"Talking or thoughts" Kyuubi, Possessed Naruto, Dark Naruto

Jutsu being used

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Chapter 1: Beginning Of The End /Awakening

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"Talking" normal

"thoughts" or Demon or possessed Naruto talking

Jutsu used

Darkness... Darkness was all he could see above him. Flashes of light appeared as lightning streaked througt the sky , light enough to see a boy , no older than 19 . His pants in tatters with scorch marks , cuts and rips. His shirt torn off and lightly billowing against the wind , both pieces of clothing were covered in blood. He had scars all over his body from past fights and mutilations from the villagers of his home. His shoulders were slouched , weak from exhaustion , he shivered slightly from the rain that pelted his body.

Behind him was a demonic looking scythe , it had a bone like ivory hilt , coloured black. Curling upwards on the staff was a red tail , when it reached the blade , it had inscribed , a picture of a red fox. The blade was embedded into the ground and the hilt was sticking up at an angle . On the end of the hilt were several long wires that swayed against the strong wind.

The boy looked up and saw more lightning , the light from the electricity had shown his face , his cerulean blue eye's stared at the darkened weather with calmness , His blonde hedge hog like , dreaded hair drenched with small droplets of water falling every second. , a scar across his throat that nearly killed him when he was nine.

His shirt was ripped from his shoulders by the wind and flew away , he paid no mind to his last remaining clothing , but only what he was about to do. Looking five feet in front of him , he saw the edge of the cliff...The cliff , he remembered why he came out here. The Ocean . He always wanted to see it , he heard it was beautiful , but some rumours were said that it was a very empty part of the world.

Lightning flashed again and he saw the crashing waves of the vast ocean , walking four feet in front of him so he was only a foot away from the edge. He watched as flash after flash of lightning lit up the sky and the surrounding area.

"Naruto!" a voice called out , the boy , Naruto , blinked and looked behind him , seeing several figures rushing after him , a red haired girl was the first to approach him .

Tayuya , the girl he loved , the one he would risk everything just to see her smile. But what he had done , she would never understand...how could she understand? He took a step back , his cold stare boring into her figure , he looked past her and saw his childhood friends. Ino . Sakura. Hinata . Kin. The woman he protected for his late master Jiraiya , Tsunade . Kakashi . Lee , Kiba , Shino , Neji ,. Shikamar.u

These people who he helped , he bonded , the years he sacrificed to become friends with each of them. He felt dirty , like he betrayed them.

He inched his right foot to the very edge.

"Naruto , please don't!" Tayuya screamed , knowing what he was about to do.

"We can work this out! It's over ! Don't push us away, we can help you!" The red haired girl yelled over the loud thunders and crashing waves of water.

Naruto looked to his left , down towards the ground . His eye's fierce in determination but dulled in sadness . With a deep and dark voice , he looked up at the group of people.

"My vengeance."

He took another step back , slowly tipping himself back towards the edge of the cliff , into the roaring ocean , by this time Tayuya ran for him , hoping to catch him before he plummeted down a hundred foot drop into the vast sea.

"Ends now."

He fell , looking up as the edge of earth shrunk smaller and smaller with Tayuya screaming his name.


The echo of the scream was drowned out by the crashing ocean and the air rushing past his ears. After nineteen years of suffering , ten years of training to avenge his family, it had finally come to the end.

His death would be his release .

But it was not always like this.

Naruto , was once a down trodden boy who had nothing , where every second of his life was a war between him and the villagers. The jailer of Kyuubi , A Jinchuriki , a human sacrifice to house the very tailed demons , used as a weapon for each village.

Naruto's story starts at the age of nine.

Where he first met Kyuubi.

Where it was the first time he died.

Konohagakure. The village hidden in the Leaves. The Home and cage of the demon musician. The Mutilating Guitarist. The anger and despair of Kyuubi himself.

These nicknames belonged to one person. And that person : Uzumaki Naruto.

October 10th , Down Town.

This feeling of dread , the constant fear of each birthday , seared into his memory. Like a repeating nightmare. That's how he described it. Every time he would take a walk about the village on his birthday , a little mob would either beat him or try to kill him , but luckily he could run and go straight to his adoptive grandfather. They would disperse as soon as he entered the building , looking as though nothing was going on. But those stares , those cold hateful stares they give him. But today was different , a larger mob had taken the courtesy of boxing him in an alley that he tried to lose them in.

Bad luck has taken it's course upon the small boy as they brandished their weapons , cracked their knuckles or broken sake bottles to use to cut , gash or stab.

Fear had shaken the boy down to his knee's , looking only at a large , body builder like villager , as he cracked his knuckles before letting loose with a jaw fracturing right hook. Then a left , then right , then left. And then a painful jab to the nose where Naruto thought may have fractured his delicate cartilage..

The brute picked him up by the throat and threw him to the ground , then picking him up by the blonde boys arms and locking them in place with his own. From there , each villager ,started to beat , slash and stab the poor defenceless blonde. Screaming in agony as blood dripped from his mouth and torso .

After an hour , a villager with black hair and a scar over his left eye , stepped forward , taking out an knife.

"Your not gonna squeal any more you little shit!." The villager threatened as he placed the knife on the boy's throat .

Having gone silent , Naruto , with the little energy that he had in his body , spat blood on the villager's face , causing him to cut the boys throat.

Naruto dropped onto the ground as the brute released him. He felt cold , weak , his sense's were leaving him. He knew this was the end.

"You do not want to die here , little one." a voice echoed as the dying boy lost consciousness.

Naruto closed his eye's , ignoring the voice that echoed in his head.

But he tried to open his eye's , and what he found was odd.

He found himself in a vast underground like sewer system , his feet submerged with water. Looking around and seeing walls with numerous doors. Looking with confusion , he looked straight ahead. Surprising him that a cage , a one hundred and fifty foot cage , held closed with a small bit of paper with the kanji word for Seal .

Bright red , slitted eye's appeared in front of him from the darkness.

"This is not your time to die." The voice spoke again.

Naruto took a step closer , towards this great , caged entity.

"What do you mean? Am I dead?" the small boy asked.

The eye's looked like they softened a bit as they stared at the young , innocent boy.

"Almost , but I do not wish for your death. I can help you." The voice spoke again.

Naruto took another step , this entity seemed trustworthy , friendly ,but he felt that this , 'thing' was most probably powerful.

"Are you ….Kami?" Naruto asked.

The voice laughed as it's eye's lit up slightly .

"No , dear child , I am They Kyuubi no Kitsune. The great Nine Tailed Fox." Kyuubi introduced himself.

"You are about to die , and I wish to help you survive." The great demon proposed.

Naruto stood there , looking up at the great demon . Cerulean blue met with Crimson slitted eye's.

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