*I do not own Zoe/Simon. Annette Curtis Klause is one of my favorite authors but..I have always wanted the kissing scene just to go a little further..
Please be 16 or older eitherwise you might just not understand this.

I always wondered what would of happened had lorrained not called.

What if the phone didn't ring?

"little dove little dear I wont hurt you." Simon whispered a soft lullaby with his lips, his nose dipped into the crevice of her neck and Zoe felt herself shudder.

She folded into him, his body far cooler than hers. Her fingers tingling from the very tease of his mouth and she pulled herself back his kisses trickling up her throat.

It didn't hurt at all.

"It can be sweet.." he whispered, but it was more than a growl and Zoe cautiously reached for her throat only to have her hand gently pulled away to his lips.

Curiously Simon lipped her fingertips, his mouth placing gently kisses on her palm and leaning towards her. Cupping her chin dipping it forward, This time it was she that reached for him, her arms languidly wrapping around his neck he slowly pulled her into the couch.

With a whimper Zoe reached for him yet again, her fingers caught his hair, running them through it she shivered at his gaze. Curious like the cat, a grin twitched at the side of his lip.

"Zoe.." he started, immediately cut off by a peck, the peck became two, three. Each one more urgent than the previous, he lifted her arms above her head, cupping her waist and pressing his body into her lightly, careful not to hurt her.

His kisses intoxicated her, Zoe felt herself floating, high above her. She clutched at his shirt, her fingers lingered and deliberately slipping beneath them to clutch and paw at the tender flesh beneath it.

Simon closed his eyes, trembling beneath her warm finger tips. Feeling the pulse of her heart beat with them he inadvertently ground his hips further against hers, they both gasped quietly despite the empty house.

Despite hundreds of years he had yet to find a girl, whose lips made his dead heart throb, his touch lingered in places he had at one point kept away from. It wasn't long before his lips had fallen along her stomach, into the sweet hollow of her hips and their fingers linked.

"Simon.." she breathed, her fingers tangled in his beautiful silver hair.

"I want you as any man would…but I cant have you just yet." He kissed her knee scooping her into his arms.

"Let me plan it..another night. Another way,The way I could have had it a hundred years ago."

Zoe stifled her giggle, her tongue thickened and she merely nodded.

"I'll find you again.." he sat at the far end of her couch, readjusting his t-shirt and putting his jacket back on.

"and when you do.." she asked eagerly, sheepishly almost and he didn't dare look her in the eye.

His lips curled into a grin and he bit his lip.

"I'll take you like a lady." He paused to see if she were revolted but she only readjusted her own self, her heart raced once again and he kissed her hand goodbye.