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Chapter 6

"Maura, I'm not feeling very well at the moment—would you mind if I skipped out on dinner?" Jane eased herself onto the couch and put her hands over her abdomen, hoping that Maura would think she had cramps.

Dr. Isles did not disappoint. She took one look at her friend, walked out of the living room, and came back in a half a minute with a handful of crackers, three ibuprofen, and a glass of water.

"Here, you'll feel better when these kick in."

Jane groaned, but took the pills. "This is so embarrassing, Maura, I'm sorry."

"What's to be sorry for? Everyone gets cramps sometimes. Do you want me to pick up some take-out and bring it back here? I'm kind of tired tonight anyway." Maura sat on the edge of the couch and rubbed her friend's arm. Jane shivered at the touch, because now every time Maura touched her, or even came near her, it felt like some sort of electrical current had suddenly been turned on, but also because she felt bad for deceiving her friend. She hoped Maura couldn't see through this little charade—since she had spent most of her life in a man's world, she had never used cramps as an excuse for anything.

"Thanks, Maura, that would be great. I don't feel like eating anything right now, but I'm sure I will in an hour or so."

As soon as Jane heard the garage door close, she threw off the blanket Maura had tucked around her and headed down the hall to the office. One wall of the room was lined with bookshelves, and on one of those shelves was the book Jane was looking for—Maura's college yearbook. By the time she heard the garage door open a half hour later, she was back on the couch snuggled under the blanket with the information she needed.

The name of the red-haired, blue-eyed girl that Maura had once been in love with.

Two days later, Jane pulled up in front of a large brick home, carefully avoiding a scooter that had been left out in the driveway. Using the resources of the Boston Police Department, she had figured out that Kate was married to a doctor named Rice and had two children, and they had purchased this home in an upscale Boston suburb five years previously. Jane knocked on the door and felt a stab of anxiety when the door opened and she immediately recognized the woman from Maura's photos.

"Kate Rice?"


"My name is Detective Rizzoli from the Boston Police Department, and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about a woman who I believe was a friend of yours in college? Dr. Maura Isles?"

"Maura? I haven't seen her in years. Has she done something wrong?"

"No, she hasn't done anything wrong. I would just like to know more about the nature of your relationship."

Kate looked a bit taken aback by the question. "The nature of our relationship? What do you mean by that?"

"Were you in a relationship with Maura Isles?" Jane put her hands on her hips, making sure that the badge on her belt was plainly visible. She knew this was line of questioning was inappropriate, but she didn't see any way around it.

"A relationship?" Kate closed the front door and stepped out onto the porch, and seemed very upset. "Do I look like some sort of dyke to you? Why are you asking me this, my children are inside!"

Jane froze. This is the woman that Maura had been in love with? Jane did not like the word 'dyke;' too many suspects had flung it at her during arrests and interrogations. But Kate's reaction confirmed to her that she and Maura had indeed been more than friends. She decided to push forward.

"Mrs. Rice, I'm sorry, but clearly you did have a relationship with Dr. Isles, and I need to know exactly what happened between you." Jane gave the woman her best no-shit cop look.

Kate still looked wary, but she did answer Jane's question. "Look. Maura was . . . strange." Kate looked around, as though she were worried someone might overhear the conversation. "We were both pre-med in college so we had a lot of classes together, and we hung out quite a bit. I was on scholarship and didn't have a lot of money, but she did, so I put up with her and she paid for drinks and concerts and stuff. I even let her drag me to the symphony a few times. She was really smart; I never would have made it through organic chemistry without her. But when she . . . came onto me, I kind of freaked out. I guess I should have tried to, you know, let her down gently, or something? It just scared me to be kissed by a girl. I never talked to her again after that, and that's all that happened. I haven't seen her or heard from her in over ten years." Kate suddenly seemed embarrassed and quickly opened the door and stepped back inside, muttering, "Good luck with your investigation," as she closed the door.

Jane didn't bother trying to stop her, just turned on her heel and headed back to the station. She had all of the information she needed, and she knew exactly what to do next.

Maura's birthday was on a Saturday, and Jane told her in no uncertain terms that she was to leave the whole day open for birthday surprises.

Maura was thrilled and scared, all at the same time. She loved that Jane was making a fuss over her, but fear and doubt remained with her in the back of her mind. She believed she would have a fantastic birthday with Jane, but she worried it would be the last. The timing had been wrong with Grant and Dean, but one day, the timing would be right and Jane would be gone.

But when she opened her front door on Saturday morning and found Jane on her doorstep holding champagne and strawberries her fears subsided and she decided to just enjoy the day. Jane grinned at her and shouted, "Birthday surprise number one!"

Oh, fuck it all, thought Maura. I love this woman. And she hugged her and laughed.

Birthday surprise number two was so totally unexpected that Maura was nearly speechless. After breakfast, Jane announced that Angela was going to take the two of them on a shopping trip to get ready for birthday surprise number three. Since Maura loved to watch Jane and her mother interact, and she loved to see Jane get dressed up, it was a perfect surprise. The three women laughed and shopped their way through several stores and a stop for lunch before finally returning to Maura's apartment with their purchases. Angela kissed her daughter, hugged Maura and wished her a happy birthday, and hastened out the door.

"Did your mother just wink at you, Jane?"

"Birthday girls don't get to ask questions!" Jane teased, and then pulled out an envelope.

"Birthday surprise number three! Tickets to the symphony!"

Maura squealed with delight. She had been trying to get Jane to go to the symphony with her for months, but Jane had never seemed too enthusiastic.

"I thought you hated the symphony?"

"No, I don't hate the symphony, I just wanted to save it for your birthday."


"Really. I even googled the conductor and the composer and everything—" Maura cut her off by pulling her into a hug. "Thank you, Jane, this is wonderful." She held Jane so close she could feel the other woman's heart beating.

"Don't get all mushy on me now, Dr. Isles!" Jane pulled out of the hug. "Now, here's the plan. I'm going to go home and get ready, and then I'll come and pick you up for dinner at six, okay?"



Jane had indeed investigated all of the details of this particular symphony performance. In fact, she knew that it was scheduled to end at 9:45. So at 9:35, in the middle of the orchestra's final piece, she took another envelope out of her purse, put it on Maura's lap, and whispered, "Birthday surprise number four" into her ear.

Maura looked at her quizzically. "Right now?" she mouthed, and Jane nodded enthusiastically. Maura withdrew the two sheets of stationery she found in the envelope, and began to read, slowly in the dim light.

Dear Maura,

I know about Kate.

Maura looked up at Jane with shock in her eyes. Jane reached over and took Maura's hand, lacing their fingers together and squeezing tightly. She rested her head on Maura's shoulder. "Keep reading," she whispered.

I know that she was your best friend in college, and that she broke your heart. I know that you kissed her and she rejected you, so you've been afraid of your feelings for me. Afraid that I would do the same thing that she did.

But I won't, Maura. I promise I would never hurt you like that. You are the most amazing person I have ever known. She didn't get that about you, but I do.

I'm in love with you, Maura. I don't know when it happened, and I don't know why it happened, but it did. You make me happy. So, so happy. I'm sorry it took me so long to realize it.

The symphony will be over in five minutes. We are going to drive back to my apartment, and then you are going to kiss me. If you want to. And I will kiss you back. Many times. I promise.

Happy Birthday, baby.



Maura felt like she couldn't breathe. She looked at Jane, and their eyes locked. They stared at each other for what seemed like an hour. Then Jane whispered, "Look at the next page," and smiled playfully.

The second page was labeled, "New Rules."

1. Touch Jane as much as you want, whenever you want.

2. Daydream about Jane as much as you want, whenever you want.

3. Always tell Jane exactly how you feel.

4. Stop dating men. Forever.

"How did you—" Maura searched Jane's face for answers, and then Jane's expression changed, just slightly, and Maura realized all at once that Jane had opened her heart so much that she felt exposed, and needed Maura's approval. So, finally, she whispered, "It doesn't matter. I love you too, Janey. I love you too."

The car ride home was quiet. This time it was Maura's turn to take Jane's hand in hers, reveling in the amazing sensation of their fingers entwined together. Then she slid her other hand up and down Jane's arm, feeling the softness of her skin, leaving behind a trail of gooseflesh.

Jane just tried not to crash the car.

Back in the familiar territory of her apartment, Jane suddenly felt shy.

But Maura didn't. As soon as the door was closed she reached up and put her arms around Jane's neck, burying her hands in soft brown curls.

"Are you sure you are going to keep your promise, Jane Rizzoli?" Maura's voice was husky, and she shivered when Jane's hands moved to her waist and pulled her closer.

"Yes, Maura, yes." She bent forward and pressed her forehead against Maura's, and finally their lips met.

Jane kept her promise, and kissed her back so hard she felt dizzy. It was like she had been deprived of oxygen and now needed Jane's lips, Jane's tongue, and Jane's teeth just to live.

Then, she needed even more than that.

"Touch me, Jane. Please."

Jane didn't need to be asked twice. She pulled down the straps of Maura's dress, cupped her lace-clad breasts in her hands, and buried her face between them, breathing deeply and moaning. She covered Maura's neck and the tops of her breasts with kisses and licks. Then she held her lover close, her breath catching as she felt Maura's fingers traveling up the sides of her body, caressing her stomach and moving closer and closer . . .

"Wait, I almost forgot!" Jane pulled away suddenly, and Maura blinked, struggling to focus through a haze of arousal more intense than she had ever felt in her life.

"What—" Jane took her hand and practically ran into the bedroom, dragging Maura behind her. She led her to the edge of the bed, made her sit down, and said, "Wait there, I'll be right back." Then she disappeared into the bathroom.

She came out a minute later, fully transformed into sexy Jane. Sexy Jane in black lace lingerie.

"Birthday surprise number five," she said, holding up five fingers.

Then she realized that Maura wasn't on the edge of the bed, where she had left her. She was in the bed, covered with a sheet. Her new dress was on the floor, and so were her bra and panties.

Maura looked at Jane, beautiful, happy, sexy, Jane, and threw the sheet off of her naked body.

"Birthday surprise number six."

The end.