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Chapter 10 - Beautiful Ending

Everything replayed in Paul's head. They had gotten married, because Paul refused to let her believe she was dying alone. He was making sure she was tied to him in every way. She needed someone to wait for on the other side. During the first 3 months of their marriage, Paul had watched Antonia's life and body as it deteriorated because the cancer started spreading. Around the time they passed their six month mark for being happily married, The doctor finally had to check her into the hospital for 24/7 care.

Paul never left her side. Sam was fully understanding about it making sure he doubled up on patrols and making sure someone was covering Paul's patrols. Everyone in the pack understood. Then it happened the doctor came in and said they'd found a match for her bone marrow.

In the most unlikely candidate. Gracie.

Gracie was Antonia and Paul's Goddaughter.

She just also happened to be Kim and Jared's two month old daughter.

Paul remembered watching as Antonia cried when she'd found out Kim and Jared had her checked to see if her bone marrow was a match, Kim walked over and wrapped her arms around Toni, "She's your God daughter and you're Paul's soul mate, when she gets older she's going to love the fact that she could help save her aunt for her uncle. Antonia you're part of the pack, we help take care of each other. You've been like the sister I never had in my life." Jared nodded as he held a happy smiling Gracie, "You are family Toni. I've never seen Paul fight as much as he has for you and yet still be tame enough to take care of you. If the transplant works, we all would be happier. Especially Paul. I don't know what he would do without you in his life."

Paul looked at Jared as he silently thanked his best friends and pack brother with a curt nod. Jared walked over as he placed Gracie in Antonia's lap as she gently kissed the top of the baby's head and she gripped her thinning black hair in her tiny hands and kicked her little feet as she smiled up at Toni bright eyed with love. Paul's warm hand touched her forearm, "Try not to get snot on the baby." Antonia couldn't help but laugh, "Jerk." As she sniffled and took the tissue Paul held out for her. Paul leaned down and kissed her lips, "Silver lining we've been looking for." Toni smiled through her teary eyes, "Agreed."

Paul remembered the day they did the bone marrow transplant, he sat next to Antonia in head to toe blue scrubs as he held her hand, placing kisses all over it, trying to make sure she was calm. He didn't want her getting too worked up. They inserted the IV into her chemo port and started the whole process.

Usually 10-28 days later the white blood cell count will rise if the bone marrow was accepted into the body, for some reason at day 15 Antonia's body was rejecting it. She had been coughing up blood. and it was killing Paul. He was continuing to watch as she was getting worse instead of better. Clearly the transplant wasn't working.

Paul sat by her bedside with her hand in his, as he closed his eyes and felt her fingers running through his hair softly. He laid his head on her stomach as she continued running her fingers through his hair, "I love you." "I love you too...I always will." Paul looked up at her as he blinked and tears started rolling down his cheeks, "Please don't give up Toni...Please. I'll be lost without you." Antonia smiled softly as she cupped his cheek, "You're never going to be lost without me Paul. I'll always be here."

Paul started shaking when she closed her eyes and suddenly the heart machine flat lined.

Sam, Jared and Jake had to go in and physically remove Paul as the doctor's rushed into the room swarming Antonia's bed side. The worked on her for 30 minutes. In the end they did the best they could.

That was four years ago.


"Has anyone heard anything yet?"

"No. The doctor seems to be taking his sweet ass time."

"How's Paul been doing?"

"He's been pretty quiet the whole time."

"Not that we blame him. I imagine this place is a nightmare for him."

"It would be for anyone who went through what he did."

Paul's chest felt tight. He felt like he kept losing her over and over every time he came here. He hated this hospital. It held too many bad memories.



Paul was pulled from his thoughts. He looked up at the nurse, "Yes?"

"Will you follow me please?" Paul nodded as he got up and followed the nurse.

Paul turned the corner as he watched the nurse push the door open. Tired eyes looked back at him. Paul couldn't stop the smile as he looked at her. He looked lower and the squirming blue blanket in her arms, indicated everything had worked out perfectly.

"Paul come meet your son."

Paul walked over as he quickly shed the blue scrubs he'd been wearing when the doctor's kicked him out of the delivery room. She'd gone into labor but there had been complications and the doctor had to perform an emergency c-section. Paul had been beside himself as he sat in the waiting room. The last time he'd sat there he watched as they worked to bring his wife back to him.

Paul looked down at Antonia. It had worked too. Apparently her port had a clog and the bone marrow hadn't gotten to her properly. Once they fixed the problem she immediately started showing signs of the cancer being in remission. Permanently.

Paul looked down and their son had a full head of black hair and when his eyes slowly opened, Paul could see the deep blue eyes staring back at him, clearly he'd inherited those from his beautiful momma. Paul could feel his chest expanding. He didn't think he could be any happier when they'd brought his wife back to him, but he was wrong because she had given him a son. A beautiful son that the two of them had created together. It had been four long years, but Antonia's cancer never came back, and the doctors said it was a good chance that it never would.

Paul watched as she moved over in the bed and looked at the spot next to her, as he chuckled and took the hint to sit down, he wrapped his arms around her and suddenly his life felt complete and full of love. He honestly couldn't wait to have more beautiful children with her. It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

Beautiful ending? Nope. It was just the beginning.

The End.