Charlie was already in bed fast asleep, as a 'thump' was heard down stairs

'Thump' the sound went again

'What the hell is that', Charlie wondered out loud, still half asleep

He felt a hand gently stroke his cheek

'It's just Jake. Close your eyes, sweetie' Rose said

'Thanks Rose, Charlie mumbled, still half asleep

It took Charlie about 5 seconds to register, then he fully woke up

'Rose, what the hell are you doing here', he accused as he flipped on the light switch

'Oh, Charlie I thought we had moved beyond that' Rose said with a smile

'How... I changed the locks', he said, flabbergasted

'Oh it's just one of my many unique attributes'

'You picked the lock, didn't you' he asked

'Yeah, pretty much' she replied

'I don't think you understand how a restraining order works', Charlie said as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, glancing at the clock and saw it was 2am

'That's what Mike said'

'What... who's Mike', Charlie asked.

'Oh you don't know him', Rose said

Charlie sat down on the foot of the bed

'So what did you want to do', Rose said

'Go back to sleep and pretend this never happened' he retorted

'You want to fool around', she asked

'Yeah, actually I do' Charlie said

'Oh great, I was beginning to feel that you weren't interested in me' she said with a smile

Charlie grabs his cell phone and starts to dial

'Hey Amanda, I've been thinking about you. Want to come on over'?

'Oh Charlie, why must you chase women who will only break your heart', Rose asked as she placed her hand on his shoulder

'Because at least I know she won't break into my house, tie me up and blindfold me, when I am in a drunken stupor

'You do it just once and nobody let's you forget it', she said with a sigh