13 Drabbles of Friendship and Love (Gojyo & Hakkai)

Disclaimer: Minekura-sensei owns Gojyo, Hakkai, and everything else Saiyuki.

Author's Note: These are my first attempts at writing drabbles, so constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged. And, for newbies who might not know what a drabble is (I was one, too, once.), it's a story of exactly 100 words.

Title: The Day Before Trash Day

Hakkai had noticed them this morning when he opened the window to let in the breeze. He had peeked at them frequently during the day. He'd shielded them with his body, claiming he was weeding, when Gojyo left for the bar. Now, Hakkai stroked the soft petals, watching them slowly shift from red to black with the setting sun. He leaned in to better smell this unknown flower's unique perfume. He inhaled deeply once more, trying to memorize the scent. Then, Hakkai began digging, not stopping until he'd dug up every last root. Finally, he dumped them in the trash.