Chapter 26

Diana was in her seventh month of pregnancy. She needed to spend a few hours every day in the sun, to keep her and the baby's strength up. Diana had quietly moved into her room on Themyscira. She was dozing quietly on her front porch swing, when she heard him.

Diana knew he was watching her, and she knew he knew she wasn't asleep. Without moving she asked, "Are you going to stay up there all day Kal?"

Superman smiled and gently flew down to stand in front of Diana.

"So…this is home!" Clark was looking around.

"Thanks, its taken forever to get everything done right, but I really love it." Diana smiled. "Do you want to see the inside?" she asked.

"I'd love to!" Clark followed Diana inside her suite. It was warm and welcoming. He smiled. "It's definitely you." They walked through a hallway and Diana showed him around until they wound up at a doorway. Diana smiled again. "It's not done, but I thought you would like to see the nursery."

Diana opened the door and stepped aside so Clark could enter the room. Clark was shocked. There was a dresser in the corner with framed pictures on the wall. One was of his parents laughing together. Another picture was Hippolyta, Diana, and Donna standing together at an Embassy dinner. The one that caught his eye was of Kal and Diana together. He remembered the day the picture was taken. Diana had agreed to be his date for the Watchtower Christmas party. Lois and he were dating, but she didn't know who he was yet. Diana had worn the most beautiful blue dress. Her eyes sparkled brighter if it was possible. Wally had forced the two under mistletoe and they had just kissed each other. Someone must have taken the picture right after because they both were smiling widely and their eyes sparkled. The picture showed two people deeply in love.

"I hope you don't mind. Bruce gave me that picture and I wanted a picture of us together in his room. I wanted him to know he was created in love."

"Diana, it's perfect." Clark turned to hold her stare. There were so many emotions running through him.

Diana turned away again, "Your mom made this for him." Diana held up a miniature copy of his uniform. "There's a cape too." He laughed. Above the crib there was a small mobile with Justice League members. The Superman and Wonder Woman were in the center and surrounding them, were Martian Manhunter, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Aquaman.

Kal laughed, "Where did this come from?"

"Diana smiled back, "Wally."

"I like it!" he turned towards Diana.

"The baby looks great, If I had to guess, the baby is about the size of a five month fetus."

"That sounds like J'onn might win the bet."

"You know about the bet?" Clark asked.

Diana smiled, "Of course! So, when is Ma going to come?"

"She doesn't want to be in your way, but she is really excited. Unless things change with the baby, she will be here in two months.

"I will stay at the farm until you call and then Ben will watch the farm while we are gone."

"I had a suite set up for you and your mom, but I also had the library in my suite set up with a bed for you as well. I know you will want to be close to him when he gets here." Diana smiled at Clark.

"Is your mother still driving you crazy for his name?" Clark asked.

"Oh yes! She is quite angry at me, but I don't want him named until he is introduced to his family."


"Well, Mr. and Mrs. Kent, we have discussed a lot, but now were going to come to some difficult information. Please remember to be honest and open in this discussion." said Dr. Bailey.

"Clark, how did you meet Diana?" she asked.

"I was working late one night and we ran into each other, she is in the same line of work." Clark smiled a little remembering.

"Did you know Lois?" Dr. Bailey asked.

"I had a crush on her but was too shy to act on it and Lois didn't really see me. When I met Diana, we were very similar and I kissed her."

Lois turned her eyes toward Clark, he was wringing his hands and wouldn't look up. She had never heard this story.

"She was a little shocked, and then we were interrupted by Herm...her uncle. He needed help and I went with them. When we got back from Oly...her uncle's house, I realized that I was just a farmboy from Kansas and she was...special."

"When you say she was special, what do you mean?" Dr. Bailey interrupted Clark.

"I realized that there was no way I could compete, she was too good for me." Clark looked back down at his clasped hands.

"So Clark, what happened between the two of you after that?" the Doctor asked.

"We decided to be friends, we ended up working together a lot."

"So that was the end of it, she never returned your feelings and you moved on?" asked Dr. Bailey.

"not exactly..."

At those words Lois' head snapped up and she stared at Clark. "What do you mean not exactly?"

Clark looked into Lois' eyes. "After I met her, You and I began working together and then started to get finally saw me. After we were engaged, Diana came to visit me. She told me when I kissed her, it scared her because she wasn't sure...but she was ready now, she kissed me!"

Lois jumped up from her seat and started pacing. "You always played dumb, but you knew she was in love with you all along."

"Lois, you are upset and we will discuss this but first I need Clark to finish..." The Dr. tried to calm Lois down.

Lois sat down.

"What happened after she kissed you?"

"I told her that I was getting married to Lois and she told me she was happy for me and wished me the best." Clark can still see the look on Diana's face for that brief moment after he told her that. It broke his heart to see that sadness.

"So what happened between then and the affair?"

"She almost died. I almost lost her and I couldn't bear the thought of losing her." Clark's eyes were closed and his voice pained.

"Clark, why did you marry Lois?"