Title: Teacher's Pet

By: OfeliaWolf

Warning: Aizen/Ichigo, yaoi, don't like, don't read.

Disclaimer: I do not own bleach or any of its characters.

Summary: Ichigo's teacher Aizen blackmails him to be his; with no choice he accepts but is it really just sex or something more between the two.

Walking from school the young boy still wonders how he got in this kind of situation. Why did I listen to those idiot friends of mine? Ugh… if I didn't drink, I wouldn't have done that, he thought to himself while stopping and punching a wall to his right. Ignoring the stinging pain in his left hand and the blood oozing out of his knuckles, he put both hands in his pockets and continued walking home.

Opening his front door, he moved to the side when he saw his father charging at him yelling, "Welcome home Ichigo!", the teen puts his foot in front of the entrance making his bearded goat father tripping straight into the ground. "I'm home." He says while shutting the door behind him leaving his father outside. His sisters welcome him home too but too distracted he goes straight to his room.

He locks his door for no disturbances; he opens his closet to get his first aid kit, placing it on his bed. He grabbed the disinfectant and wrapped his hand in bandages covering the wound.

After putting everything away, he lays on his bed thinking about his problem, wondering if there was a way out of it. Slowly his mind goes back to what had happened in school earlier.


Aizen-sensei, Ichigo's homeroom teacher, told the boy to come back after school for a discussion. He wondered if he was in trouble or something, maybe it had to do with his hair. It wouldn't be a first.

"See ya.", said Tatsuki leaving with Orihime waving bye-bye; Renji, Rukia, Uryu, and Chad soon followed after, Keigo left when Ichigo was in front of his homeroom class, sighing he went inside, "Aizen-sensei?", he called looking around, it was empty. He was ready to leave when…

"Ah… Kurosaki-kun.", startled he turned around to see the wavy brunette, dressed in his teacher uniform, "Forgive me if I scared you, I had an errand to run." he said with a smile across his face.

Aizen had dark brown eyes and wore glasses, though he didn't really need them, he had broad shoulders and a masculine body. He looked friendly on the surface but deep down he enjoyed playing with people's mind, just enough to satisfy his boredom and right now the game is about to begin.

With a scowling face he said, "Its fine." walking towards the window, Aizen shut and locked the door behind him making sure the young teen didn't notice. The brunette walks and stops in front of his desk, he faces the teen that is leaning towards the closed window.

"You're probably asking yourself why I called you?" he asked, Ichigo turned to see his teacher, something isn't right, he thought, he feels nervous, his palms are all sweaty. "How was your weekend?"

Surprised, he answers the question with a half lie, "It was okay, I hanged out with my friends." turning his face so Aizen doesn't see his nervousness. He couldn't tell him that he had a huge headache for drinking and getting drunk or what he did.

"Really?" he started to walk towards the boy making him more nervous, Leave! Thought the boy. "Mine was terrible, since I was attacked by a drunken teen." with wide eyes Ichigo turned towards his teacher, he bowed his head, "I'm terribly sorry, I wasn't thinking straight, I'm sorry!"

"It is alright, I wasn't injured badly, just a bruise that's all", guilt hit Ichigo. Straightening himself up, his teacher was rather close, too close. Suddenly the man grabs the teen by the wrists and pins him to the wall.

"Wha…", his teachers mouth was over his own, Aizen's tongue was exploring the sweetness of the young boy, Ichigo turns his face to the right gasping for air, the man licks his exposed neck, chuckling he says, "You're true to your name, Ichigo Kurosaki."

Through clench teeth the teen says, "You bastard." glaring at the man he's ready to kick him when he feels the man's knee in between his legs. Closing his eyes, he gasped at the intrusion.

Leaning towards the teens face, he licks his lips tasting once again the sweetness; the man enjoyed seeing the boy struggling beneath him, so helpless. Aizen grins at the sight. He goes under the teens white shirt, feeling his chest, until…

"Ahh…" the man found his nipple, gently he pinched It, "No, s-stop…ahh", the boy was quite sensitive. Soon the hand went lower and lowers until finally he dipped inside the boys pants and found what he was after, stroking it up and down slowly.

His breathing becoming shallow, knees trembling, the teen soon got erect; Aizen stroked faster making Ichigo moan, "Mmm… ahh..." suddenly the boy couldn't hold it any longer, throwing his head back he came.

Aizen took his hand out the sticky, white substance all over his hands grinning he looked at the teen and let him go, falling to his knees unable to stand.

"You sick pervert …" Ichigo said through his breathing," how can you do that?"He looked up at the older man glaring, he was wiping his hand. "I believe I just showed you how, if you're asking why, It's because your mine."

"The fuck I'm yours!" quickly Ichigo stood; he threw a punch towards his teacher, Aizen moved aside, grabbed his arm, and twisted it towards the teens back. "Shit!" he felt pain running up his arm.

Twisting it harder Aizen whispered in his ear, "Either that or I can report you to the cops for underage drinking; also you'll get expelled for assaulting a teacher, your choice." He let go of him he walked towards the door, unlocked it and opened it. Before leaving he looked at the boy in the middle of the room and said, "You can think about, I'll give till tomorrow after school." He shut the door.

Flashback over.

Rolling over his bed, he closed his eyelids; Aizen's voice was playing over and over in his head. The teen knew he had no choice, he couldn't leave the school, and it's the place his beloved deceased mother had gone to.

"Damn it!" he said.

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