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Kettlecorn, Kansas

The limousine had just stopped in front of an old farm house before Bailey Pickett quickly exited the car, wanting to soak in the warmth and comfort of being back in her hometown. It was true that Kettlecorn was just a small blip on the map, with people often missing the small country town as they drive through the flat plains of Kansas, but to Bailey, it was home. Before she could soak in more of the natural goodness that Kettlecorn could offer, she heard a whine coming from inside the limo she just got out of.

"Why did daddy make me come to a farm for Spring Break? I should be in Aruba getting a tan on the beach or shopping in Italy, not on some stupid dust ball."

"Well, if you had actually been in class the past couple of weeks instead of escaping from the ship to go party and shopping in New York City, your father and Moseby wouldn't have needed to punish you like this," Bailey retorted as the heiress, London Tipton, gingerly gets out of the limo, trying her best not to ruin her ruby red shoes.

"HEY! I was doing a public service to the city of New York. Without me spending money shopping and partying, how else would the poor people working at those places survive their depression? I mean, seeing the fabulous London Tipton had to have brighten up their day."

"It's an economic depression, not a…" Bailey began before seeing the glazed, confused eyes from London, "You know what, never mind. No wonder Mr. Moseby thought it was a bad idea to go see Marcus' debut on Broadway."

"We had fun," London remarked.

"Oh yes, it was fun until a certain someone decided not to return to the ship and ran off for two weeks!"

"GASP! Who would be allowed to have such a privilege when I don't?" London asked as she put her hand to her mouth, showing a shocked look.

"IT WAS YOU!" Bailey screamed, giving her roommate a look of pure hatred.

"Oh yeah," London replied softly while looking away from Bailey's death glare.

The little argument between London and Bailey was heard by the occupants inside the house and that was how Bailey's family knew that their kin had arrived. It was only seconds after London's reply did Bailey's family come out from the farm house and towards the two teenage girls. Bailey's mom and dad were the first ones to get to their daughter.

"Bailey! You're home!" Maggie Pickett exclaimed as she pulled her 4th youngest daughter into a big hug.

"Mama! It's so good to be back on the farm, even though I was just back a couple of months ago to help fix the tractor."

"Fix it? I thought you were used to do the plowing with your ox-like shoulders," London muttered, which earned a quick back kick to the shins by Bailey.

As London was hopping on one foot from the kick she received from Bailey, the hometown girl was greeting the rest of the family before turning towards London and introducing her to the family. Luckily for Bailey, London had enough smarticles to know that one should never insult a family that was giving you food and shelter for free, even though London could have bought the Pickett Family Farm a hundred times over with the amount of money she had in her disposal.

"It's great to finally meet you London," Maggie said as she shook her hand, "Bailey has told me all about you. Thank you so much for looking after my daughter while she's been on the ship for the past two years."

"You're welcome Mrs. Pickett," London replied, "But it wasn't just me. I mean, Cody did help out a lot the first one and a half years."

Right after London had mentioned Cody's name, she knew she had just opened up a can of worms because while Bailey's parents were beaming at the mention of his name, Bailey looked as if she was ready to bury London six feet under.

"Oh yes, Cody," Bailey's father, Joe Pickett, began, "How is that little feller anyways? I heard he recently saved his brother, you, a new girl, and his roommate from a Russian submarine running out of air. He really is a smart one."

"He's doing just fine. In fact, while I'm here under punishment, he and everyone else get to enjoy Spring Break in New Orleans, stupid sea school!" London responded. Before London or her parents could say anything else, Bailey quickly interjected and said that she wanted to show London the room she'll be sleeping in. As the two girls went into Bailey's bedroom, Bailey quickly closed the door and locked it, all the while still glaring at London for mentioning Cody's name. London of course, knew her roommate was mad.

"What's wrong with you? You look like you're about to kill me and hide me in some dark place where even daddy won't be able to find me."

"WOW! You actually picked up something correct for once," Bailey snapped as she went over to her bed and plop herself down on it.

"Okay, I don't understand the hate here. What in the world did I do?"

"YOU MENTIONED CODY'S NAME!" Bailey screamed as she buried her face into her pillow.

"So? It's not like your parents don't know you two broke up, right?" London asked before receiving a look from Bailey.


"No, I did," Bailey began, "Yet, mama and daddy are holding out hope that we'll reconcile our differences and get back together. I told them what happened in Paris and they just laughed, saying that both Cody and I were just being stupid. They said that if we weren't blinded by the awkwardness and hatred of that day in Paris, we would see how much we love one another."

"Huh, I guess you aren't the only smart one from this pile of dirt," London commented, which made Bailey look up.

"What are you talking about?"

"I mean that any one with an IQ lower than mines could see you two still love one another. I mean you were sympathetic to learn he was miserable without you, even if Zack was the one who said it, Cody does feel it. The Reninssance/80's dance where you guys dressed like a couple even when you had separate dates, Cody being miserable knowing you left the ship without saying anything, him being excited to see you back on board, the chocolate heart he wrote for you while we were in Belgium and don't give me that crap about how the chocolate heart you made was for your daddy, and don't forget the shrine in his storage chest."

"Okay fine, it really wasn't for daddy. Cody was that miserable when I left? Awww…wait what shrine?" Bailey asked in curiosity.

"Just some shrine that he made that Zack stumble upon while searching for Cody's stupid six month plan that he was going to use to win over Maya…" London started before realizing she just spilled a big secret, "umm…I mean what shrine? You must be hearing things."

"London…" Bailey began, walking purposely towards her roommate.

"Okay, fine. Zack told me that Cody had turned his bed chest into a shrine dedicated to you. I mean, the way Zack describes it; there are face and full length pictures of you with hearts in the background with a book containing his six month plan in the middle of the chest."

"Cody did all of that?" Bailey asked in shock.

"Supposedly," London shrugged, "Face the facts farm girl, brain boy still loves you and everyone on the stupid ship knows you still love him."

"Well…I…I mean…" Bailey was truly speechless by the revelation, but before she could say anything else, her daddy called out to say that dinner was ready. Bailey breathed a sigh of relief and quickly left the room before London could say anything else.

"This conversation isn't over Bailey!" London yelled as she followed Bailey out to the kitchen. As they passed the living room, the TV was still on, but neither heard the breaking news.

"This just in, a F5 tornado warning has been set for the Midwest, all residents in the states of Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas need to start buckling down for some very nasty weather and possible tornadoes. Also, this just in, for the people living in the area of Kettlepot and Kettlecorn, TAKE COVER NOW!"