Short stories with tragic ends.

Chapter One; Phone calls are poor consolations.

The phone had been ringing off the hook, the sound could be heard though out the home of the little blond. His father whom, was getting sicker over the coarse of days could only get annoyed as it was interrupting much needed seep. "I'm sorry papa! I'll get it!" The sweet soothing little blond spoke out finally, and his father smiled. He was such a good boy.

"Hello?" Another voice began to speak almost immediately. It was flirtatious and a bit hasty. Somewhat soothing though.

"I've heard a lot about you Mon ami', actually my boss is more interested in you then I am. But I can see why he'd be." The voice snickered a bit, and Matthew got slightly flustered, if anything a bit confused as well.

"W-who are you, and your boss?" Thoughts raced in his head, just who could this man be. Heck who could his 'boss' be. Maybe it was that Lars guy, the American talked about. It had been about a week after all. Though Matthew couldn't forget. Maybe it was the was because the American was a loud mouth, or maybe it as because later that night before he left he /told/ him things about the other.

"Are you Lars!" Matthew hastily spoke, and the voice came close to cutting him off with laughter. Matthew was confused even more now.

"Hah non, dear child, but I'm sure you'll see him soon enough." The voice still laughed slightly and some part of Matthew was getting annoyed. He felt as though games were being played on him now. "Well then who are you!" He demanded with a fire he didn't expect out of himself. The voice got quiet, but when he talked you could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Nhn, I am Francis, his right hand man of sorts, and sweetie do I like your spark." Matthew felt a bit dumbfounded at the moment, and he quickly apologized for his out burst.

"Ah I'm so sorry!" The one now know as Francis just kept quiet again, whispers could be heard for a moment. "Er, hello?" Matthew spoke again, and Francis seemed hesitant for a moment as if he had been talking to somebody else. "Oh sorry Mon ami." He paused seeming to think, just to get back on track. "Anyway, Lars would like you to meet him for dinner. If he likes what he sees in person, you'll be in, if not then at least is is a free meal." Matthew let him continue though he wanted to interrupt so badly. "There is an outfit waiting for you outside your doorsteps and there will be a black car ready for you whenever your done. It'll take you to Lars. No please my sweet do hurry up. It's best not to keep him waiting." Before Matthew could get a word in the other had clicked off the phone.

"Best not to keep him waiting..." He mumbled out, remembering what the American told him as well.

'He's a good guy, as long as you don't double cross him, just be careful, you do that, and well baby cakes your set for life.' Matthew would head what warnings he had.