Diana was sitting in the med bay, waiting for the results.

I am utterly alone.

I am a warrior, sometimes I must make the difficult decisions to protect those I love. I was cast from my home on Themyscira, knowing I will never see my mother or sisters again. I am a warrior, sacrifices are constant and necessary, but just once I wish I could throw aside my duties and be selfish. I now fully understand the saying "be careful what you wish for."

I have loved one man in my entire life. I have sacrificed my feelings so he could be happy. I always thought that one day he would come to me. Who knew that "one day" would come sooner than either of us planned and the consequences would be too great to overcome.

I have nowhere left to go and no one left to go to. J'onn gives me a small smile, he can read my pain.

"You're suspicions were correct, Diana."

I have never shed a tear, Amazons don't cry, but I can no longer hold the tears at bay. J'onn holds me as I cry into him.

I am no longer alone.