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Due to such positive feedback (I love you all! xoxo) and demands for a sequel, I have started, but alas, I have hit an extremely large roadblock... When I wrote the one-shot it was going to be a chaptered story but I came up with too many idea's of what Death would demand of Harry. So I just left it as it was... Heh _

I thought, now that I've given it awhile I could decide on the one, but I can't damnit! So I would like to enlist my lovely readers to help if they would like, I have put a poll on my profile and if none of the options there are what you envision your welcome to PM me or review with your opinion, if there are enough of the same opinion I will make it a poll option.

Thankyou again!

Hmm now how to get around the rules of no posting author notes as a chapter...


~Sneak Peek at another fic I'm working on~

Blaise disillusioned himself and relaxed against the bathroom door, he knew he shouldn't be spying but this was something he had been waiting over a year to see. It sent a thrill down his spine to bare witness to the perfectly rounded tummy Hadrian sported that carried their child. Well fake child, but Blaise was positive he could, no would make it a reality in the near future. He was never more thankful for his skill in potions when they had to create an un-named potion the previous month. The top three best brewed potions would get to chose their partners for the upcoming project. A curse, yet blessing was that Hadrian was unable to participate due to still being held in the hospital wing from the aftermath of the final battle. Although the beautiful teen was magically powerful, he was rather weak physically due to his birth and the only things he could truly excel at without repercussions (i.e his blasted older twin) were Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and Potions. Now Blaise had one upped the over-protective twin and he could still taste sweet victory from when he claimed his beloved to be his wife in the Pregnancy Project.

The potion was to create a fake fetus once swallowed. Depending on how many clock-wise turns made before bottling (between 1-6) was how many months pregnant the imbiber would become, progressing through the pregnancy like norm for the following two months. The maker of the potion would become the 'Father' due to the potion needing to be fed a constant trickle of magic in the brewing and the imbiber would become the 'Mother'.

~End Excerpt~

Eek, I nearly gave you more than that measly paragraph. Twas only meant to be a peek! Luckily I stopped myself.