Hope you all like it. Enjoy :)

This is for ToManyLetters's The Autocomplete Me Challenge.

My prompts were:

"I want your skull." and "ten times last night." Hope I made this good.

Luna swayed side to side as she looked at her image in the mirror. She had on a silver dress with black slipper-like shoes on. Her hair was in a simple braid. As she looked at herself, Snape appeared behind her.

"How do I look darling," asked Luna, twisting her body side to side.

"You look wonderful," he says, hugging her from behind.

Luna smiles as she rocks with Snape. They were going to a restaurant for Luna's thirtieth birthday. As they rocked back and forth Luna thought about asking Snape where they were going to eat.

As if Snape knew what she was thinking he whispers in her ear, "Not yet, my dear, you have to wait."

Luna sighs and goes over to her bed.

"What's wrong," he asks, softly.

"You won't tell me where we are going to eat and I'm hungry," whined Luna, pouting. They then go to a restaurant and order something to eat. While they are waiting Luna is singing along with the music. When they get their food Luna eats it happily.

Ten times that night, Luna would glance Snape's way and she would simply smile as if the world revolved around her or maybe around something else but who knows when it came to Luna. They stayed a little longer before Luna lets out a small yawn.

When they go home Luna goes upstairs and changes into sleeping clothes. Snape waits for her to be done and when he goes up to their room he finds Luna already asleep. He decides to watch her before he does anything else.

"Love…. Severus…..help," muttered Luna in her sleep.

"I want your skull, so then I can know what you dream at night, and what you think about in the day," whispered Snape, smiling.

"Helping hands…. ice mice…. like we love to no end," muttered Luna again. Luna as she sleeps looks so peaceful it's as if no one could wake her from such a peaceful sleep.

Snape chuckles quietly and leaves the room so he can do things for the morning to come. He takes a shower afterward and lies next to Luna.

"My Luna so pretty with her blonde hair, my Luna who sleeps by me and Lily is no longer here because I love Luna Lovegood," thought Snape before he fell asleep.

The next morning Luna wakes up and a smile graces her young face, knowing that Snape is by her; he on the other hand is asleep and is snoring softly. Luna then gets up and goes downstairs to see the whole living room decorated to her weird taste.

She then picks up a note off the couch. The note says:

'Luna, I love you and want you to be mine. Will you do the honor of remarrying me?'

Luna smiles and nods, as she feels Snape came behind her and hug her.

"Love you," he whispered in her ear. "You know that right?"

Luna nods, and says in her usual voice, "I love you too."

Luna then goes to the kitchen and makes breakfast for her and Severus.

"To us," she said as she raises a cup of orange juice high in the air.

"To us," he repeats, smiling at how happy his wife is.

Ten times last night I saw an angel,

ten times last night I wanted to dig deep into her skull so I can know what she dreams about at night.

Ten times I saw love and captured it, then lost it couple minutes later.

Snape smiles as long as Luna is alive the world could collapse and he would still be the happiest man alive.

Hope you all liked it. This is my first Luna/Severus fic. So I hope I did it good.