Title: Double date

Pairing: Buffy/Giles

Genre:, Humour, Romance

Rating: T (for now, but meant to be M)

Disclaimer: Nope, I still do not own Buffy TVS and its characters. I make no profit out of this... bummer. ;)

Summary: Set somewhere while Giles own the Magic Box and Buffy is a College student. No Riley and no Olivia.

A/N: Hi again guys! This is just a little B/G I'm putting on. It meant to be short. The intent actually is to release some steam and naughtiness in chapter 4 and 5. A bit of humour in chapters 1 and 2, and chapter 6 is still a mystery even to me. :)

A/N2: For those who are following my Masked Desire fic, I've got great news. I've finished the plot of it, so... I'm just waiting for my super beta girl mischiefmagnet to beta the chapters. It will have a total of 9 chapters, so... it still a lot of masked romance to go one.

"Buffy!" Giles jumped from his seat and greeted Buffy overly excited, "How nice to see you."

Buffy stared at him paralysed and with widened eyes, not knowing how to react to that out-burst. She had just got into the cafe and...

"How have you been?" he continued in an unusual quick speech, "Is everything going all right?"

"Y-Yeah," she managed eventually in a low and uncertain tone. She was still lost in the plot.

"Wow! Very, very good to see you." he said again rubbing his hands together in a nervous gesture. "Who-who is you friend?" he blurted crooking his head to one side and rubbing the back of his head motioning to Buffy's companion. He was obviously trying to engage a conversation.

"Ah, uh... this is Aaron," she answered, "Aaron, Giles," she introduced them.

Giles shook the young man's hand excitedly and with a overly friendly grin.

"Please. Why don't you sit with us," Giles motioned to the table abruptly.

'What was wrong with Giles? ...umm, and who is this woman?' Buffy thought still at a lost.

"Oh, this is Christina," he said referring to the beautiful blond woman that was sitting at the table.

"Hi!" Christina waved her hand.

Giles motioned Buffy to the booth, and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Please, join us." his eyes were begging with hers and his hand squeezed her shoulder lightly emphasizing his plea.

"Yeah... Yeah, sure!" she took a seat across from Christina and Aaron slid on the booth next to Buffy.

Giles sighed in relief. He couldn't believe he was in this situation.

Everything started so innocently. She, Christina, had gone to the Magic shop for the first time a couple of months ago. She was always friendly and polite. They'd bumped into each other a week before at the Espresso pump and they ended up sharing a coffee/tea at the counter. She was breathtakingly beautiful, Giles hadn't missed that and she apparently was quite an interesting person from the few talks they'd had.

Tonight, they had met accidentally again at the Espresso Pump - it was Saturday around 8pm. She had a table and invited Giles to join her. 'Um, why not?' he had thought, looking around and noticing that all the tables in view were taken. He took a seat across from her and ordered a tea... Then, hostage of the circumstances, he ordered dinner, which lead to wine; and it was when the things started to get really out of control.

Giles had sipped on his wine once or twice during dinner, while Christina had taken charge of draining the bottle of red wine by herself. She had become 'hot' as she'd described and after removing her jacket, she unbuttoned more than the necessary buttons of her top. Her lacy white bra poking out from her cleavage wasn't a bad sight at all, but it was so NOT what Giles needed to see of his loyal and most profitable costumer.

Christina was a herbology teacher at the local University and as such, she purchased all the necessary material for her classes at the Magic Box and also indicated the shop to her students. Christina was only 29 years old, very intelligent and with a promising career ahead of het, but... very weak when it came to alcohol, Giles was just finding out.

Giles didn't want to blow the whole thing out. He was having such a hard time trying to ignore her cleavage that he felt overly glad when Buffy had walked in the Cafe and accept to join them. Now he no longer had to sit facing Christina and relief washed all over him.

Let me tell you about Buffy's night now. She had gone to the Bronze with Willow and Xander also around 8pm. They were having quite some fun and at one stage, Willow elbowed Buffy bringing her attention to one of the senior College guys. He was good looking, had a broad smile, brown hair and was surrounded by his friends.

It didn't take long for him to notice Buffy and soon they started a little game that they'd been playing around the campus, in which they share glances and smiles.

Fifty seven minutes was exactly how long it took for him to approach a willing Buffy. "HI," he said over the music, "MAY I BUY YOU A DRINK?" he mimicked with his hand as if drinking from an invisible glass to emphasise his speech.

"NO! SORRY, I DON'T DRINK MUCH." Buffy shouted with an apologetic look and a smile.

"OK, MY NAME IS AARON," he continued his friendly, polite and loud approach.

"SORRY... WHAT?" Buffy was really having a hard time to understand him besides really wanting to.

"AARON," he repeated extending his hand.

"AH! BUFFY!" she offered her hand.

They kept looking and smiling at each other now from a two-foot-distance.

In between one song and another Aaron was able to slip a sentence, "Would you like to get some fresh air?"

Buffy thought for a second. 'hm, that's different. Usually the guys just invite me to dance and try to grope me.'

"YEAH!" she replied after the noise had resumed.

She waved quickly at Willow and motioned to Aaron with her eyes.
Willow blinked and smiled at her.

Outside of the Bronze, "What's your name again?" Aaron asked a bit embarrassed for not catching her name the first time.


"It's very nice to meet you Buffy, my name is Aaron."

She returned his smile.

"Boy, it was so loud inside." he said.

Noticing her discomfort regarding the cigarette smoke surrounding them he suggested, "would you like to go for a walk? a coffee, maybe?"

Buffy could tell that he was insecure in his suggestion but this was all different to her. She didn't know him at all but she was the slayer and if someone was about to be a victim it certainly wouldn't be her.

"Sure, what about the Espresso Pump?" she said.

He smiled and they started walking and talking. That's when things started to go downhill.

'He is a nice guy', Buffy kept repeating to herself mentally... 'but, we are just... different!'.

That described it all, Aaron was a nice person, and so was Buffy but they just didn't match. That's why besides being surprised by Giles' outburst when she entered the Cafe, she was very glad to join them at his table.

"So..." Giles started, "would you like some coffee? tea? Hot chocolate?"

He was obviously still unsettled and Buffy wondered why, until the moment her eyes fell to Christina's cleavage. She bit back a laugh but at the same time felt a certain uneasiness to see Giles affected by the woman's display of... of... privacy.

"Yes, thank you," Aaron had replied while Buffy was drowned in her thoughts.

While they all waited for the waitress to notice them, "Buffy, did I mention how nice is to see you?" Giles said again.

Buffy glared at him, trying hard to hide her amusement. Giles and she had spent the whole morning training at the Magic Box and tomorrow
they had an appointment at 8:30am for more serious training. It wasn't as if he hadn't seen her for ages as it probably sounded to Aaron and

"Tell us, how was your day? Um... tell us more about your friend; Adam," he motioned to Buffy's companion.

"Aaron, sir." the young man corrected Giles.

"Of course, Aaaaaaron!" Giles let the boy's name escape in a high pitched voice when he felt Christina's hand lean on his thigh.

Buffy started to mention that Aaron was from her College, that they had met each other properly tonight at the Br...

"Ah!" Giles jumped out of his booth when Christina's hand had gotten even bolder and touched something that she definitely shouldn't have.
"I... I... I will place our order at the counter," he said walking away.

Everyone was frighted by his sudden move except Christina, who smiled drunkenly at him and ran a finger down her cleavage.

Giles reached the counter in no time.

"Excuse me," Buffy said before also leaving the table and walking over to Giles.

She placed a hand on his shoulder and he jumped again.

"Oh, Buffy!" he placed a hand over his heart to try to calm it down.

"Sorry," she said retracting her hand.

"She's coming on to you pretty bad, isn't she." Buffy smiled sympathetically.

"Oh, Lord! I don't know what to do." His face was flushed.

Giles explained to Buffy how important Christina was as his customer, how she had changed her behaviour after drinking the wine and emphasized that he didn't want to commit any mistake. "However, I'm just a man," he finished, showing his weakness to Buffy in a very simple sentence that shook her for some reason.

"Ah, you mean... You want her?" Buffy said in a mixed tone of surprise and disappointment.

Giles removed his glasses and polished them in silence.

"You do?" Buffy quizzed.

"That is rather not the point. It's complicated, Buffy. She is a wonderful woman, but we are simply not made for each other." he said placing his glasses back on.

"Is it a romantic way of saying you don't click?" she tried to get the picture clear.

"Yes," he shrugged, giving away his frustration.

"Well, if it comforts you. I think the same about Aaron. We are just soooo not made for each other."

They broke into laughs; both seemed more relaxed now.

"Why don't we set them up?" she suddenly said.

"Pardon?" Giles looked at her with a puzzled expression.

"Yeah! Why don't we pair Christina with Aaron?" she said motioning to the table where both sat and talking to each other in easiness, except for the fact that Aaron once in a while got lost in the woman's cleavage.

Giles raised an eyebrow at Buffy. "Well, there is no harm in trying. Is there?" she argued. Giles just glared at her. "What?" she said pretending innocence "I've got an idea. Trust me and follow my lead."