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Anyway, this is a deviation from canon and starts at the aftermath of the fight with Pein, where the Council is choosing the next Hokage. It's not a stretch to say that the first premise of this fic I got from "A Kage's Duty" but since that hasn't been updated in forever-ness, I think I can get away with that first plot borrowing. Aside from the first seeds of the story, it's all me.

This story also revolves around a large theory that I have come up with regarding Naruto and his heritage, so there will be a Naruto with a bloodline… You might be surprised at how I make this work… Heheheheh.

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Naruto: Savior's Ascension

Chapter One

Konoha Village Council Room (interim)

"It seems that there is need of another Hokage, since Tsunade-hime is comatose at this present time. Any suggestions?" The wrinkled old Fire Daimyo states/asks. "It's a pity that Jiraiya is dead… I liked him."

A few of the civilian members murmured among themselves, and the shinobi section did likewise. Finally, Danzo stood up and clacked his cane on the ground.

"Yes Danzo?"

"I would like to take the position." Danzo announced. "It was Hiruzen Sarutobi's idealistic policies that allowed this destruction to occur, and I'm not naïve as he was to believe that things irrelevant to being a shinobi such as love could defend a village like this."

"I see."

"And not only was the Yondaime a student of one of Sarutobi's own students, he is dead as well, along with the teacher himself." Danzo explains, walking the length of the table. "And just recently, the Godaime had been disabled. You see where this pattern is going? I will break the cycle that has been created by the Sandaime and make Konoha greater than it ever has been!"

"You make an excellent argument Danzo, but I would like to see if the shinobi side of the shinobi village has any suggestions." The Fire Lord stated. "I'm curious about the Uzumaki boy though, since they are related to the Senju, if I'm remembering correctly…"

Murmurs started breaking out through the civilian side, and Danzo sneered with his visible eye.

"Tsunade-hime is a Senju, and look at what that resulted in." Danzo pointed out. "If anything, that should be an argument against Uzumaki even being considered. I have no personal grudge against the boy or what he holds, but he is not mature or intelligent enough to run this village."

"Troublesome… Isn't the Hokage supposed to be the strongest shinobi in the village…?" Shikaku asked. "Which makes me wonder where you were during the attack… Isn't the Hokage supposed to protect the village with his or her life…? You weren't out there fighting with the rest of us, so I can guarantee you do not have our vote, Danzo."

"Hmph. Well how about that woman Uzumaki has following him…? She was a member of Akatsuki, in case you haven't forgotten…"

"Konan? She served only Pein, and since he left Naruto to complete his task of bringing peace to the world, she pledged herself to him." Kakashi said, just walking in on a crutch. "Inoichi already interrogated her, and will be inducted into Konoha's forces."

"And who exactly gave you the authority to do that?" Danzo snapped.

"We all agreed on it." Hiashi stated. "She will be an invaluable addition to our forces, and since her loyalty lies with Naruto-sama, we will have no problems with her since he will never betray the village."

"Naruto-sama…?" The Fire Daimyo repeated curiously. "He must be quite highly regarded if the Hyuuga leader refers to someone like that."

"He is currently the strongest shinobi in Konoha, and one of the strongest in the world. He defeated Pein where the whole village could not. To not pay the proper respect would be an insult." Hiashi explained. "And haven't you heard, Danzo…? He is much more mature than you give him credit. Besides, he would have an assistant, like all the Hokages that came before."

"Then who could possibly be spared to do that task that is a shinobi?" Danzo was getting furious, but outwardly kept his face steeled and neutral.

"How about Kurenai-chan?" Koharu suggested. "She is unable to be an active Kunoichi since she's pregnant, and I'm sure she'll enjoy serving the village that way, since she hates being treated like an invalid."

"Then it's settled!" The Fire Daimyo announced, clapping his hands together once. "Naruto Uzumaki will be named the Rokudaime Hokage!"

The council clapped and nodded to each other, confident that the blonde teen will do just fine. Meanwhile, Danzou had left with one thought.

"This isn't over yet…"


Sorry it's so short, but it's a prologue. Read and Review, folks!