Travis had never really gotten many things of his own during his life.

He was practically a twin meaning he had to share pretty much everything.

From toys, to food, to girls (which, oh yes, Conner and Travis had indeed done). Travis always seemed to be sharing.

But when Katie finally fell into his grasp, she was all his, and he sure as hell wasn't planning on sharing her. Even if they said please.

From her hair, to her eyes, to her lips. They were all his and his only.

She was the best thing that had ever been his.

So according to Google, a drabble is exactly 100 words. And according to Microsoft Word, this is exactly 100 words. So yeah. I felt bad about the sucky chapter of 'Easy' I put up and felt like I needed to do something to make you guys like me again. You're probably saying that updating would make you feel better. Yeah, well, I'm working on it. And I promise that it'll be better than S. I promise. So I don't own PJO or Mine by Taylor Swift.

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