve the offending device. "Wilson, it's too early," was his grumbling greeting. He glanced over at the clock and frowned. 7:45. "Way too early," he amended.

"Get up," his friend nearly shouted. "We have a plane to catch."

"A plane," House repeated, fighting the residue of sleep still clouding his thoughts. He glanced at his girlfriend who was remaining suspiciously still. "Cuddy." He poked her in the stomach and was rewarded with a guilty grin spreading across her face. She took his phone and spoke into it.

"Head on over," she instructed the oncologist. "By the time you get here he'll be ready." With that, she flipped the phone shut and returned her attention back to the man who shared his bed with her.

"What's going on," House asked her. She made to slide off the bed but he caught her waist and pulled her back to him. He pinned her under him and kissed her deeply. "I asked you a question."

She grinned and slipped her arms around his waist. "As much as I love morning sex, what is going on is that you are going to Rome for a week with your best friend." She gently pushed him off her, and with a groan he rolled over onto his back. She rose and crossed the room to his closet, and pulled out a packed, oversized suitcase.

"Why are you under that seriously mistaken impression," he questioned. He didn't move his eyes from her as she slipped on a robe and started moving around the bedroom at top speed. It was one of the things that he liked about this relationship. The way Cuddy handled a predicament-going into overdrive, mother-hen mode. She walked into the kitchen and he heard the sounds of her making coffee.

"His cousin is getting married," she called down the hall. "He's in the wedding, and with the breakup with Sam, he needs a friend right now, so you are going with him to Italy." A couple of minutes later she appeared once more in the doorway with coffee in her hand. She offered it, just outside his arms length, so that he had to move from the bed to retrieve it.

Damn vixen.

With a heavy sigh he pulled himself upright, then stood, taking the cup. "What Wilson needs right now is a service a best friend cannot provide," he argued, nevertheless grabbing his jeans from the night before and yanking them on one-handed. "You were in on this?"

Cuddy smirked. "As Wilson pointed out, it's been our experience that the best way to get you to agree to go somewhere you don't want to go is to take the decision out of your hands."

"The two of you know me well. Of course I'll have to check with my boss."

"She says it's fine." She drew close to him and their lips found each other. Kissing Cuddy was a torrid affair, and just as House was wondering if he could meet Wilson at the airport a sharp knock at the front door interrupted their moment.

"It's for the best," Cuddy laughed off House's look.

House rolled his eyes and picked up his cane. "If you say so." He grabbed his suitcase and answered the door.

Wilson stood in front of him, a person-sized bundle of nerves. "Breakfast," he offered, shaking a bag of Dunkin Doughnuts.

"You should probably eat in the car," Cuddy suggested, leaving the two men alone for a moment. When she returned, she had a very tired little girl in her arms. "Give Rachel a kiss."

House frowned inwardly. Rachel was cute, yes, there was really no denying it. She was what one might consider a good fit for the House/Cuddy relationship. Well-mannered, a touch OCD about dirt and decidedly un-whiney for a kid. But House had never wanted to be a father, his girlfriend had known that from the beginning-from their very first kiss on that fateful spring night. Keeping any eye-rolling in check, he deposited a kiss on the child's head, then turned to her mother.

"I'll see you in a week," he told her, meeting her eyes with his own. God she was beautiful. She leaned in and softly pressed her lips against his.

"Hurry back."

And with that, the two men exited the apartment.

"You better love this cousin a whole lot," House muttered. Then he cocked his head to the side, hit by sudden déjà vu.

"I appreciate you coming," Wilson said as they got into his black Mercedes. His friend's penchant to keep up with the Joneses may annoy him 85% of the time but his taste in automobiles made up for that.

"Yeah well," was the most non-insulting response he could come up with. The drive to the airport was long, but made bearable by the presence of chocolate glazed doughnuts.

"So, what's your cousin's name," House asked as he stuffed the last doughnut into his mouth.


"And the groom?"

The hesitant beat made House glance at his friend. "Um, are you kidnapping me to be your sex slave?"

"You should be so lucky. No, it's just that there's not a groom-just another bride. Whose name is Danielle."

House's eyebrows met his hairline. "This is a… lesbian wedding? If you'd lead with that you wouldn't have had to trick me into this."

Wilson smirked. "It was more fun this way."

Thirty minutes later the pair sat in the pane headed, inexplicably, for Texas.

"Remind me why we're going south first, again," House questioned to pass the time.

Wilson pulled out a puzzle book and flipped to the Cryptograms. "If I say 'it was cheaper this way' are you going to berate me for caring more about finances than my family and friend?"

"Most likely."

"Then I have no idea."