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Haruhi watched him inquisitively as Kaoru finally sat down next to her with his meal. Instead of answering her obvious unspoken question, however, he smiled impishly and teased her about the empty seat on her other side.

"Tono not here yet?" He didn't lose any of his good humor when she didn't blush. Then, across the cafeteria, he saw Tamaki and Kyouya talking animatedly. When Tamaki gestured widely to where Kaoru and Haruhi sat, he put to rest Kaoru's curiosity about their topic of conversation. Kyouya amused Kaoru by turning away from Tamaki without responding. He could just imagine the face he was making.

During lunch, Tamaki kept glancing suspiciously between Kaoru and Kyouya. When everyone finished eating and began heading to their classrooms, Tamaki held back.


Kaoru turned and tilted his head at the Host Club's King. "Yeah?"

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" Tamaki looked nervous, which made Kaoru nervous.

"Uh, sure, I guess. It'll have to be quick, though, we can't be late for class."

"Of course." Tamaki took a deep breath and looked at Kaoru with that serious expression he showed every once in a while. "Just how serious are you about Kyouya?"

Kaoru blinked. That was rather direct. "Um, wow, well, I mean..." he trailed off, scratching the back of his head in discomfort. "Pretty serious. Like, I really like him a lot and he's awesome and I don't know how I got so lucky as to have him like me back…Is that what you were asking?"

"Yes." Violet eyes narrowed at Kaoru, studying him.

"Is there a problem?" Kyouya had doubled back and stood with a hand on Kaoru's shoulder.

"No, I was just talking to Kaoru," Tamaki shrugged, watching Kyouya's protective stance and Kaoru's comforting smile back at him. Then Tamaki grinned at them in his usual chaotic way. "Daddy is so happy for both of you!" He pounced on them, wrapping both in a bone-cracking hug.

"Aack!" Kaoru tried to flail but couldn't, pinned by the surprisingly strong arms of the Host Club President.

"Tamaki, idiot, let us go," Kyouya grated. Tamaki ignored both and continued to hug them and spout nonsense, some of which sounded like a seating plan for a wedding reception.

"Hey, you guys better hurry if you don't want to be late for class. I promised Hikaru that I'd watch out for Kaoru this week," Haruhi stood a few feet away, watching them with something that looked suspiciously like amusement in her eyes.

"Haruhi! Daddy was just telling Mommy and the slightly-less-devilish twin how happy is is for them. Do you think you'd be in the bride's party, or the groom's?"

"I think we need to get to class," she responded flatly, sending Tamaki into depression. She sighed at him in his dark corner, and then turned to the couple still standing close to each other. "Well, at least he approves. He was worried about you, Kyouya, and wanted to see how serious Kaoru was before giving his blessing. It's almost sweet of him." Neither missed the affectionate look she gave Tamaki, who was currently poking at mushrooms. After she coaxed him from his corner, they all went to class.

Host Club went as ever, with Kaoru sighing heavily most of the time. The girls all asked him if he missed Hikaru, and he would always say how much he did, then he'd pull a sad face, and the girls would swoon at forbidden love impeded by circumstance. Honestly, Kaoru felt more annoyed than anything. He hadn't been able to contact Hunny the night before to talk about plans for the amusement park. Hunny loved the cute rides, and Mori would not likely let him ride them alone. Then there was the issue of many of the rides being for only two people, which meant Hikaru would be left alone.

Kaoru looked down at his pocket as it vibrated, letting him know he'd just gotten a text. Looking over at Kyouya to make sure he wasn't watching, he pulled out his phone and peeked.

"Ooh, is it from Hikaru?" One of the girls leaned in close.

"Oh, well, it's actually from Hunny, letting me know how Hikaru is doing. He knew I'd be worried about him." Kaoru smiled wistfully and sighed again, keeping himself from rolling his eyes at the predictability of the girls' reactions.

"What's it say?"

"How's he doing?"

"Does he miss you too?"

Kaoru winced and peeked over to Kyouya. Who was watching with a slightly disapproving look on his face. He smiled sheepishly at him before deciding that the best way to entertain the girls would be to tell them what Hunny said, not showing them the picture of Hikaru clutching Mori's arm, hiding most of his face but still obviously laughing. He would glady Hikaru later, though, because the look in Mori's eyes was just a bit too focused and protective, and it would definitely make Hikaru turn red.

"He told me that Hikaru is having fun on the rides with Mori. Hunny doesn't like the scary rides, but Hikaru and Mori do, so they ride those together," Kaoru smiled genuinely. "I'm glad they're having a good time."

He startled a little when the girls around him swooned. Again, he looked over at Kyouya to see his reaction, and blushed at the intense look in the dark eyes. Turning back to the girls, rejuvenated by the news of his brother, Kaoru threw himself into hosting for the rest of the afternoon.

After club hours, Haruhi had to leave to do some shopping and Tamaki had to leave to work with his father's company.

"So what was so important that you had to take your phone out?" Kyouya obviously had to try to sound disapproving.

"A text from Hunny. Here, look," Kaoru showed him the text and the image. "I'm really glad that he's having a good time." He leaned his forehead against Kyouya's shoulder, looking at the screen with him. His eyes closed as a cool hand threaded itself through his hair and stroked the auburn strands comfortingly.

"Do you believe that things will work out between them?" Kyouya sounded genuinely interested.

"Yeah, at least, I hope so. They both seem to like each other, but neither believes that he's good enough for the other. Hunny and I both think that's a load of crap, so we're trying to fix it. I don't know about the future, but I know that right now they can make each other happy. And I want my brother to be happy."

"You're a good person," Kyouya told him, and Kaoru looked into his eyes. They were calm and serious and dark, and suddenly Kaoru remembered the mean trick he'd played on Kyouya at lunchtime and how he'd felt pressed so tightly against him. He pressed his face into Kyouya's arm to hide his blush. "What's the problem?" From the tone of voice, Kaoru knew that Kyouya had a pretty good idea of what the problem was.

"Nothing," he tried not to squeak.

"Really?" Kyouya's smirk was evident in his voice. Cool, slender fingers danced along the edge of Kaoru's collar, making him shiver.

"Do you, uh, have any work to do now?" Kaoru asked distractedly.

"Not at the moment," Kyouya murmured into a reddening ear. "Hmm, I left quite the mark here earlier," he remarked, thumb rubbing a sensitive spot just past Kaoru's collar.

"Huh?" Kaoru tried to look but couldn't turn his head that far. Kyouya took advantage of his position to capture Kaoru's lips with his own.

Once again, Kaoru felt himself weaken against the onslaught of Kyouya's mouth. He lost himself in the slightly rough texture of Kyouya's tongue against his own, in the quickly warming fingers against his skin, the firm chest he found himself pressed against. Kyouya pulled back, prompting Kaoru to open eyes he didn't remember closing.

He found dark eyes watching him raptly. Kaoru had noticed Kyouya watching him before after kissing and found it flattering. Then he remembered what Kyouya had said.

"Wait, you left a mark?" Kaoru rushed to a mirror and pulled his collar down to see the reddish mark clearly standing out from his fair skin. "Kyouya! Hikaru will notice this!" He rubbed it futilely. When he saw Kyouya approaching, he glared halfheartedly through the mirror.

"What? Hikaru knows we're together. And now, when you're brushing your teeth tonight and brushing your hair in the morning, you'll see this and think of me." Kyouya gave him a self-satisfied smile, meeting his eyes in the mirror. Then the smile turned into a smirk that meant trouble.

Keeping his eyes on Kaoru's, Kyouya pulled the cloth away to once more reveal the hickey at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. His eyes positively smoldered as he lowered his face to the spot and licked it lightly, before grazing his teeth against it. Then he bit it sharply, but not painfully, making Kaoru gasp at the sensation.

"Kyouya, you'll make it worse," Kaoru tried to protest. Instead of responding, Kyouya grinned. Still keeping eye-contact, he kissed and licked his way up Kaoru's neck. Amber eyes almost shut, but every time they threatened to close completely Kyouya would apply his tongue, teeth, or lips in a particularly creative way, making them widen again.

By the time Kyouya made it to Kaoru's mouth, both were breathing harder than usual. Kaoru turned his face from the mirror to lick his way into Kyouya's mouth, where his tongue met with another yet again.

Kyouya placed on long-fingered hand against Kaoru's hip, thumb rubbing against a hipbone in a way that could have been soothing but only stirred Kaoru more. His other arm wrapped around Kaoru's chest, pulling him flush against Kyouya's body. The hand on his hip moved to his stomach and pulled his backside firmly against Kyouya's hips. Kyouya made a small, desperate sound against Kaoru's lips, making Kaoru's temperature rise.

Kyouya did it again, and Kaoru's breath hitched at the firm line of Kyouya's erection against his ass. The hand against his stomach pulled him against Kyouya even harder as the hand at his chest caressed his nipples a little desperately.

"Kyouya," Kaoru whined, wanting more, wanting one of those talented, no longer cool hands to move lower, to press against the uncomfortably tight crotch of his pants, increase and alleviate the delicious tension there.

From the table with Kyouya's laptop, they heard a sensible ringing coming from Kyouya's cell phone.

"Dammit," Kyouya whispered, making Kaoru raise his eyebrows. He'd never heard Kyouya curse before. He pulled away, obviously not wanting to, pressing a wet kiss to the side of Kaoru's neck before letting him go entirely. Picking up the phone irritably, he pushed a button and pressed it to his ear. "Yes?"

Kaoru watched him with interest. Kyouya was obviously irritated with having to stop, and to be honest, so was Kaoru, but he absolutely wouldn't neglect his responsibilities. Despite Kaoru's seemingly unending sexual frustration, he found that he admired that part of Kyouya.

After a few short, polite sentences, Kyouya hung up and sighed deeply. "My father has requested my presence at the company this afternoon. Nothing serious," he waved a hand at Kaoru's concerned look, "but it's not something I can avoid." His frown was so unhappy that it was cute.

Kaoru walked over to him and hugged him tightly, cheek against the steady heartbeat. "I understand, Kyouya. Go. We've got Friday night together," he looked up directly into Kyouya's dark eyes. Something Kyouya saw made his eyes darken.

After a brief but still heated kiss, Kyouya left and Kaoru gathered his things to head home.

When Hikaru got home, Kaoru could tell that he'd had a good time. Even though his cheeks were a little sunburned, he still couldn't keep himself from grinning.

"So, it seems you had a good day at the amusement park," Kaoru remarked, pulling out his phone and showing Hikaru the picture Hunny'd sent him.

"Wha-?" Hikaru stared at the picture, already red cheeks blushing. "It was a scary ride," he defended himself.

"Of course it was," Kaoru said placatingly. When Hikaru glared at him, he just grinned. "All of the costumes are finished, aren't they?" Kaoru couldn't remember; it had been a busy few days.

"Yeah, except for the final touches. But we'll do those right before the party," Hikaru shrugged. They worked on homework for a few minutes before Kaoru couldn't stand it anymore.

"Come on! Tell me more about the amusement park. Did Mori do anything cool? Other than that one ride, did you get to be close to him? They didn't leave you alone, did they?" Kaoru pestered, poking Hikaru on the arm repeatedly.

"They never left me alone, don't worry about that. And Mori's always cool," Hikaru smiled a little. "On the ferris wheel Hunny wanted to sit on the outside so he could see, so me'n Mori ended up next to each other. And since the benches aren't very big, we were kinda smashed together. Because his shoulders are so broad, he had to put his arms on the back of the seat, so it kinda felt like he had his arm around my shoulder." Hikaru sighed happily.

"Ugh, you sound like a girl," Kaoru told him.

"Shut up! Do not." Hikaru stuck his tongue out at his little brother.

For a few moments they stared at each other hostilely before they cracked and started laughing.

"So," Kaoru smirked at Hikaru, who looked at him warily. "Were there any embarrassing moments where you remembered your dream from last night?" He grinned widely when Hikaru's face flooded with red.

"One," Hikaru told him, "In the car on the way. Mori was still sleepy, and he turned to me and told me good morning, and his eyes were half closed and he smiled slowly. I thought I was gonna die." Kaoru 'hmm'd' in sympathy. He knew what that was like.

Kaoru put off changing into his pajamas as long as possible, but when all of the homework was finished and they were both sleepy, he couldn't delay it any longer. Once they'd finished changing Hikaru glanced up at him to say something, and then choked on air.

"What's that?" He pointed to the mark just visible from the sleep shirt.

"Er, ah, well, you see, today at lunch, well before lunch technically, we ran into each other, and stuff happened, and, uh, yeah," Kaoru finished lamely. After a few moments, Hikaru's eyes lit with understanding. Then he laughed.

"Kyouya gave you a hickey?" His voice reached an embarrassingly high note for his age, but he couldn't manage to be ashamed over his mirth.

"Shut up, I didn't know he was doing it at the time!" Kaoru fidgeted. Thankfully, Hikaru left it at that and crawled under the covers.

Joining him, Kaoru turned to Hikaru and asked, only half joking. "So do we need a pillow between us tonight, or do you think your dreams will be tamer?"

"Ugh, I don't know," Hikaru replied. "Just kick me if I do that again, okay? And I promise to do the same to you if you start having weird dreams about Kyouya." Kaoru nodded agreeably. He loved Hikaru dearly, but he did not want that to happen again. They may put on a show for the girls, but the thought of their act being truth made both of them nauseous.

Back to back, they both slurred sleepily, "G'night."

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