Future So Bright

This is a crossover of all the ABC soaps. It is set 20 years in the future – begins New Years 2022. Main characters are kids from Port Charles, Pine Valley and Llanview, all grown up. Listed below are the actors and actresses I have "cast" in the roles. If you would like to see photos of them, refer to the Pictures section on my new website:


General Hospital/Port Charles:

Maxie Jones - Helen Hunt

Lucas Jones – Charlie Sheen

Georgie Jones – Cameron Diaz

Serena Baldwin – Reese Witherspoon

Mic Corinthos – Hugh Jackman

CC (Christina) Collins – Julia Roberts

Brook Ashton – Courtney Cox

Lu Spencer – Debra Messing

Jadzia Cassadine – Aaliyah (Nikolas and Gia's child, born in 2002)

Jet Jacks – Jet Li (Jax and Skye adopt a 5 yr old Chinese boy in 2002)

All My Children:

Lorenzo Santos – Dean Cain

Colby Chandler – Gwyneth Paltrow

Jamie "James" Martin - Colin Firth

Sam Grey – Ewan MacGregor

Maddie Grey – Jill Hennessy

Pete Cortlandt – Brendan Fraser

One Life To Live:

Starr Manning – Jennifer Garner

Matt Rappaport – Keanu Reeves

River Carpenter – Rupert Everett

Jack Manning – Heath Ledger