Hello people who are reading this. This is an outtake from my crossover 'Resistance'. I took it out because its pretty violent and very dark. I would tell you to read Resistance if you watch NCIS, but if not than all you have to know is that the girl in this is a OC of mine who can kill and bring people back from death with a touch. In this she takes revenge on Danko for killing her sister, and everyone else.


One simple word carried every emotion she had ever felt, bundled up tightly and thrown fiercely at him, standing there, like he had the right to take up space, when she knew that gravity shouldn't even work on him, it shouldn't even try. Just let him float up, up, into the atmosphere, until the air was too thin to breathe, where he would slowly suffocate to death.

But gravity wouldn't stop working on him, because gravity didn't pick and choose.

He turned to look at her, the young woman, hardly even old enough to drive, standing there with hatred, harsh, endless, cold, homicidal hatred. Sadistic hatred. Glaring at him.

He ground his teeth together. "What do you want." He growled.

"You. Too realize what you did. Too feel every bit of pain that you caused us. You hurt so many. I'll make you feel each and every one of their pains, their deaths." She spat.

"I read your file. You can bring someone back only once." He told her smugly. "I killed more than one of you freaks."

She struck out with her foot, her boot hard and unyielding hitting his face and causing blood to spurt everywhere.

He chuckled inwardly that he had gotten to her so easily.

But when he looked up, he realized calling them freaks hadn't bothered her. It was simply a reason to kick and cause him pain. She smiled a dead smile.

"I have a new friend. A freak, as you so beautifully put it, like me. He can charge people's power, make it more powerful. A backwards Haitian. With him, I can bring you back as many times as I want." A harsh, cold laugh. "And make no mistake, I will be bringing you back each time. And your deaths won't be pleasant."

He swallowed. He was used to pain, had even been tortured a few times. But to be brought back from the dead, endlessly, to have to endure the pain until they finish and kill you again, then bring you back again... until finally, finally, they let you stay dead. He blanched.

"Ah. You fear it." She said softly.

"I don't think you can do it. You may have killed before, but it's not the same. A brush of the fingers, they drop. You can't hurt someone. When I shot your sister, you flinched away from the blood. You can't stand hurting someone that bad, that much." He said bravely, strongly.

Her foot kicked out again, this time hitting him in the stomach. He bent over, gasping for breath and moaning.

She laughed. "You forget; I have hatred in my heart and death in my hands. I have nothing to stop me from hurting you. Let's start, shall we?" she asked, and kicked his skull.

"For my sister," she said.

"For my mother," she added.

"For every," kick.

"God damned," kick.

"Thing," kick.

"You have ever," kick


She leaned over to find he was still conscious.

"Amazing." She muttered.

"I'll take the first one easy on you," she said, pulling off the gloves that reached her elbows, keeling into the pool of blood on the floor and lightly touching his forehead, his form going limp instantly as Adusia's power took effect.

"See you in a minute." She whispered softly to the dead body. "Danko."

So... hope it wasn't too dark. Or maybe it should be dark. I don't know. I don't usually post any of my really dark stuff. Oh well. We'll see.