Chapter 15 : Halloween , Survival and The Demon Of The Mist

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"Talking" Normal.

"Talking" Kyuubi /Drake


Jutsu used.

It was twenty days since the day Naruto found happiness in the form of his close friends. He always wore a smile when he was approached by any of his friends or grandfather. He would hum a tune while he was on missions and enjoyed being with his sensei and pink haired comrade while ignoring the third .

Sometimes Sasuke would ask a small question to initiate a conversation with the whiskered blonde , but to no avail as Naruto would look the other way .

The villagers never managed to bother him with insults or threats , oh no , this kid felt like nothing was going to bring him down.

Naruto was currently at Ichiraku Ramen with Tayuya and Kin. They have gotten closer and spent more time with each other when Naruto had a break from missions. Tayuya and Kin opened up more with their growing relationship with the young genin , Naruto however felt like he could do the same. This in turn proved to be something more as they slowly became close friends. Naruto kept his promise and took the time from training to spend time with the two girls.

They would talk for hours about random things or about Naruto's missions , their favorite things or hobbies . To food , their dreams ; unfortunately Naruto had none and could not answer them when asked why.

Naruto was also slowly becoming more relaxed with them in turns of knowing when they blush or when he realizes they held his hand as they walk. He would feel warm when he felt that skin in skin contact , for this Kyuubi had to explain as it was the feeling of being cared for.

So he kept silent when this happened and just enjoyed the feeling .

The one thing he enjoyed recently was spending time with the two girls . They would laugh and have a good time when in a restaurant or in his home . But Kin and Tayuya would always walk closer to Naruto as they felt the villager's glare towards the boy.

As they both ate their meal , Kin turned her head to gaze upon the blonde boy.

"Hey Naruto?" Kin asked as he finished his bowl.

"Yes Kin chan?" Naruto replied with a smile of satisfaction as he started to slurp his noodles down.

"Are you doing anything for Halloween tomorrow?" Kin asked.

Naruto looked at her , "What's Halloween?" the boy questioned.

Tayuya and Kin looked at the boy strangely.

"You don't know what Halloween is?" Tayuya asked.

Naruto shook his head for his answer.

"Halloween is where you dress up as a monster or something scary or something from stories and parade around getting treats from everyone ,or you use the theme for a party. It's like a festival." Kin explained.

Naruto nodded as he started to understand.

"But what will you do for this Halloween?" Naruto asked.

"Go to the festival tomorrow that they are holding at the center of the village." Kin answered.

"But we were wondering if you wanted to join us?" Tayuya asked , her eye's lit up in hope that he would say yes.

Naruto pondered on the thought for a few moments .

'A theme where you dress up as a monster?' Naruto thought to himself.

"Go for it! I'll fill you in on our little plan later , but we gotta to be careful there brother." Drake spoke with mirth in his voice.

What was he planning?

"I accept . What time does it start?" Naruto asked.

Tayuya and Kin smiled , " It starts at six." they spoke in unison.

Naruto nodded , but what was he going to dress up as? He got an idea on who he was going as , and it might even be a little intimidating. He started to smile evilly , Kin watched as the smile grew wider and wider. A very chilled shiver went up her spin as she saw that smile.

"Whatcha thinking about Naruto kun?" Kin asked.

"Just thinking about what I'm gonna go as. What about you and Tayuya chan?" Naruto asked.

"It's a secret..." Tayuya replied with a blush on her cheeks.

"A surprise? Do I get a hint?" Naruto asked mischievously .

Both girls smirked.

"But that would spoil the surprise." Kin replied .

Naruto pouts and resumes eating his ramen.

'Kawaii!' Both girls thought to themselves in a fan girl like way.

They continued talking for another half hour before they paid for their meal and parted ways. The girls left for their home , Naruto however made his way to the Hokage tower. Wanting to talk to his grandfather for at least a few hours seemed like an idea.

2 hours later . Hokage tower.

After speaking to his grandfather for two hours by talking about upcoming missions , recent activities and random subjects , the two eventually talked about Halloween.

"There will be a festival going on. A party of sorts. I was wondering if you will be attending?" Hiruzen asked.

Naruto nodded. "I was thinking about attending."

Sarutobi smiled. "Please do so! It will be a nice change for you ."

Naruto nodded. " I was thinking about going as something intimidating ."

Naruto got up and unstrapped his guitar from his back , channeling the dark energy that resided within him into the the instrument.

The guitar was enveloped in black chakra and erupted into the fearsome , demonic looking scythe.

"Something that goes well with this." Naruto finished

Sarutobi took in the sight before him , the infamous scythe from what was described in the reports. The elderly man gathered his thoughts and came to an idea. He could only wonder how the weapon worked , and if this 'brother' of Naruto could take control , would he use it? Reports from Inoichi , Asuma and Kakashi have stated that the entity Known as "Drake" has not been seen for sometime . Or that he was walking around but was able to fool the three jonins. He decided to risk it.

"I've got an idea. You want to scare some villagers eh?" The third asked.

Naruto smiled and nodded.

Sarutobi smiled and got up from his desk.

"Let's go my boy. I think I got something in store ." As the old man walked over grabbed his adoptive grandson by the shoulder and escorted him to the famed clothing shop.

With Hinata.

Hinata had just finished training with her father and her sister Hanabi. So far she had been minisculed and degraded by the very likes of her family. She had taken several hits to the torso , it ached to even breathe. After wards she was abused by her father , physically and verbally . She ran up stairs to her room , ignoring the pain as her tears crawled down her face.

Slamming the door shut and locking it behind her , she fell onto her bed and curled up to hug her legs.

She cried and cried for hours at her weakness . At her family treating her like she was nothing. She didn't know what to do , she had trained her hardest to live up to the her parents expectations and got nowhere.

Then she remembered Naruto and his training with the Famous Copy Nin ; Hatake Kakashi.

"Would Naruto kun train me the same as his sensei?" Hinata asked her self between sobs.

She kept remembering the fight between Mizuki and Naruto , how he controlled the fight into his favor. Only getting hit once before dealing the punishment right back to their sensei. The fury , the confidence , the pride.

That's what she wanted to be like , like the blond boy she loved. To be strong , to be confident . To be a person and not be ridiculed .

She never knew that for a boy his age stood up to adults including her own father , neither caring nor giving any thought to consequences when defending himself or others. He was fierce , strong , caring and most of all considerate to his friends. These virtues are what Hinata would train and strive for. She wanted to be like what the blond boy is defined by.

This is what also made him her crush , a secret love that no one yet knows. She blushed whenever she see's him , her heart stops when he speaks to her. Then she realized , her breathing quickened , her heart started to beat faster. The aching pain on her torso had dulled and felt lightly numb , she then visualized Naruto inside her mind , holding her in his arms. His strong , gentle arms.

"I'll see him and see if he can help train me." She spoke to herself with more confidence .

She quickly got dressed and rushed outside to find her blond friend.

One Hour later

Naruto walked out with his adoptive grandfather , a bag in hand and a smile on his face. Sarutobi enjoyed the time they had for the day . But during the visit The Third spoke to Naruto about his other half in thinking this may be a plan to get out and seek revenge . Naruto shook his head and ensured his adoptive grandfather that Drake would not do such a thing. Feeling confident in Naruto's abilities Hiruzen nodded and clapped Naruto over the shoulder , a smile gracing the old mans face

"Oji san , thank you for spending time with me today." Naruto thanked.

Sarutobi smiled. "It's no problem my boy , It's what family does for one another."

Naruto stepped forward and hugged the third . The old man hugged the small boy and gave him a pat on the back.

"You have turned into a fine young man , Naruto. After all the troubles you went through you turned out better than anyone who could'nt handle it. You have made me proud." Sarutobi whispered.

"Thanks Oji san. I have you and Kakashi sensei to thank." Naruto replied.

The two parted just in time for a voice to call out.

"Naruto kun!"

Naruto looked around to see Hinata running towards him.

He held his hand up , "Sup Hinata chan!"

The girl approached them but knelt over to catch her breath.

"Naruto kun...c-can you t-t-train me?" she asked between breaths.

Naruto looked confused for a second , he looked towards the Third who shrugged with a confused expression

"Hinata you are a Hyuuga , your training with your family is more than enough for being a shinobi." Sarutobi explained.

"No it's not!" Hinata yelled her stance taken into a more aggressive posture.

The out burst caused Naruto and Sarutobi to step back in surprise.

"I need you to help train me Naruto , Please!" The girl begged.

Naruto stepped a bit closer to his grandfather for some sort of protection. Hinata was starting to creep him out with this odd behavior. Usually she was timid and quiet , but this sort of behavior was surprising.

"I...uh..I guess..." Naruto replied meekly.

The raven haired Hyuuga grabbed his arm and started to drag him towards his training ground.

"I'll see you later my boy! You got a lot of work to do!" Sarutobi called after him.

The old man chuckled to himself as he made his way back to his desk in the Hokage tower.

"Hinata whats this all about?" Naruto asked as he walked beside her .

"I'll tell you when we get somewhere quiet." Hinata replied .

What the blue haired girl didn't know is that her sudden determined attitude was starting to unnerve the blond boy.

At Naruto's Training Ground.

Hinata had explained the situation that lead her to the present to her blonde friend , Naruto being the boy that he is , reacted in anger.

"That's not right." Naruto seethed.

He punched a tree that he was leaning and cracked the bark and the body , leaving an imprint of his fist in the tree.

"Family should never do that!" Naruto snarled.

Drake had listened to the conversation and felt the same...except he wanted Hinata to turn around and poke an eye out or something along the lines of mutilation.

Drake bit into Naruto's neck while his brother performed the Kage Bunshin Jutsu.

Before Hinata , Naruto was enveloped in a dark chakra like mist . The cloud then started to move away as though a vacuum was sucking the smoke in. The smoke started to disappear inside the very nostrils of the now formed Drake. He breathed out the smoke he inhaled but it came out white. His black and red eye's boring into the girl. A blush crept onto her face as she saw him topless and with only black , long pants. His muscular chest and arms riddled with tribal markings .

"So what training do you want blue bird?" Drake asked as he sat cross legged in front of the shy girl.

She looked from Drake to Naruto then back to Drake.

"I just want to be stronger. I-I-I want to be lik-"

"Like us?" Drake interrupted.

Hinata looked down at the ground and nodded.

"There's a lot of ruthless training if you want to be like us Hinata chan." Naruto explained as he leaned his back against the tree.

"You have to train your body to the limit , Brother here is lucky he has Kyu for healing him." Drake chuckled.

"But I still ache after wards regardless the healing." Naruto shot back.

"Only because you train most of the time and you don't rest properly." Drake replied.

"And pain is progress , you don't gain without sacrifice." Naruto finished.

"Music to my ears. Which reminds me , how is that going?" Drake asked , curiosity within his tone.

"Pretty good , made some more songs the other day." Naruto replied with a smile.

" You should play them later on." Drake smiled , exposing his fangs.

Naruto nodded.

" about training?" Hinata asked.

Both boys looked back at the blue haired girl.

"Sorry blue bird , about training. We need to focus on your physical prowess . What will happen is that you will be able to hit harder , faster , react faster. And By Kami we will get you out of that shy attitude ."Drake announced as he picked the girl up by the scruff of her jacket and made her stand up.

She winced as pressure from her jacket was pressed against the tender spots of her bruises . This was noticed by both boys. Drake slowly unzipped her jacket and took off the heavy clothing , revealing the bruises on her creamy , white skin.

Naruto growled as he saw her injuries as Drake only licked his lips from the evidence of abuse , he could feel the hatred... The anger... His brother grew seemingly protective over his friends , especially Hinata . She was innocent , kind and pure. Abusing her would only incur dire consequences. Drake zipped up her jacket and and pat her on the shoulder. His sharp teeth showing as he smiled.

"You will have to learn to be more outspoken. Child or not you decide what you wish Hinata chan." Naruto moved over to stand next to his brother.

"How your father treats you is not right at all. But when we are done training you. Your going to smack that smug bastards smile off and show him what your made of." Drake continued as he pushed her in front of him.

Hinata was slightly scared at the moment , she had the love of her life prepping her to train and his other side getting all touchy feely with slight aggression.

"Ano... w-w-when are we g-going to train?" Hinata asked as her eye's darted to the ground to avoid the cerulean blue gaze and the black and red eye stare.

"When this halloween ordeal is over." Naruto answered.

"And we got much planning to do." Drake chuckled menacingly .

Hinata stared at the tribal marked boy with confusion.

"What do you mean?" The raven haired girl asked.

The evil side only laughed with mirth as he rubbed his hands together.

The Hyuuga only held a questioning look before Drake took her right hand with both his hands and tugged her along the dirt path towards The village.

"Tell me Blue bird chan , will you be attending this 'Halloween' festival." Drake asked as he still held her hand.

Hinata walked with him but the uneasy feeling never ceased in her stomach. Dear kami he was creepy.

"I-I-I don't know." Hinata replied shyly.

"You don't know? Well that is a problem , we can't have you missing the show." Drake smiled

Naruto walked next to the couple , his eye's fixed on the road . His mind wandered to the disguise he was going to wear . But then his mind wandered to Tayuya and Kin. The pair had gotten to know him more and gotten closer to him in their friendship. Their interactions had been more frequent , from going to lunch. To spending time at the park , whilst they held onto his hands as though they were their life line. That's when he started to think about them in detail. The softness of their hands , the redness of their blush as they were caught holding his hand. Their eye's that shined that indicated their day dream like state . Their smiles . The fragrance of fresh flowers that he would notice as he they approached him. His cheeks started to heat up as he pictured them , smiling at him.

"I think brother is having a nice dream. Wouldn't you think so Blue bird chan?" The blond / black haired boy asked.

"I-I-It's Hinata." Hinata corrected with a blush.

"But blue bird is such a lovely name for ya." Drake whined as he hung his head.

Hinata giggled causing Drake to look up with a thumbs up.

"I made you laugh , Five points!" Drake exclaimed excitedly with a wide grin.

Hinata continued to giggle , who knew the evil side could be humorous?

Drake started to talk to Hinata about random subjects while Naruto walked in silence . It took only twenty minutes for them to get to the gates before they split up and made their way to their homes.

With Tayuya and Kin.

The duo made their way home to prepare their costumes , feeling warm and giddy after their time with their favorite blond . They spent hours after they reached home to work on their costumes for the following night . Before they moved to Konoha they had a knack for learning new things from sewing to cooking to fighting . Their parents taught them what they could before the fateful day claimed their lives. It was enough for them to go by to guarantee their spots at even the littlest job.

As Kin worked on her outfit her thoughts started to dwell on the blond boy.

'I wonder if Naruto kun will have a nice time with us tomorrow night. Oh I would like to see that handsome smile again' Kin thought to herself but froze after she realized what she just thought of.

'' Her thought repeated.

'Well he is handsome...A handsome I have a crush on him?' She thought to herself.

That's when she remembered the times where she held his hand , blush when he smiles , and his cerulean blue eye's always watching protectively. She always felt protected when he was around . He made her laugh and she always had a nice time with him. And the moment she has to leave for home , she feels her heart pull away in sadness.

That's when it was confirmed to her: She had a crush on Uzumaki Naruto.

She would have to think about this for a later occasion , because she had a task set for her. A task to impress Naruto with her work.

Little did she know that Tayuya had developed a crush on the same boy some twenty days ago. Regardless , both girls worked hard to get their outfits finished for the festival , awaiting the night where they could spend the night with their savior.

"Tayu! How are you going with your costume?" Kin asked .

Tayuya poked her head out from behind her bedroom door , "Almost done , you?"

"Wait , almost done?" Kin asked in confusion.

" I started a couple of days ago." Tayuya replied sheepishly.

Kin shot her a glare as though her friend was in first place in a race.

Tayuya poked her tongue out mockingly and retreated back to her project. Kin did the same and improved her speed at making her costume.

The Next Day , 4:30 p.m .

Naruto and Drake were inside their apartment skimming over the idea for the small revenge , with each fine detail that Drake had planned out only brought out the sadistic smile upon Naruto's face.

"With this plan , we can obtain revenge and place fear into those wretched villagers!" Drake growled as he finished discussing his plan.

"I Like the sound of this plan brother. But what about Kyuubi san?" Naruto asked.

The great fox only looked up and spoke.

" I see no harm in this plan. I will allow this on one condition: No Killing or Mutilation But above all . DO NOT GET CAUGHT." The great Kitsune warned.

Drake clapped his hands together with a menacing smile.

"I am glad your on my side Kyu!" Drake exclaimed .

Kyuubi only chuckled before he laid down and closed his eye's for some rest.

Naruto took out a heavy black cloak that he had bought yesterday and placed it on the table , putting on a black shirt and long , black cargo pants before he walked into his living room. Drake had opened the door and waited.

Naruto bought his hands up into a cross hand seal and channeled enough chakra to summon 30 clones.

"Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!" Naruto exclaimed.

The room was clouded by smoke from the jutsu , Drake waved some smoke out and waited for the clones to approach him.

"Ok boys! I want you to go the north side , henge into normal civilians and await for the signal." Drake ordered .

The clones nodded before they used the henge into normal civilians and dashed out towards the north. The blond jinchuriki used the jutsu to make ninety more clones for south , west and east sides. Their orders were the same. Naruto huffed as his excitement started to rise in his chest. Drake channeled his chakra to the guitar and made the scythe appear before them as Naruto threw on the heavy cloak.

"Soon the villagers will know what true fear is." Drake whispered as he smiled devilishly.

Naruto couldn't help but laugh darkly , this would serve as great entertainment for him and his brother.

"Then they will know whom they are fucking with." Naruto replied as his voice sounded darker .

Drake laughed as he picked up the scythe and passed it to his brother.

"Don't be late." Drake bowed .

Naruto nodded with a menacing smile and took the scythe. Both boys locked up the apartment and made their way down the stairs. They stopped at foot at the stairs and looked around to see many children , teenagers and adults dressed up as various monsters , mythological creatures or animals .Some of the adults looked to see the 'Demon' , making Naruto forget that he didn't put the hood over his face.

The two brothers walked off towards the heart of the festival which was located near the Hokage tower. As they got half way , Drake stopped to see the sun setting on the horizon . He nodded Naruto to go on ahead to his location as he went to gather the troops.

"I can tell already , this is gonna be one hell of a party!" Drake announced as he rushed off to find the disguised clones.

Naruto smirked as he made his way over to a nearby alley way , he only had a few seconds travel once he got his disguise on . So he held his hands up into the ram seal and channeled chakra into his entire body.

He was covered in smoke as he used a henge technique to look the part. The smoke cleared and he stumbled out of the alley way and over to his position. His cloak took on a more torn and tattered looking image , his hood covered his face and was able to see through it thanks to a few holes. The creepier part was when he was able to look out , he called on a bit of Kyuubi's chakra to change his eye color to the crimson , slitted pupils.

He waited at his position for a half hour , ignoring the gaze's of other villagers as he kept his hood over his face. He smirked as he saw his brother on the roof tops ,

"The time for revenge is now." Naruto growled to himself .

At the Hokage's office.

Sarutobi was currently sitting at the window , looking out towards the village with slight anxiety. Tonight will be the night his adopted grandson will follow through with his plan. Chuckling to himself as he went through the details . He ordered Kakashi , Asuma and Inoichi to watch Naruto and get him out to safety should there be any problems.

"It's exciting , is it not?" A mysterious voice spoke beside the old man , nearly giving him a heart attack.

Hiruzen looked over to see Drake sitting on the wall , his back laced with chakra to keep him from falling.

"You shouldn't sneak up on me like that." Sarutobi huffed .

Drake chuckled . " Why? It's fun scaring people." He replied in his defense , a sadistic smile on his lips.

"Is everything in order?" Drake asked.

Sarutobi nodded , "Yes. I hope you two don't blow this out of control. I got the shinobi to stand off no matter what happens."

Drake chuckled evilly and darkly , he started to shake in anticipation.

"This will be glorious ." The tribal marked boy whispered to himself.

The third felt uneasy due to Drakes actions , his body language consisted of only aggression and hostility.

"Just sit back and watch the show." Drake assured the Hokage.

The night had come quickly , Drake was on the Hokage tower , looking over the festival with hungering eye's. He leaned forward , away from the window sill , ready to initiate the plan. The show must go on.

Naruto walked over to the the middle of the festival grounds as there was a large gap between groups of villagers and stands for various food , drinks , sweets and toys. Naruto looked up at the tower and saw his brother give him the thumbs up. Naruto raised his scythe into the air as the disguised clones nodded with a smirk before disappearing into nearby alleys to re disguise themselves.

As Naruto walked through the crowd , he accidentally bumped into Tayuya . He didn't know she was so close to his rendezvous point , but he had to get into position.

" You girls look rather elegant tonight." Naruto spoke before leaving for the center of the town square.

Drake looked over towards the alleyway that the clones bolted for and saw a dark , shadow like figure with blazing red eye's give a tiger and a horse seal. Drake nodded as that was the signal he gave them for the "All Clear."

Drake looked at Naruto and used the dragon , ram , horse and boar hand seals. Naruto nodded and let out a cold , dark laugh that was noticed by the surrounding villagers.

He pulled back his hood to reveal his henge'd form . The form that shocked the villagers and a few women screamed in horror.

With Sakura , Ino , Hinata , Tayuya And Kin.

Sakura , Ino , Hinata , Kin and Tayuya were currently near a food stand when they heard screaming. Sakura was dressed in a pink floral Kimono , her long hair had been tied back into a pony tail . She had jade green eye shadow on her eye lids and a dark pink lipstick on her lips.

Ino was wearing a purple Kimono with white flower petals and a white stripe from the bottom of her Kimono up to her collar. She had a dark purple eye shadow on her eye's with light purple lipstick.

Hinata wore a white yukata with blue birds scattered on her clothing . Her make up consisted of light blue eye shadow and blue lipstick . Hinata was rather nervous because she was looking forward to seeing her favorite blonde. A near permanent blush gracing her cheeks.

Tayuya had on black pants that ended half way at her calf , a black tank top with a red and black jacket . She tied her hair up into two buns , upon her buns were a pair of make shift cat ears that she made at home. She had black gloves that had padding on her palms giving her the cat like look. And a small curled tail on her shorts that completed the look.

Kin was dressed in a black baggy samurai pants that was decorated with white flowers . A black and white sleeveless shirt , sandals and a wooden sword. Her black hair was tied up in a high pony tail. Her lips were painted black , black mascara and white face paint.

A robe dressed person holding a bone like scythe with a red fox imprinted on the staff and blade bumped into them rudely. His breathing was quick and shallow that showed signs of anxiety , however Naruto was about to do something that would brand him a bigger target. Knowing that if he was found out they would try to stop him or worse ; ruin the plan. So he decided to keep to himself , but as he bumped into all five girls he stopped a few feet away.

"You girls look rather elegant tonight." Naruto commented , he wished he could take in more of how they looked like as they looked very beautiful. But duty calls and he had a schedule to keep.

The five girls turned and glared at the hooded figure , Tayuya followed the person in order to make him apologize.

Naruto quickly made his way to the center of the festival where there were less people. He let out a loud dark laughter as he reached up with his right hand to take off his hood.

The surrounding people and children watched this hooded figure moved around the villagers as though he glided through the crowd. He stopped in the dead center , they saw this dark figure take off his hood and screamed in horror from what they saw.

There was no flesh on his face , only a pale white skull. His eye's were crimson and slitted , his upper canine teeth were an inch and a half long and sharp as a kunai blade. On his forehead he had a Kanji symbol that was marked as ; Death. His golden hedge hog like locks were now completely white and only only a few strands remained.

His arms only had muscle and tendons from shoulder down before it reached the wrist , the tendons went along his hands and onto his fingers to ensure that it looked like he still could move them normally.

He swung his scythe around before swinging into onto his left shoulder.

" Your pain...Is my pleasure. You ordinary , dull , pointless MAGGOTS!" The death like figure bellowed darkly.

Many villagers screamed in horror at the figure before them , his laughter echoed through the crowd as his gaze went over each frightened man , woman and child. They were frozen with fear , unable to move , thinking that death will find them one way or another.

"Judgment is at hand . For the sins committed you are found guilty. The time has come to awaken him!" Naruto roared with malice.

The wires that were attached to the hilt of the scythe shot up and attached themselves onto the blade , wrapping around the steel and tightening themselves up. Naruto flipped his weapon around as though he was holding his guitar and started to play the the newly form scythe guitar. The sound of the strings being plucked with his bone like hands sound more metallic and heavy. ( A/N Think of it like an electric heavy metal guitar.) The fox on the scythe started to dance and snarl along the staff and blade . It's tail wrapped around the strings on the blade and started to tighten them with each pluck , as though it were changing the notes for Naruto.

Dethklok : Awaken.


Drake heard his cue and changed his features to look like his brother and quickly made his way to the cloaked skeleton.

"Who are you!? What do you want with me?" The shirtless boy questioned as he was only fifteen feet away from his disguised brother.

This was also the calling sign for the one hundred and twenty clones that were hiding in alley ways, to rush the festival towards their mark. The shadowed beings with nothing but blazing red eye's running through the village scaring more of the inhabitants along the way. They surrounded Death and Drake as though it were a ritual and started to clap or stomp to imitate the sound of drums. Drums that sounded like an impending doom was to take place. Naruto continued his solo as he watched his brother start to act scared.

" I CALL UPON THE ANCIENT LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD , TO BRING FORTH THIS BEAST AND-" Naruto stopped as he took a deep breath and at the same time as his followers started to chant. He left his hand up in the air before slamming his hand along the strings to produce that heavy , phat , guitar song .



Drake started to shake with feign fear and watched as "Deaths Servants" started to bob their heads and move with the sound of music , like a small mosh pit.

" RISE , RISE , RISE RISE!" The clones and Naruto chanted.

At this point Drake fell to his knees and clutched his hair , while applying chakra to his seal , started to make it look like it was starting to disappear then reappear as though the seal was breaking.



Drake started to convulse as he pretended he was losing control. Sakura , Ino , Hinata , Kin and Tayuya were afraid that their friend was about to die . The minions of death were too many and they were to afraid to even take their eye's off their blond friend.

"RISE! RISE! RISE!" The shadow creatures chanted as Drake clutched his stomach , but using every bit of will power he had to make sure he didn't grin or laugh . It was too much to bear for him , the villagers were scared out of their wits!

Luckily for Naruto his illusion hid his smirk of malice and continued his song .







At this point five clones rushed Drake in an attempt to hold him as he convulsed , one clone held a hand over his mouth to ensure to hide any smile or laughter.




Naruto roared with his eery voice , stopping his guitar solo abruptly , causing all the clones to dog pile on Drake . As all clones piled up , they all synchronized their wording at the same time in a whisper , enough for everyone to mishear it .

"Henge." they all whispered lowly.

With a loud explosion and a large plume of smoke , the one hundred and twenty one clones were covered by their combined jutsu . The villagers screamed in fright as a gigantic fox upon it's hind legs , inhaled the smoke and released a deafening roar.

Sarutobi jumped out of his seat as he saw the Kyuubi in the town square , the shinobi have already made it to the scene , surrounding Death and Kyuubi. The fake Kyuubi smirked as everything went according to plan , Naruto couldn't believe this was happening. This was probably the best plans Drake has made ever! But right now , they had to save their laughter and deal with their consequences later , besides the Hokage was in on it as well , but he hardly knew what was planned. The shinobi forces took up using hand seals and kunai with exploding tags at the ready .


The villagers screamed as they attempted run with their children in their arms , shinobi forces were trying to get in closer to fire off their jutsu or exploding tagged Kunai.

"AND MY PURPOSE IS..." The fake Kyuubi continued as he raised his front paws in front of his chest , his fingers curled , raising only his middle fingers.

Half the villagers looked back to see the great demon flip them off , the ninja's only looked confused , Sarutobi was still shocked . The five girls were horrified still from this performance and were struck with disbelief..

"SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS!" The fake demon exclaimed before it exploded again into smoke.

The shinobi used a quick wind jutsu to repel the smoke only to reveal , one hundred and twenty clones of the dark skinned and red eye'd demon looking clones and Drake.

Everyone averted their disbelief and confused gaze from the army of clones to the death like figure with his scythe on his shoulders. The robe clad skeleton started to laugh .

"Why are you all so afraid? It's Halloween after all." said Naruto as he tried to keep up his laid back attitude.

But the humor of the prank was killing him inside , he had to laugh it out soon or he'll burst and be left defenseless.

Sarutobi was emotionless at the reaction Naruto caused , how could one kid scare an entire village? Using the past as a weapon was the answer. What better way than to awaken the nine tailed beast and scare the living piss out of all the adults that wronged an innocent boy? This could only re open wounds and drive the villagers to murder him.

The shinobi stood down and glared at the boy as Drake started laughing , then it spread to the clones and then the original. Kakashi was amongst them and he felt nothing but surprise and disappointment , this kind of behavior meant that his student will be targeted more often. But on the other hand , five very worried and angry girls were making their way over to original .

"Well you know what time it is!" Drake announced as he walked next to the original.

The clones smirked as the next phase was about to begin.

"LEG IT !" Drake yelled as all the clones exploded into smoke , giving the two brothers a smoke screen and a gap of time to ensure they got out . The two ran as fast as they could before turning into an alleyway and hid behind a few trash cans , Naruto disengaged his jutsu and took the cloak off . They waited around for moments , listening to what could point out if they are being followed or not.

"Looks like we lost them ." Naruto confirmed while looking around , trying to catch his breath

Drake chuckled to himself as he threw his hands up behind his head , that devilish smirk plastered onto his face. Then they started to chuckle , the chuckilng turned to laughter and then in turn...turned to something akin of a hyena laughing hysterically. It took a while for the laughter to die down lest they die from lack of oxygen.

After they composed themselves Drake spoke up.

"Lets head home , no doubt that we would be sought out for our lil fun." Drake chuckled.

Naruto nodded as pulled the hoodie of his cloak over his head , concealing a good portion of his face.

Drake smiled widely at the job well done , shoved his hands into his pants and walked right next to his brother .

It took merely twenty minutes from where they stopped to hide to make it back to his home. They were careful enough to avoid detection . Buuuut...not careful enough. As it turns out , when they reached the foot of the stairs of the apartment complex , they looked up to see five very pissed off friends . Sakura and Ino held a very aggressive look towards the boy , hand on hips , pursed lips , the whole she bang a bang . Hinata had her arms crossed and she was tapping her foot. Tayuya and Kin , had a hardened glare at the two boys.

Needless to say they were up a creek without a paddle , a boat , a swimsuit or anything to help beat the metaphorical sharks away with. Yep , they were two boys in a pit so full they would need a few years to dig out of if they minimized the cannibalism and used chopsticks to dig out with. Yes siree bob they were goners for sure. ANYWAYS! They were in trouble...I mean big trouble...the trouble that comes from being forced into a cold shower and multiplying that by a couple dozen times.

"Naruto kun , would you kindly step into your home for a friendly chat?" Sakura asked sweetly ….a little too sweetly .

At this point the boys shivered , not meaning from the cold showers mind you but something along the lines of that.

"Yes , would you kindly speak to us and explain what you did at the festival?" Ino asked in the same sweet tone.

The boys eye's slowly started to get smaller , knowing that they were in a spot of bother.

"Stand still bro, women can only see movement , stand still and they might forget we're here." Drake whispered.

"I don't think that works..." Naruto sweat dropped.

"No . It doesn't" Tayuya answered , her angered glare still honed in on her secret crush.

"...Any Ideas?" Drake asked .

Naruto shook his head .

"Naruto! Get up here now!" Hinata shouted , this caught Naruto , Drake , and the four girls off guard.

Naruto quickly got up the stairs and into his home , Drake followed as quickly as his brother. Naruto stood in the kitchen as his five friends walked in , and took a seat on the available chairs. Drake stood next to Naruto , awaiting for the verbal assault and lecture.

"Now. Naruto , explain what that little debacle you concocted at the festival was all about." Kin seethed as her eye's were glued to the blond boy.

Naruto awkwardly shuffled in his spot , his gaze on the kitchen floor as he started to mumble.

"What was that Naruto kun?" Ino asked in anger.

"It was only a prank." Naruto said a little louder.

"A prank." Sakura repeated.

Naruto nodded .

Drake stepped to the side , knowing he was going to blamed as well . You know what they say , every man for himself!

"I got a thing to do .So ah...BYE!" And with that , Drake disappeared in a plume of smoke.

Naruto only hung his head a bit more.

'Brother! You freaking traitor!' Naruto mentally shouted.

"Why would you prank the village?" Hinata asked.

"It was brothers idea. Plus you know why I would do such a thing." Naruto replied with an aggressive tone.

Hinata , Sakura and Ino sighed , Tayuya and Kin nodded , given what they could piece together , but they knew it was slightly over the line.

"Did you not take into account about how you scared the children? Or what the consequences may be?" Sakura asked.

Naruto nodded.

"And what do you have to say for yourself?" Ino asked , her voice never losing her stern tone.

Naruto felt his anger start to rise , here he is and his three close friends lecturing him about his decisions and how he can go about to go so far as to making the villagers fear him in order to leave him alone.

"I have nothing to say , my reasons are my own." Naruto growled.

"Get angry if you want Naruto but you not only have made it easier for villagers to find a reason to attack you but you made us worry about you . We thought you were going to die!" Sakura exclaimed .

Naruto scoffed , " Let the villagers come after me ." Naruto responded aggressively , a hint of carelessness , venom and plain out coldness in his voice.

Five pairs of eye's widened at his response , his posture turned from one that looked like a scolded child to a boy ready to explode.

"What...did you say?" Ino whispered .

" I said . Let. Them . Come!" Naruto looked up as he emphasized the last word in a darker voice.

"I'm through being the fucking punching bag in this village , all I want is to be left alone! You saw the memories Ino! Kakashi trained me because of them ! He trained me so I could fight back!" Naruto growled.

If the girls were standing , they'd be stepping back , seeing Naruto look up and seeing the once cerulean , calm orbs turn into the slitted crimson eye's of the demon inside.

"I'm done with leaving in fear." Naruto finished .

"Naruto kun-" Hinata started , tears filling up as she could feel the hatred seep off his form. But she was cut short from saying anything as a knock on the door was heard.

Naruto looked towards the door and walked over to open it . As he opened the door , stood before him was his sensei. Kakashi.

"Naruto. Follow me." Kakashi ordered .

Naruto looked back and and then followed. Ino and Sakura just sighed , feeling the fear leave them from their close friend . Hinata hugged herself and Tayuya and Kin remained silent. They will not be in that apartment when Naruto gets back.

With Naruto and Kakashi.

"I am very disappointed in you Naruto." Kakashi spoke with a slightly angered voice.

Naruto remained silent , he knew he was going to be scolded because of his brother's plan.

"Hokage sama told me about your plan. I didn't think you would go so far. And to think that... Brother of yours was to lead you into something like this. The villagers are going to want you punished and honestly , I slightly agree with them to an extent." Kakashi finished.

Naruto gritted his teeth , he was sick of being the one in the wrong when the villagers were left free to do what they like and get away with it.

"So one little scare I have to get punished but when the villagers nearly kill me they get away with it." Naruto snarled.

Kakashi stopped as he heard this.

"Naruto it's not like that ." Kakashi started.

"Well then how is it any different?!" Naruto yelled , his voice changing as his eye's went slitted and red again.

Kakashi started to fall into a defensive stance as he saw Naruto's chakra start to swirl and spin around his body . Naruto's hands started to grow the black claws and the blue and red energy enriching his hand in the powerful energy.

"How is it any different? I nearly died! Where were you!? Where was anyone who could help me!?" Naruto screamed.

At this point , some villagers opened their doors or windows up enough for them to see what the commotion was about.

"I'm not a demon and this village treats me like I'm the fucking plague that needs to be killed off!" Naruto continued.

"Naruto , calm down." Kakashi warned.

Naruto growled and walked right past Kakashi , towards the tower.

Kakashi dropped his guard and walked slowly after Naruto.

'Minato sensei ….Kushina san...I'm sorry..' Kakashi thought sadly to himself.

At The Hokage Tower.

"This is an outrage Lord Hokage!" Shouted the 70 year old woman.

"That Thing went too far ! He must be Punished!" Shouted the 73 year old man.

Hiruzen only rubbed his temples , his annoyance at the two elders disrespecting his adopted grandson.

"Homura , Komura . Calm down. Let me deal with this." The third mumbled as his headache seemed to just pulse and throb.

"He has no right to do that to the village what so ever! The villagers demand that he'd be punished!" Komura shouted.

And that did it... Hiruzen stood up , his eye's piercing into his old time friends , but only considering if they were still his friends at this point.

" Is that so? Then why has Naruto had to deal with death threats , assassinations and all the bullshit he had to deal with?! I tried to help him as he is only a boy! But You can't see past the Kyuubi! He tried to hold onto what ever sanity he has to be the shinobi he is now! No village should treat one child like what they put Naruto through!" Hiruzen shouted.

The two elders stepped back in fright as the Hokage leaked out killing intent , chakra and protectiveness over the blond haired shinobi.

" Get out of my sight!" The elder Hokage snarled.

And with that the two elders shuffled quickly out of the room. The Hokage flopped back into his chair , feeling slightly regretful for even going with the plan that his adoptive grandson's evil side thought up. Caught up in his thoughts , he didn't realize that a knock on the door echoed his office.

"Hokage sama?" Kakashi called from the other side of the door.

Hiruzen looked up , " Come in."

Kakashi and Naruto walked in , Naruto obviously annoyed , walked over to the desk and looked his grandfather in the eye's.

"Kakashi , you can leave." Sarutobi ordered.

Kakashi nodded and left without saying a word. Hiruzen sighed and looked at the blond haired genin.

"Everything go according to plan?" Sarutobi asked.

Naruto shrugged . " The girls are angry with me."

Hiruzen sighed , " There were going to be consequences to this plan. But that brother of yours didn't seem to think through ."

Drake was listening the entire time , from when they left home , a devious smile on his face.

'Or it's because it's all part of the plan.' Drake thought to himself.

"Either way , I made it clear that that I was involved to help part you away from the hazards that could threaten our "Super weapon" . By using fear against your enemies to believe you control the demon himself is a part in on itself that you are not to be threatened or attacked. That mixed with my law is to ensure your safety. The civilians are being watched and some of my trusted shinobi are stationed outside your home to prevent anything from happening." Sarutobi explained.

Naruto stared at the old man in front of him. "Super weapon?" Naruto asked.

"Hm , I wanted you to avoid this but it's a reason why shinobi stricken with grief won't attack you. Naruto... because you have the Kyuubi inside you , Jinchurikis are considered super weapons in times of war." The old man continued.

Naruto's eye's widened at this new piece of information.

"When wars take place , the Jinchurikis are sent out to wreak most of the damage while the shinobi's clean up whats left." Hiruzen finished.

Moments passed in silence as the boy tried to process what he heard . He was a weapon that was used by the village to eradicate a threat at their command.

"What happens if I refuse?" Naruto asked.

Hiruzen stared at the boy , " Then there will be no choice but to brainwash you into doing what needs to be done. No doubt , Homura , Komaru and Danzo would likely go through with it but I won't" The Third made it firm.

"I won't do anything of the sort Naruto , I'd rather we negotiate , but brainwashing you is crossing a line." Sarutobi got up and walked around the desk.

Naruto looked up at his adoptive grandfather , there was no lie from this old man at all , through the years of knowing the Third , he not once lied to the young boy.

"Good to hear I guess." Naruto said , unsure of this situation.

Saurobi nodded and pat his grandson on the head , "But it was creative I will admit. Using clones and a henge to make a disguise large enough to make another Kyuubi." Sarutobi chuckled.

Naruto nodded and smiled. But he silently promised never to go through another prank with his brother.

"Ok , you're dismissed Naruto , I'll see you in the morning for missions ok?" Sarutobi ordered.

Naruto nodded and saluted his grandfather and left.


Naruto , Sakura , Sasuke and Kakashi stood in front of Iruka and Sarutobi , they got into the mission briefing room ten minutes ago for evaluation , right now Iruka was going through their recent missions for confirmation.

"Hm , they have done enough for a C ranked , Hokage sama." Iruka mumbled.

Saurtobi looked over , " Are you sure? "

Iruka nodded and passed the documents over , allowing the Hokage to see and confirm the reports.

"Do you think they're ready?" Iruka whispered so the team couldn't hear.

"I think they are , it'll be a good test ." Sarutobi answered.

Iruka nodded.

They both looked at the team , Sasuke and Sakura looked confident in their achievement , Kakashi was just reading his book and Naruto? Naruto was staring at them , no expression was on his face , just an off putting stare.

"Hokage sama has agreed to allow a C ranked mission for your team . This mission will be escort a bridge builder to the Land Of Waves." Iruka explained.

Kakashi ,Sasuke and Sakura nodded , Naruto didn't .

"Ok , you can come in now Tazuna san!" Iruka called out.

The team looked over to the door and saw a man that looked like he was in his fifties , his physique was muscular , grey hair and a goatee . He was wearing a blue sleeveless shirt , and white shorts . But the man stumbled in which signified that he was intoxicated. Their suspicions were put to rest when they saw he had a sake bottle in his hand.

"These 'hic' are the 'hic' kids that are gonna 'hic ' protect me?" Tazuna slurred.

Sakura sweat dropped at this man's behaviour, " We are a qualified team , we can get you to the Land of Waves no problem!" She shouted enthusiastically.

"So long as you don't become a liability." Sasuke added.

Kakashi hadn't heard Naruto say anything at all this morning , so he playfully nudged his shoulder with his hand . Naruto turned and looked at his Sensei with an expressionless face and gave him a small smile.

"Ok , pack your things and meet at the north gate in one hour. Be sure to pack what you need for four days. Dismissed!" Sarutobi finished.

At Naruto's Apartment.

Naruto had packed his shinobi gear and casual clothing for his mission , including his rations , couple bowls of instant ramen and equipment for any fights along the way. He went through his pouch and holster and filled them up with shuriken and Kunai. He kept his kunai present from Sakura and Kurumu in his drawers as he didn't want to use them yet.

He kept going over his things for a while before having a shower and getting cleaned up. Once done he put on some a pair of black cargo pants , a white shirt and his Black sleeveless trench coat. He tied his headband to his arm and picked up his bag and his guitar before heading off.

He locked his door to his apartment and started to make his way to the north gate. As he was walking along and getting glared at by the villagers , Drake materialized next to him .

"A mission outside of this shithole , eh?" The tribal marked boy asked.

Naruto nodded , "It'll be a nice change for a while." He shook with anticipation to leave this village even for a little while.

Drake nodded as he stared at the villagers staring at his brother.

"I ever so wonder if we upset these poor villagers for our prank?" Drake mocked his sadness with a hand over his forehead and leaning slightly on Naruto's shoulder.

Naruto chuckled , "I think we did , no doubt they would probably wanna kill us." Naruto scoffed.

Drake spat to the side , "As if they could kill us , they tried once and that only made me." Drake grinned maliciously .

Naruto nodded in agreement and found himself at the north gate. He looked around and saw only Tazuna , the rest of the team weren't there yet.

"Tazuna san." Naruto spoke to the elder man.

Tazuna looked up and saw the blond headed ninja that was at the mission briefing.

"Hey shorty." Tazuna greeted.

Naruto narrowed his eye's at the name .

"Drunken idiot ." Naruto mumbled under his breath , he took his place against the wall and leaned back on it , leaning his head back to bask in the sunlight. They waited for the other three members to show up

"Naruto Kun!" a voice called out.

Naruto looked behind him to see Hinata running up to him. He felt a pang in his chest from last night , he still felt bad about it due to their reactions.

"Naruto kun! I was wondering about last night...and I'm sorry for what had happened." the raven haired girl huffed , trying to catch her breath.

Naruto looked away but he nodded. Hinata saw how he was acting and caught on to it.

"Are you still upset from last night?" HInata asked.

Naruto remained silent and stared .

"I u-understand what you and D-D-Drake had to d-do to b-b-be left alone." Hinata spoke softly.

Naruto nodded.

"I l-l-look forward to when you c-c-come back and training with you." Hinata smiled and gently hugged her crush.

Naruto gently hugged her back , when she pulled back , he nodded.

"Bye N-N-Naruto kun." Hinata waved.

"By Hinata chan." Naruto waved.

And so Naruto and and Tazuna waited for the rest of the team to arrive.

The one hour was up and by then Sasuke arrived . He looked at his blond haired team mate and nodded in greeting , Naruto did the same and waited for his sensei and pink haired team mate.

"Ok Team , this is C ranked , I want a formation diamond formation , eye's and ears open until we achieve the objective." Kakashi ordered.

The three genin nodded and got into their formation. Naruto took the front position , Sasuke took left , Sakura took right and Kakashi took the rear.

"Ok , now keep a look out . Let's go team!" Kakashi ordered.

The three genin nodded and pressed forward.

One Hour Later.

Since they started the mission , the team and Tazuna were rather quiet , from weariness of the mission and it's dangers. Sasuke couldn't help but stare at his blond teammate , curiosity took his interest as Naruto appeared quiet , strong and capable.

"Hey Naruto." Sasuke called out.

Naruto's ears perked up , he looked back to see his raven haired team mate looking at him.

"Anything unusual from the front?" Sasuke asked .

Naruto frowned , "Nothing. You?" Naruto asked back.

Sasuke shook his head . At least Naruto was talking.

As they walked , Naruto noticed up ahead was a small puddle.

'A puddle? But it hasn't rained lately.' Naruto thought to himself , looking back to Kakashi with a concerned look on his face.

Kakashi looked at his blond haired student and nodded as he caught the puddle in his sight.

"Keep a look out Naruto ." Kakashi ordered as they kept walking.

Naruto nodded as Sakura and Sasuke caught wind of the situation. And so , they trudged on while keeping a eye and ear out for any possible enemies . They passed the puddle in silent as they watched it from the corner of their eye's . Five meters….ten meters….fifteen meters. They were twenty meters away before movement erupted from the puddle.

Two men erupted out of the puddle. Both were dressed in cloaks , cargo pants that were for camouflage including their shirts with bandages wrapped around their naked stomach. They were both connected to a chain with spikes embedded on the bands. The chains were attached to one gauntlet that both had , one had a gauntlet on his left hand , the other had his on his right. Their breathing sounded like they were connected to a respirator due to their masks.

One of the men grabbed his partner and threw him straight at Kakashi , twirling his chain around the jonin in quick succession before landing and giving the chain a strong pull as his partnered pulled at the same time.

The team had no time to react as they witnessed their sensei get ripped to shreds by the chains , Naruto's eye's widened as he saw his friend and teacher get killed before him. He grabbed his guitar from his back and launched himself right into battle. His chakra blazing into his guitar as the black chakra seeped into his guitar and forming the deadly scythe , his hand on the very middle of the bone like staff. Sasuke followed , kunai drawn.

The demon brothers reacted to the genin's attempt and attacked head on , lashing their claws out in order to slash at the blond shinobi's chest. Naruto ducked and side stepped to the left , dodging one claw and using the opening that was provided and struck the mist shinobi in the stomach with the bottom of the shaft. It wasn't enough to induce pain but it was enough to make the shinobi stumble back . Naruto kept the initiative and attacked , using his scythe to slash at the assassin's torso . The mist nin saw the attacked and dodged and countered with a stabbing motion with his sharpened finger armor. The older brother reacted by released the chain on his gauntlet and continued forward , in the belief that his brother could handle a genin without assistance.

Naruto acted quickly by putting the scythe in the way of the claw. A loud clang reverberated around the forest area as scythe met gauntlet in a clash. Due to the months of training , Naruto was indeed strong enough to hold his own , but it was not enough by a seasoned chuunin. With a great push , the chuunin started to drive Naruto back . Naruto was unable to hold his ground as his feet started to slide against the ground from the force of strength the chuunin was exerting. Naruto dropped onto his back as the chuunin fell with him , Naruto drove his legs into the chuunin's chest , forcing the chuunin over him . As the chuunin hit the ground behind Naruto , he started to gasping for air . Naruto spun his scythe around and swung behind him , hoping that the blade would hit the mist nins head.

The mist nin saw the attack and rolled to his right side , barely dodging the fatal blow . As the blade sunk into the ground , the mist nin proceeded to get up and attack again . Naruto quickly got up and avoided the attack by jumping backwards and while in mid air flew through the handseals while applying enough chakra in his lungs as he inhaled.

"Fūton: Renkūdan No Jutsu!"

Naruto released his justu directly at the Mist nin , hitting the assassin directly in the chest effectively breaking a rib while forcing the air out of his lungs while propelling him through the trees .

With Sasuke .

Sasuke jumped into the fray of the battle against the other mist nin as his blond teammate took care of the other shinobi. With Kunai drawn , Sasuke charged at the assassin with the intent to kill. The raven haired genin reached into his pouch and withdrew four shuriken. He threw the star shaped weapons at the mist nin in hopes it would hit him in order to provide an opportunity of attack.

The mist nin pulled his gauntlet up to deflect the shuriken and followed up with a stabbing motion . Sasuke reacted by jumping onto the gauntlet and while using his hands to position himself , mule kicked the mist nin in the face.

The mist nin stumbled back , trying to quickly recover from the genins mule kick , but Sasuke didn't let up , he closed the distance between them and delivered a strong roundhouse kick to the head. The mist nin was dazed from the two attacks , Sasuke used his kunai and stabbed the man behind the man's knee . The mist nin screamed in pain at the wound he just received , using his unarmored hand to swat the boy away . Sasuke stumbled back , his blood soaked kunai still in his right hand , ready to stab or slice the mist shinobi .

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura exclaimed as she saw her crush get struck.

"Stand back and guard Tazuna!" Sasuke ordered , jumping back while avoiding a gauntlet swing.

Sasuke continued dodging as the mist nin grew more aggravated and attacked more aggressively . The mist nin pressed his offensive until Sasuke was forced against a tree , when back met bark , the young Uchiha's eye's widened in realization at his predicament. The mist nin grinned behind his mask as he thrust his gauntlet at the young genin. Sasuke closed his eye's shut as the time he to avoid the attack was gone.

Sakura screamed as she was about to witness her teammate and crush about to be killed.

'Please no! I still need to kill him!' Sasuke thought frantically.

Sakura had stopped her screaming as she witnessed the unthinkable. The mist nin's hand stopped a mere few inches from Sasuke's face , a shocked expression on the mist nin's face. Sasuke slowly opened his eye's and saw the nin's gauntlet a few inches from his face. Sasuke looked at the man's eye's and saw that his pupils rolled back into his head , a sign that he was knocked out.

"Bit slow on the draw , eh Sasuke?" a voice spoke behind the mist nin.

Sasuke tilted his head to the side and saw his sensei with an eye smile and his arm wrapped tightly around the assassin's neck.

" Kakashi sensei." Sasuke smiled slightly as he was spared from his early fate.

Kakashi nodded and looked over to Naruto , the blond had tied up the rogue nin with some rope and and dragged the injured shinobi over to the group . Naruto dropped the rogue nin's leg he was using to drag him over and pointed the blade on his scythe upon the mist nin's throat.

"Talk ! Who sent you!?" Naruto barked .

The mist nin laughed at the boy's attitude .

"I ain't telling you shit kid." The tied up man remarked .

Naruto growled and removed the blade from the man's neck before slamming the point of the blade into the man's shoulder four inches deep. Sakura winced and let out a small gasp of surprise and horror at her friends brutality , Sasuke's eye's widened at surprise.

The rogue nin howled in pain as the blade was stabbed into his shoulder , blood leaking between the flesh that was pierced by the steel . Naruto started to twist the weapon , causing more pain to shoot through the man's shoulder to collar bone and more blood to leak out of the wound. Kakashi dropped the man he was holding in his headlock before going up to Naruto.

Kakashi placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder .

"Stop! Take it out of him." Kakashi ordered.

Naruto looked at his sensei and growled , giving in to the order , he lifted the blade out and stood back.

Blood dripped freely from his blade before the blood stopped and seeped into the blade , unbeknownst to the team and the blond headed genin . The blood quickly rushed into the fox symbol carved into the scythe , after every drop was gone and left the scythe clean , the fox carving danced and glowed lightly on the weapon.

Due to the sunny day , the faint , red light the fox emitted was not known to any of the shinobi.

"Tell me who sent you." Kakashi ordered .

The mist nin spat at the jonin in his reply.

Kakashi sighed and knelt in front of the tied up man , resting his hand on his Head band and started to pull it up. After a few seconds , the man started to talk.

"The man...was Gatou..." The man spoke mechanically.

"And who else is involved? " Kakashi asked.

"No one... We were tasked to kill the bridged builder...If anyone else was hired...we would have known and worked with them ." The man answered again.

Kakashi nodded before taking a Kunai and cutting the mans throat. Sakura winced at the action , she let out a shuddering breath as she first witnessed death.

"Ok , let's keep moving , Naruto , make some clones and tell them to scout out in all directions but maintain a one kilometer radius." Kakashi ordered.

Naruto nodded, "Kage Bunshin No Justu!"

In a large plume of smoke , two hundred clones appeared and jumped into all directions of the teams current location.

"Done ." Naruto confirmed .

Kakashi nodded while Sasuke was surprised that this kid knows a high ranked jutsu. Kakashi snapped the neck of the man who was still knocked out before going through some hand seals.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Kakashi exclaimed as he slammed his hand onto the ground.

A seal appeared on the ground before a large plum of smoke erupted , a few seconds passed as the smoke cleared revealing several dogs.

"Pakkun! I need you and the others to take these corpses back to Konoha and tell the Hokage that we are continuing the mission."

The small pug known as Pakkun nodded , the other dogs took the two corpses and left.

"Let's go." Kakashi ordered.

A Few Hours Later.

The team and Tazuna walked onward , the more they continued the more heavy the air seemed . A small chill crept up on Sakura's spine , a shiver for Sasuke and a heavy uneasiness on Naruto .

Naruto stopped as a memory forced it's way into his mind , it seems some of his clones were dispelled . But they didn't get dispelled on purpose ….that would mean...

"Kakashi sensei!" Naruto spoke up alarmed.

Kakashi looked to his student .

"Some of my clones were dispelled!" Naruto explained.

Kakashi nodded before his visible eye widened.

"GET DOWN!" Kakashi yelled .

Team seven and Tazuna ducked down before an oversized blade nearly decapitated their heads , embedding itself in a nearby tree.

The attacker was already at the tree and had already taken the blade out of it's wooden confines. Kakashi leapt up and lunged at the attacker . Kunai met oversized sword in a clash of metal on metal .

"The copy cat nin of Konohagakure : Hatake Kakashi." The mysterious bandaged man growled.

"The silent killer , Demon of the Mist : Zabuza Momochi." Kakashi growled back , unshaken determination and Killing intent in his eye.

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