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Three Years Later

Harry sat on the steps of the back porch of his parents' old house with his wife, Hermione. They watched their little girl, Lily play in the fallen leaves of autumn. Harry thought she looked just like her mother, except those eyes. She had her Daddy's eyes. His eyes. It was a chilly October day and they were dressed in their coats and sweaters. Hermione leaned against Harry and he put his arms around her. Lily threw a handful of leaves up into the air, expecting them to do something, but they just came back down, disappointing her.

"Watch," Harry whispered in his wife's ear. He pulled out his wand and hid it well from his daughter. He then charmed the leaves to float in the air and circle around his daughter. Forming their own dance around the small child. Lily began to laugh and try to catch one. But it slipped past her. Lily thought she had never laughed so hard in her life. She was having the best time of her life.

Both Harry and Hermione laughed along with her. Happy to see, happy. The leaves fell to the ground. And so did Lily. "Oof! Whoa!" Her head felt like it was spinning. She made to get up, but her mother stopped her. "Wait, Lily, don't get up! You'll hurt yourself! Hold on, I'm coming to get you!" Hermione untangled herself from her husband's arms and rushed to her daughter. "Mummy!" she exclaimed as she was very dizzy and slightly scared as she was seeing multiples of everything. Hermione hurriedly scooped up her distressed child and brought her back to the porch steps and sat down next to her husband again and sat Lily on her lap.

"World won't stop moving," the child said yet grinning like mad. Her eyes went along with what she saw.

"It'll stop in a moment. Don't worry," Harry reassured her.

The three-year-old sighed once she did not feel dizzy anymore. She leaned back against her mother's chest. Harry smiled at his family. He couldn't ask for a better one. He didn't want another one.

Lily smiled up at her Daddy's dreamy smile. "You okay, Daddy?"

"Yeah, never better, princess." Lily loved her Daddy's pet name for her.

Harry looked at his wife. The mother of his child. His best friend. She was so beautiful. Her bushy, brown hair was no more. Her hair had goldened in the sun. She was no longer in classrooms. She was outside. Active. Gardening. Playing with her daughter. Eventually the sun turn her hair to a golden brown and it fell a few inches past her shoulders to her breasts. The both of them looked different now than they did three years ago. However, the love they had for each other was still the same. Still there. Harry watched as she ran her hands through their daughter's dark strawberry blonde locks.

Hermione's gaze shifted from her daughter's hair to her husband who looked almost lustful. She smiled and leaned forward catching his lips with hers. Lily turned around as she felt her Mummy's hands leave her hair. She giggled as she saw her parents kissing. "Kissy-kissy," she teased giggling like mad.

Harry and Hermione broke apart blushing. The former grabbed his child in his arms and tickled her mercilessly. "No! Daddy! Stop! That tickles!"

"It's supposed to tickle!" he said back.

Eventually, he stopped so that she could breathe again. Suddenly, they heard a rustling of leaves. The two parents looked and saw the leaves from the leaf pile Lily had been in were now floating in circles, like Harry had been doing. Hermione looked at Harry confusedly.

"It's not me," he said.

"Me neither," Hermione replied.

They looked down at Lily, who was smiling at them, unaware of what was going on. Lily was doing it. Accidental magic. She was so happy and excited, leaves went in circles. The two smiled at her and eventually, the leaves fell back to the ground.

That night, Jacob and Charlotte Granger came to dinner at the Potter household. Harry was cooking lasagna and green beans, with garlic bread. The doorbell rang at six that night. Lily ran to the door. "I get it!" she called out. She reached on her tip-toes and unlocked the door and then twisted the knob to open it. The Grangers were expecting someone taller to open the door so they had to take a moment before they looked down at their granddaughter. "Grandma! Grandpa!" she squealed and hugged them around the legs. They hugged her back.

"Hey, Lily!" they chanted at the same time.

A soft click of heels was heard as Hermione came up behind her daughter and kissed and hugged her parents "hello". They did this once a month. The Grangers would either go to the Potter house or the Potters would go to the Granger house and they would eat dinner together.

The Grangers were dentists and therefore were against bringing their grandchild candy. However, just because they were against it did not mean they didn't do it. But it was not a full bag of candy. It was maybe one or two fun-sized bags of M&M's or a tiny chocolate bar. Tonight, it was a small bag of sour gummy worms. "Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!" Lily squealed at it, but she knew she was not supposed to eat it before dinner. So she turned to her mother and gave it to her. "Here, Mummy, please put it somewhere so it won't temp' me." All three adults laughed.

Like every time, Charlotte Granger whispered into her daughter's ear, "Please don't tell the other dentists."

Hermione nodded and replied, "My lips are sealed, Mum."

"Dinner's ready!" Harry called from the kitchen and they all went into the dining room. Harry brought out a steaming, hot pan of lasagna and set it on the table. Charlotte walked over to him and kissed his cheek. "Hey, Mrs. Granger, how are you?"

"Ugh," she scoffed. "Harry, you've been married to my daughter for three years. You're the father of my granddaughter. Don't you think you should call me 'Charlotte' by now?"

Harry blushed. "Yes, ma'am." He shook Jacob's hand. "Hello, sir."

"Hello, Harry."

"Alright, serve yourselves," he told them.

Hermione put Lily in her booster seat and put a little of each food on her small plate. "Wait a minute, sweetie, it's hot," she said before she sat down in her spot next to her daughter and her husband. Her mother was sitting opposite her and her father was at the other head of the table, across from Harry.

"Lily, elbows off the table," Hermione reminded her daughter, who immediately took them off. "Sorry, Mummy."

Charlotte smiled at the obedient child. She remembered when Hermione was her age and it was a nightmare trying to get her elbows off the table. Dinner was a silent affair, like it always was. All of the congregating was done after in the living room. When they were finished, Hermione took all of the plates and put them in the sink and began to clean them. Lily got to have her chocolate bar. So, she sat on her Daddy's lap and ate it.

When the dishes were done, they all went into the living room to talk.

Hermione and Harry sat on the loveseat, while the Grangers sat on the other couch. Lily came up to her mother and crawled into her lap. Hermione put her arms around her daughter's waist and held her tight.

Before anyone said anything, Hermione put her lips to her little girl's ear and whispered for her to hear, but for the others to hear as well, "Lily, how would you like to be a big sister?"

Lily gasped and turned around to look at her mother. "What?"

Hermione smiled, as if she had a big secret. She looked at her parents, whose jaws were dropped. And then, she looked at Harry, who eyes had widened and a grin began to form on his face, lighting up his eyes.


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