Chapter 1 - ZE9 Thingy

Tired indigo blue eyes stared out the back window of the Lincoln Navigator. She wrapped the red sweat tighter around her as she could see her reflection in the window. The windows in the back were limo tinted so no one could see inside, but she could look out and the sun wouldn't both her eyes. They'd been sensitive since she'd been sick. Her jean covered legs were swept up in the seat as she was leaning against 3 pillows against the door.

Her cell phone vibrated against her leg as she reached over and grabbed a bottle of water and took her medication. She was listening to her MP3 player. She could see her brother bobbing his head in the front seat to some weird music he was listening to no doubt. He was younger, but because she'd been sick he was three times bigger than her. She never noticed how big he'd gotten, until a few days before they left Napa, California for La Push, Washington.



Brady cracked a smile he knew his sister couldn't hear their father over her music. Brady's hand snuck back and gripped his sister's knee which made her jump and squeal out, as he and their father chuckled knowing it was one of her many ticklish spots. Antonia paused her MP3 player as she pulled the ear buds out and pushed Brady's head forward, "Brat!" Brady chuckled harder as he grinned like the cat that ate the canary.

Their dad glanced back at her, "Antonia, I've been calling you're name for a few minutes, if you'd come up for air every once in a while from your ZE9 thingy, I wouldn't have to resort to paying your brother to get your attention." Toni and Brady laughed hard together as, Toni tried to get her giggled under control, "Dad, it's called an M-P-3...MP3 Player...And sorry sometimes the music is all I want to hear, cause I sure don't want to hear anything Brady might be listening to...No offense B." Brady smirked, "Non taken. As long as I don't have to hear that bullshit you listen to...No offense." Toni giggled, "Non taken."

Adam scolded his son for cussing, "Brady Michael Barlow! When did you start using such foul language?" Toni gave her dad a 'Duh' look, "When he turned 12. Where you been pop?" Adam cringed at that nick name, "Pop...I give ya something to pop about." Toni leaned between the front seats as she leaned her head against her dad's shoulder as she batted her eyelashes, "You wouldn't really would you daddy?"

Adam knew his own flesh and blood was setting him up and he fell right into it. Calling him daddy still did it for him, He brushed his lips against her forehead, "Of course not baby girl." Brady scoffed, "Ain't that some bullsh-h-...::cough cough::" Brady didn't finish the thought as his dad shot a glare at him. Toni lightly smacked her little brother in the shoulder with the back of her hand, "Dude! I told you if you're going to cuss do NOT do it around dad. Geez did you not learn ANYTHING from me?"

Toni rubbed the back of her hand that she had hit her brother with as she poked around on his shoulder, "Geez B have you been sneaking some concrete snakes or eating rocks again? You're shoulder hurt my hand man! You do know steroid's are bad for you right?" Brandy grumbled, "I wouldn't dare do drugs, dad and you would kill me. Not to mention that sh...crap severely shrinks your..." Brady looked down to the crotch of his jeans and looked back at Toni and their dad and noticed they were both looking at him just waiting for him to finish that statement, Brady's eyebrow's went up, "Yea...Ya know."

Brady grabbed Antonia's hand and gently rubbed the back of her hand as she laughed. He knew her bones, skin hell everything was more sensitive, so the smack she gave him hurt her more than it did him. He loved his sister like no one did their sister, she always took care of him and stuck up for him. He was 16 now and was bigger than her and knew it was his turn to protect her from any and everything...At least until she wasn't sick anymore.

Adam cleared his throat looking at his eldest, "Did you take your meds Toni?" Antonia scowled, "Really dad? I'm almost 21, I would think that you would know I'm more responsible than that. Of course I took them, my alarm is set on my handy dandy new paper weight since we're moving to the boonies and I won't have cell phone coverage anymore." Adam chuckled, "La Push is not the boonies and I already called the cell phone company and they said you should still have full coverage there."

Antonia quirked an eyebrow at her dad as she looked down at her phone, "Really? Because according to my paper weight, I have zero bars." Brady chuckled, "Give it here, Let's see how it likes the exhilaration of flying...Out my window." Adam chuckled again, "Okay you two...I realize we've been in this vehicle for the last 48 hours, but you can handle another 25 minutes, we just went through Forks, La Push is next. According to your Aunt Sue she let the movers in and her, Seth and Leah have been unpacking and setting up the beds and making them so we would feel welcome and cozy in our new home. So let's also make sure we thank them."

Antonia smiled softly, "I can't wait to see Aunt Sue. How's she been since Uncle Harry died?" Adam nodded, "She's been doing okay. My sister is pretty stubborn about not showing emotions, I think that's where you get your feisty side baby girl." Toni smiled, "I feel honored to get something from Aunt Sue. She always was my favorite Aunt."

La Push Washington, was an Quileute Indian reservation, and their father's home where he was born and raised. He had met their mother there and they'd married and moved to Napa, California because her parents had left them a winery. As it was they hadn't heard from their mother in five months.

As promised 25 minutes later, they pulled into the driveway of a two-story home. Antonia loved it right away. It was nice and it was definitely homey. As she slid out the back door of the navigator she watched as Aunt Sue, Leah and Seth walked out of the house greeting them with smiles and warm hugs.

So this was home.