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AN: This is book-verse, so the bolded lettering is direct quote from the book. It's the background story for Coraline and Christabelle for when Unforseen Choices starts. It's Coraline's version of Unforeseen Circumstances haha


Unforeseen Losing


Coraline had time to observe that the house itself was continuing to change, becoming less distinct, and flattening out, even as she raced down the stairs. It reminded her of a photograph of a house now, not the thing itself. Then she was simply racing pell-mell down the steps in pursuit of the rat, with no room in her mind for anything else, certain she was gaining on it. She was running fast—too fast, she discovered, as she came to the bottom of one flight of steps, and her foot skidded and twisted and she went crashing on to the concrete landing.

Coraline gasped as she fought to keep consciousness, and with a burst of strength, reached out in futile at the direction the rat scampered off to with the marble. She barely felt her head hit the ground as she fainted, hearing cold chuckling in her ear.

The Beldam smiled wickedly as she looked down at her disobedient daughter wrapped in a blanket in the room she made for her. She picked up her Coraline doll and pulled out a needle to disassemble it. She had her daughter in her tight grasp, exactly where she belonged. She licked her lips as she heard a soft sigh escape her daughter and then a cry of pain as her hands flew to the bandage on her head. The Beldam put the doll away and sat next to the girl, putting her hand on Coraline's forehead. The girl leaned into her hand and moaned piteously.

"Oh god, mom, I had the worst nightmare." The Beldam smiled wickedly at the girl whose eyes were still closed. She cooed as she softly moved some hair behind the young girl's ear. She watched as Coraline's eyes slowly opened her eyes, widened them, and then screamed. The Other Mother snapped her fingers and Coraline felt her lips press closed and her limbs feel like lead. She whimpered piteously as she looked up at the Beldam who was smirking at her. The Other Mother pretended to sigh unhappily.

"You've been unconscious for three days, my little doll. You forfeited by inactivity." Coraline's eyes widened in fear and tried to speak but was unable. The beldam looked down at her and smirked.

"I felt bad for you, you were so close. So, I decided to let your parents go and let the Ghost Children rest in peace. You, however, are not as lucky as any of them." Coraline gulped, but was relieved at the news. She was afraid of what would happen to her, though. Would the Beldam sew the buttons on her eyes immediately, or would she wait to eat Coraline's soul? The Beldam seemed to tell her train of thought.

"I will not eat your soul. I'll eat another's soul to appease me, but I plan to keep you." She poked Coraline's nose with her long, claw-like, red painted fingernail. She stood up and Coraline's gaze followed her anorexic form across the room.

"What do I plan to do with you, I know you're wondering..." She turned around and gave Coraline a lascivious grin.

"As I test the children if they're edible, I also test to see which one I'll keep. I will only keep one, for I will raise that one to maturity and cultivate the attributes I want passed on. I planned to find a mate to make me an heir, and I have chosen you, Coraline Jones." Coraline fainted.

AN: Oh, and the Beldam's not lying, she's gonna let them all free. I just don't feel like the complications of the ghosts or the parents trapped, the parents have to be back in the real world because it's essential to the story.