Disclaimer: I do not own Rosario + Vampire. The Gerbils were hopped up on hay and after watching the movie The Proposal with Sandra Bullock they were tempt to write this. It will obviously have originality so not everything if much will follow the movie, only a few things here and there so enjoy.

Coffee Break

Chapter 1: Coffee Break

"Oh crap, oh crap, I'm late!" A young man panted out as he raced through what appeared to be an overgrown forest.

With the skill of a deer he jumped over several fallen trunks and bushes that lined the path in which he ran. The young man was about 170cm (5'7''). He looked to be about twenty five or so and wore a light gray suit. His tie was loosely wrapped around his collar and on his side he carried a green and tan messenger bag. He had short black hair and even though he took care to comb it every day the unruly locks would find a way to curl and stand on end or split toward the ends. The young man had barely made it out of his high school years, only marginally passing middle school. When he reached University he had found his calling in writing. He had always been fond of editorials as he had long worked for the Newspaper club of his high school. Soon he found himself traveling the world and learning of the many cultures found in the community of humans and youkai at every corner of the globe. He currently works for the largest Publishing Company uptown in the big city. Though the city was not a place he was uncomfortable in, he was raised in a quieter neighborhood that held many traditions to it that he could little find in his big new life, but he wouldn't trade it for any other experience. The young man worked hard to get to where he was and his short publishings on small communities of youkai and humans and how they worked in their new environments as the relationship between the two species had been a downhill struggle for many years until a famed leader brought the community together ten years ago. Spending nearly two years working an internship with the company he had come to earn one of the higher positions in the office, only second to the Chief Editor's assistant. He was a popular young man who was naturally charming and always had something nice to say about you. But unfortunately for him he was on coffee duty today, as he was every monday. It was his job to bring his boss' coffee in just as she arrived at eight.

It was currently 7:40.

There was no way the bus was going to make it uptown in time. He had overslept as he was working on a new editorial about Youkai and Human in the workplace. He raced through the central park area and managed to lunge over a bench before staggering into it. He raced into the crowded streets, doing his best to weave around and through the march of busy workmen and workwomen heading into the office or getting their early morning breakfast, which would most likely be their only proper meal until dinner and consist of nothing more than a coffee and donut. The man made it to the corner of the street where the coffee shop stood lined with customer after customer. The young man was barely able to push through the crowd. He nervously looked to the counter, as if searching for someone.

"Tsukune!" A voice called over the murmuring voices of the crowded shop.

The young man stretched to see around the drove of workers to see the young, black-haired woman leaning over the counter with two coffee cups in hand

"The usual." The black haired woman called with a smile. She had somewhat pale skin and wore purple lipstick that highlighted her mauve eyes. Her straight, ebony hair was pulled out into two side pigtails tied with white ribbons. The raven black locks hung down past her shoulders, brushing against her white apron every time she moved.

Tsukune rushed to the counter. "Thanks Ruby-san!" He panted. "You literally saved my life!" He praised. Ruby was a young woman that worked at the coffee shop. Tsukune had met her during summer break one semester in Miyoshi, Hiroshima. They had been visiting the beautiful flower fields of the village of Kimita, which was the young woman's hometown. They became fast friends and were surprised to learn the other lived and worked within the same city.

She smiled and gave a gentle nod. "No problem, don't be late." She warned as she motioned to the clock. It was now 7:50.

"Crap!" He blurted and raced back out, carefully zig-zagging through the crowd with two cups of scalding coffee in each hand.

With minutes to spare he made it to the office. He raced off the elevator and around the corner, expertly evading anyone to cross his path and dodge every door to swing open at his face. It was like watching a ballerina dance around obstacles and leaping past people. Tsukune was smug and rather proud he had taken proper swimming lessons in high school and took better care of himself by working out. It helped he has lived among and around youkai for many years of his life. You have to be fit to keep up with them or to invade the privacy of both species to get your writing material. Research wasn't always a pretty painting.

As Tsukune turned the corner he was side bumped by the mail cart. With a small yelp he moved out of the way only to manage to spill some of the coffee on the young girl pushing the cart.

"Sonva-" The words were frozen on his lips, quite literally.

Tsukune stood awkwardly on his tip toes and held the cup of drink he managed to save, high over his head. From wrist down to the tips of his toes he was frozen, in a solid block of ice. Many of his co-workers looked up from behind their little, decorated cubicles at the pair. The mail-girl that often pushed her cart around the office was rather quiet. She had the ability to sneak up on unsuspecting co-workers to drop off their mail. She had pale purple hair and always wore a white hoodie over her grey, pleated skirt. She was a yuki onna and was said to be married to the young entrepreneur Fujisaki Miyabe. It was a marriage arranged by her family. She wasn't unsatisfied with her marriage, but it was hard to tell how she felt most of the time. She had a very quiet and distant nature. They found the woman odd as with a wealthy husband such as Miyabe in her pocket one would think she would have no need to work, but she claims to like the "dramas that unfold" in the office, the businessman doesn't question his wife's odd habits.

But back to Tsukune.

He was like an ice sculpture at a wedding. The yuki onna turned her aurora eyes to the young man, than looked down toward the cart where much of the mail was stained with coffee, than to her hoodie where the coffee was frozen before even touching her. Ice maidens such as she were not fond of boiling objects or any excessive heat and often reacted instinctively when anything hot fell near them, though the reaction was often more violent than necessary. She stared at Tsukune with a vacant expression. She smiled and reached out her ice claw. She flicked the tip of the razor sharp icicle and thawed him out. The now shivering male shook off the ice chips off the shoulders of his now soaked dress shirt and jacket.

"Sorry Tsu." The yuki onna apologized and handed him his mail which he took in his mouth with a sigh as he removed his jacket and slung it over his other arm. He took the letter into his hand and chuckled.

"It's okay Mizore-chan. Sorry that I ah-" He rubbed the back of his head, looking rather cute and vulnerable with his hair wet and flat, shirt dripping wet. Mizore motioned her hand toward the clock behind her.


"Crapgottago!" He raced off once again.

Mizore giggled and glanced over her shoulder. Though the ice fairy was usually mistrusting of the other employees and rather distant, she was rather close to a few co-workers, most of all Tsukune. It had been him, during her first days on the job, who showed her around and introduced her to some of the workers of this particular floor.

"Tsukune slept in again?" A sultry voice questioned from over the glass of her cubicle's wall. Mizore turned her head to a familiar blue-haired co-worker. Mizore rolled her eyes, and rolled the small lollipop she kept in her mouth at all times to her other cheek. The petite woman stepped from around her corner and leaned forward with a grin.

Kurono Kurumu was a succubus that stood a little higher than 153cm (5') and was originally a resident of the youkai world. After graduating from high school she had come into the workforce through her mother's "connections". The succubus was well known throughout the office for her tiny frame and larger assets. Her dress shirt always did well to fail when it came to keeping the mountainous chest pillows the succubus prided within their confines. Her dark navy dress skirt was dangerously high and often gave the perfect shots of her tasteful collection of underwear. She strutted around the office with her short, shoulder length hair pulled back with a purple ribbon that was decorated with stars and moons. It seemed that everyone in the office, except Tsukune, knew of the busty youkai's crush on the young man. He wasn't too bright when it came to the demon's less-than-subtle shows of leg and blaring hints when she would sit at his desk and talk to him on office time or bring him home baked cookies during lunch. At Kurumu's desk her computer beeped with an all too familiar alert sound.

The succubus, yuki onna, and every other worker on that floor headed toward the nearest computer screen. On every screen sat idle instant messengers. The rectangular blinking screens all flashed with a familiar text that told more than any outsider could explain.

The beast is baring her fangs.

Kurumu had settled into her wheeled chair as Mizore leaned down and looked over the woman's shoulder.

"I guess Tsukune didn't make it..." Kurumu cooed pitifully. Mizore nodded in agreement.

Down the beige, carpeted halls and oaken walls sat the lair of the so-called beast. She was the chief Editor under the employment of the company heads. The office door was but ajar, but one could taste the feeling of dread that hung in the air. Tsukune stood in the spacious office. His hands were crossed in front of him and his head was lowered enough where he could not look into the eye of his boss who stood in her dark red dress jacket and short black skirt. Her black heels impatiently tapped the floor. One hand sat settled on her hip and the other held the coffee cup. On the mouth of the cup was a remnant mark of lipstick from where her red painted plumps of flesh touched. She stood in front of the large desk, staring down the errand boy. She had long silver hair and her most tell-tale feature were her blood red eyes, which the man tried his best not to look into, but he couldn't help but glance up, her thick aura commanding his attention.

Behind the desk stood the chief editor's assistant. She was the young half-sister of the editor-in-chief. Many believed the younger woman cheated her way into the office hierarchy because of relation, but no one dared question the hot-blooded chief. The assistant chief, unlike her older sibling, had fire-red hair and emerald colored eyes and with her tiny pet bat she carried on her shoulder, she looked a might more complacent than her older sister, but this was indeed not the case. Her name was Shuzen Kokoa and she was the youngest daughter of the chairman of the board. The business was a family run tradition and the women and men alike often had a hand in the various places it took to run the Publishing company. A major merger they had their hearts set on was with the head of the group of Fairy Tale which were an off-shore company that specialized in movie production and manhua, Chinese graphic novels.

Kokoa had quickly logged out of the messenger after warning the office of her sister's coming rampage.

Akashiya Moka, chief-in-editor of the Shuzen Publication House and the most feared and fiercest in the business. Her Research Reports and Biographical Novels were some of the rawest pieces of written work out there, and the way she ran an office was much like a Sargent ran his platoon.

She held up her coffee cup, Tsukune flinched. She narrowed her eye slightly and pulled back.

"What is this?" She questioned. Was it rhetorical or was he expected to answer? Tsukune looked up and glanced his copper eyes toward the emerald eyed assistant editor who stood behind her sister's desk. Kokoa shook her head.

"Why is my coffee cold, Aono?" She showed no indication that she was mad, but her temper was more than legendary in the office. It is rumored that after firing a young Ork looking to do more dating than working on her time and money, he had been promptly thrown out of a window.

Tsukune swallowed and looked to the window that it supposedly happened to. He could have simply told her it had been Mizore who had froze him, but that would be cowardly and possibly get the skittish yuki onna into trouble.

"I...uh- fell into the fountain." He quickly lied, recalling how he had barely ran across the courtyard's fountain rim in an attempt to by pass the crowds.

"I see." Moka spoke as she sipped the cold coffee. "Also, who is Ruby?" Tsukune looked up at her questioning tone. She turned the coffee cup and indicated the phone number scrawled on the side of the cup with a cutely scribed name.

Tsukune reeled back. "Ah...um..." Ruby had scribbled her number onto his cup, obviously assuming he would drink it, but Tsukune knew better. He was always prepared and just in the off chance he would meet with an accident he always got two cups of the same coffee. Moka took another sip before she spoke.

"Funny coincidence too how we drink the same flavor coffee." She raised a brow.

Tsukune blinked and pointed toward the door. "I have work." Tsukune said quickly before darting off into the hall, his shoes squishing from the still wet socks. Kokoa raised a brow at her sister.

"You just let him off like that?" She complained, rather finding humor in her sibling's outbursts on the employees. Moka finished off her coffee and sighed. "He was obviously covering for the yuki onna, that's the second time it's happened!" The red head complained.

Moka turned and skillfully tossed her cup into the trash. She was honestly annoyed by her sister's prattling so decided to change the subject.

"Come Kokoa, we have a meeting with Hokuto." Moka motioned her finger and started her stride, Kokoa at her heels like a puppy after its mother.

Tsukune slumped into his seat and groaned. That was an utterly paralyzing meeting. Never again did he want coffee duty.

"Hey Tsukune~" A voice cooed from outside his office door. The young man looked up to see the form of a familiar, petite, blue-haired woman. She winked at him with her violet eyes and giggled. "You look lonely." She teased.

Tsukune sat up in his seat and opened his mouth to complain, at least until the succubus settled herself on his desk with a provocative form that showed off her thick legs.

"I..have work to do." The man stood and grabbed some papers he needed to take to copy. Kurumu pouted at his rapid retreat, but slyly grinned. She did love a challenge and no one showed greater potential of that than Tsukune.

When she first arrived at work she had planned to charm all the men and make them her new harem, but when she arrived at the office she had come to the unfortunate knowledge that Aono Tsukune and Kaneshiro Hokuto were the only men on the floor. Hokuto was always behind closed doors in his cushy office and Tsukune had always resisted the succubus' charm. She followed Tsukune into the copying room. The machine hummed to life when Tsukune placed his papers onto the top of the machine.


Tsukune froze at the sound. He slowly turned around only to see a certain night demon had locked the door behind her and turned to face Tsu with a alarmingly hungry grin.

"Kurumu-chan w-wait!"

Outside of the room Mizore stood by the door with her ear to the barrier, her cheeks blushed lightly as her mail duties were since forgotten. It seemed Kurumu had decided to take an impromptu coffee break, on company time no less...