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'Three years. It's been three years since Edward vanished, and tomorrow after my installment as Führer, I am officially moving his case to the investigations department as a missing person's case. If anyone can find him, Hughes can.'

Roy's eyes darkened with guilt, the guilt of not looking for his young blond subordinate and he rested his forehead upon his palm. 'Why didn't the old Führer look for him, or even admit that he was missing? This doesn't make any sense! Tomorrow…..tomorrow I'll be one day closer to finding Edward.' Roy sighed and pushed his chair back. Flicking the lights off and casting the room into darkness, he headed up to the bed that beckoned to him softly for a night he knew was going to be haunted by nightmares.

The field was covered in blood, his blood. Roy wasn't quite sure how he knew the blood was Edward's, but, somehow, he did. All was silent, the fighting having been completed hours ago, the amount of dead showing who the victor was. Edward was lying motionless in a puddle thick and soupy with mud, torn clothes soaked with his own blood. The blade was still extended from the automail, which was twisted at an unnatural angle, and was turning a rusty red color, as enemy blood began to dry on it. "I'm so sorry Edward" Roy choked out, barely suppressing a sob as he knelt next to his deceased friend, face in his hands. "Why didn't you look for me sooner?"A quiet voice accused.

Roy's head snapped up and he stared incredulously into dull golden eyes that lacked their normal spark of emotion, eyes which he knew belonged to his blond subordinate. "If you would have found me sooner, I wouldn't be dead" Edward stated as if he were talking about the weather as he moved into a sitting position. Roy fell backwards in shock, mentally reeling. "It's not my fault; I wasn't allowed to launch an investigation!" The dark-haired man cried, his voice wavering dangerously. "Since when has anything stopped you from doing something you wanted?" Edward tilted his head to the side, blinking his gold eyes slowly. "You gave us clues to the Philosophers' Stone even when that information was top secret. What stopped you this time?"

Roy shook his head, denying the words spilling out from those lips, tears still streaming down his face. "Edward… please, how can I make this right? I can't lose you!" Edward laughed bitterly before answering. "You know, I shouldn't have died so young. I still had years left; I could have lived a long, glorious life. If anyone should have died today, it should have been you, Roy. You've squandered your life, followed rules blindly to horrible ends. For all of your past crimes against humanity, you should have been the one to die today."

Roy cringed at the words that dripped like venom from the blonde's mouth. "I can't deny that; it should have been me. I've failed you, my team, and my country too many times. Please Edward," Roy sobbed as he bowed his head, "Please…how can I make this right?" Edward slowly moved until he was in front of Roy. "You truly want to make this right?" The blond asked quietly, but dangerously, the words that came out sounded similar to that of a hiss. "You dare to presume that your insignificant self can make right of my death? There is no way to truly make it right, but there is a way to make it even."

"What is it? I'll do anything to correct this, to try to repair all of my mistakes." Edward lifted his flesh hand and brought it forward and gently caressed Roy's cheek as his head moved to Roy's ear to whisper into it. "It's simple, Roy. To balance the scales, you merely have to die." The hand trailed down to Roy's neck and pushed while tightening it into a vice-like grip. Roy landed heavily on his back in the mud with Edward over him, his only flesh hand cutting off his airway. "Yes, this will make it right," Roy whispered as the hand tightened, and black and blue dots began to dance across his vision. "To die by the hand of someone I betrayed, someone I failed." Roy felt himself lose consciousness, blackness finally overtaking his vision.

Roy shot up in bed, covered in sweat, and gasping for breath. "Just another nightmare, another damn nightmare." He comforted himself. He drew his knees up to his chest, wrapping his arms around them to lay his head down. After catching his breath, he walked over to his window and threw open the curtains. Moonlight spilled over his frame and onto the floor, elongating shadows and accenting his pale features. "I'll find you Edward, I swear I will," He promised to the empty room. He gazed up at the moon, hoping that somehow the moonlight would deliver his vow to Edward.

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