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Unforeseen Losing

Chapter Four

You Shall Never Escape

Coraline was able to fob her parents off with a story about a group of men that went through the area and kidnapped her because she just happened to be in the clearing they passed, and it explained why, when they went to the doctors the next day, she wasn't a virgin anymore. The police asked her a few questions, and she went along with her story. As to her escape, she told them that a women helped her, distracting the men as she escaped. She didn't know her name, but she'd recognize her as soon as she saw her again.

Coraline sat on her bed, holding her stomach as she looked out at the darkened sky outside her window. She stood and walked over to sit on the window seat, to look outside. She swallowed and pulled her knees up to her chest as she looked up at the stars. She heard a meow and looked down.

The Cat sat on the floor, looking up at her with his large eyes. She smiled faintly.

"You weren't kidding were you." She sighed and looked out the window. The Cat jumped up on her lap and she rubbed behind his ears. He purred contentedly. She finally looked down at him and gave him a sad, wry grin.

"She really did eat me alive, I guess." She gave a dry chuckle and shook her head. She swallowed and looked outside once more.

"But I'm home with my parents, and I'm happy. That's what matters." She murmured, and the Cat gave a disgruntled meow. Coraline looked down at him, who glared at her. She sighed.

"I know, I know. I'm not free of her. She has the key. I'm just scared to death that she's gonna come and take me away in the middle of the night, or take my parents again and force me to return." She buried her head in the Cat's fur and cried softly. She heard a noise but didn't move.

"Why would I do that?" Coraline froze, her eyes shut, pressed against the Cat's fur. She gasped for breath as she tried to ignore the voice from only a few feet away.

"Coraline, why do you believe I'll do something as bad as that?" The voice was amused. Coraline shook her head, refusing to respond. She couldn't breathe, she was so frightened.

"Coraline, please look at me." The voice entreated, soft, different than she was used to. It didn't sound like her mother, or even the Beldam as her mother. She slowly pulled her head up and opened her eyes. She knew it was the Beldam, not by her appearance, but by her smile.

The woman had long black hair, almost as long as Coraline's. Her face was like porcelain, small and delicate. She wore a blue suit and skirt, and had heels. She was the Beldam, she knew, but not posing as her mother anymore. Coraline swallowed and hugged the suddenly hissing Cat to her chest.

"Beldam." Coraline whispered, feeling goosebumps prick her arms as the air got cold. The Beldam gave a mock curtsey and gave her a grin.

"I am the one and only. But I am also called Christabelle." She said, unblinkingly. She turned and faced the boarded-up fireplace.

"I do not plan to take you from your parents again, nor take them from you. The door was unlocked, no? Why do you think that is?" She turned to Coraline, her head tilted, her eyes sparkling. Coraline shrugged.

"I unlocked it so you could go home, Coraline. You've done all that I asked." Coraline couldn't believe her ears and finally got her voice back.

"I've done all you asked?" She asked woman in a deadly voice, her eyes narrowed. The Cat immediately jumped off of her lap as she stood. She looked deadly in her rage, Christabelle thought bemused.

"You RAPED me." Coraline told her in a quiet but deadly tone.

"I was not aware of the whole situation when you first took me to your bed, you made me forget who I really was. Then, when I remembered, you forced yourself on me. And you tell me that I've done all that I was asked?" Coraline grit her teeth and blinked back tears, refusing to show weakness to the woman before her.

"You bitch." She said, mustering all the hate she felt for the woman in those two words. Christabelle seemed to take this in stride. She merely smiled.

"Yes. And you're going to have my child." Coraline blinked. She opened her mouth to say something, but seemed to have forgotten what she was going to say. Christabelle grinned.

"It'll definitely go along with your group of men story. After all, I saved you from them." Coraline seemed to choke for a second.

"What?" Coraline sputtered. Christabelle rolled her eyes.

"Which part, that your pregnant, or that I'm the woman that distracted the men from you so you could escape." Coraline swallowed and glared at her.

"I can't be pregnant, you're a woman, and, and, you didn't save me! You're the one that kidnapped me in the first place!" She sputtered. Christabelle walked over to the bed and sat, examining her long blood-red fingernails.

"You are pregnant, that was why I needed you. Do you not, now, recall what I said to you when you lost the game?" She looked at Coraline, who scrunched her eyes up, trying to remember. Her face cleared and her eyes seemed to deaden slightly as she did.

"Your heir." She watched as Coraline swallowed and sat down on the window seat.

"You're using me as a breeding mare." She said softly. Christabelle nodded, knowing that Coraline got the basic idea.

"And I'm planning to stay around. It's Christabelle. I haven't figured out a last name yet, though. I'm thinking of forgoing one, and I can be a gypsy." Christabelle added in a whimsy manner, smiling lightly. Coraline swallowed.

"You won't….rape me again?" She asked in a quiet voice again. Christabelle looked at her, surprised.

"No! I've already accomplished what I needed with that. I need not force you through that pain again." Coraline visibly calmed down. Christabelle smiled down at her as she stood.

"I hope that we can be friends." She asked and Coraline looked at her incredulously. Christabelle shrugged.

"I guess that's asking too much." She pretended to sigh and then gave a Cheshire grin.

"We'll be parents, I guess friends will eventually come." Coraline bit her tongue and Christabelle vanished. The Cat hissed from the floor, then when they realized she was truly gone for now, they faced each other. Coraline swallowed and tried to smile.

"I guess that means that I'm going to see her a lot if she's moving nearby, and not in the Other World." The Cat closed his eyes and put his hands over his head. She nodded in agreement.

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