'Morning, Berta' Charlie mumbled as he stumbled towards the table and sat down, resting his head on the table.

'Drunk again', Jake asked as he took a bite of cereal

'Yeah, just a little bit, but at least he made it to the kitchen this time. Usually, he just makes it as far as the hallway', she replied as she poured Charlie his morning cup of coffee

'Oh just great, drunk as usual' Alan whined as he poured himself a glass of milk

'Yeah but at least he made it to the kitchen, this time', Jake said

'Jake get ready for school', his dad instructed

'But it's Saturday' his son replied

'Go get dressed so you'll be ready for school on Monday' Alan said

'If you want me to leave, just say so' Jake replied

'Jake, now' His father instructed in a firm tone

Jake left and Alan turned to his brother and said 'We have a child in this house'

'Which was only supposed to be for a few weeks. As a matter of fact, weren't you supposed to have been out of here a year ago' Charlie said as he finally sat up and took a sip of coffee

'You know I'm busy saving' Alan replied

'Yeah for Judith's alimony, and when you get married again, her alimony' Charlie stated.

'You sleep with a different girl every night and spend most of your day either face down in the hallway, or hunched over the toilet. What kind of message does that send Jake', Alan asked

'That I'm the cool one' Charlie replied with a wry smile

'Charlie I'm serious. You can't keep sleeping with every girl who happens to have a pulse'

'Why not' his brother asked

'Because I CAN'T' Alan intoned

'So I can't have my own sex-life, just because no woman in their right mind would go out with you' Charlie asked

'I do have a sex-life' Alan informed

'Oh yeah. How much did it cost you, again' Berta asked as she wiped down the counter

'For the last time, I didn't know she was an' (Alan lowers his voice) 'Escort'

Berta refilled Charlie's coffee mug and grabbed the clothes basker

'How come you don't pour my coffee' Alan asked

'When you pay my salary, I'll pour your coffee' Berta replied as she left with the laundry.