Chapter 7 (Double date - Swordfish)

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They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, before Buffy started to pull her head away. Giles cupped her face, gingerly bringing it to his sight. He studied her swollen red lips and noticed in alarm the red and irritated skin of her cheek where his short beard had rubbed against like sandpaper. He ran his opposite hand over his stubble confirming his suspicion.

"Oh God, Buffy. I'm sorry, so sorry." he repeated, searching for her eyes.

She wasn't sure what he was apologizing for, was it just that? Or was it the whole thing?

Knowing Giles so well, she was certain he had already regretted everything.

Buffy couldn't meet his eyes, so she just nodded.

Giles felt sorry about hurting her, of being so selfish and rough, such a Neanderthal. He wasn't sorry about being with her. Maybe he had regretted their first time but not now, not for the second time.

"Are we gonna make the deal clear this time?" she said still without looking at him.

"I beg your pardon?" Giles quizzed not aware of what she was referring to.

Buffy took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes, "are we going to make fun of it or are we going to pretend it never happened?"

The coldness displayed in her eyes along with the bitterness of her tone shocked him.

"I..." he didn't know what to say. He felt as if cut in half.

Buffy pulled out of his embrace and standing up, she adjust her clothes.

Giles rose to his feet slowly, fastening his trousers and tucking his shirt in.

Giles tried again, "I-I'm really not sure. I'd rather believe neither would help right now."

Buffy didn't say a word, she just wrapped her arms around herself and kept her gaze down.

"Maybe, some time... apart? Some physical distance... between one another... us... for a while, i-it might help. A-a short while, I mean." he suggested.

Buffy nodded quietly.

"S-Shall we say a-about week?"

She nodded again.

"I'll make some arrangements..." his voice trailed off when Buffy moved, collected her sport's bag and headed for the door.

The scene in front of him was one of the most painful he had seen in his life which had always been filled with huge sacrifices. His Slayer had lost the trust in him. They were on the brink of destroying their bond definitively; their future shattering and crumbling down in ruins.

Fixing his gaze on the floor, the last thing Giles heard was the click of the door closing between them and the sound of her footsteps fading in the distance.


The week had passed agonizingly slow.

During the first couple of days, Buffy found it literally impossible to focus on any of her University lessons. Instead, she would mentally run the images of their sexual encounters over and over. Two antagonistic feelings would unwelcomely plague her during those moments, arousal and hate. The sex had been undeniably sizzling but what followed made her hate him so fiercely for some reason. She tried to deal with those feelings in several different ways but in the end she just tried to ignore and forget what had happened.

To Giles, the beginning of the week was marked by torturous guilty thoughts. He had had a horrific nightmare, in which Buffy had come into the old Sunnydale highschool's library at night in search of his help. Fooling her, he had applied the Cruciamentum injection to her and she had lost her Slayer's strength. He had tied her and raped her. She cried and begged him not to, but he had had no mercy. Giles woke up from his sleep screaming her name. He was soaked in sweat and he ran to his bathroom, vomiting his dinner in the toilet.

As the days passed, Giles' strategy became similar to Buffy's; ignore and forget.


Finally Saturday came.

"Hello?" Giles answered his phone.

"Hey, G-man, how are the things over there?"

"Um... Xander. Seen that the world didn't come to an end yet. I'd say they could always be worse." Giles answered in a flat tone, not even bothering in correcting Xander regarding the horrible nickname the young man insisted on calling him.

"Wow, good to hear you are in such a great mood," Xander teased, "listen, I'm just calling to remind you about the movie session here at home tonight."

"Um, I..." Giles started before been interrupted.

"And, no excuses are accepted, we'd arranged this flick night about two weeks ago, remember?" Xander insisted.

"Xander, I..." Giles ventured.

"No need to remind you that you and Buff were the ones to pick the date." Xander reinforced, "Oh! And I was just talking to Wil and she said Oz even turned down an invitation to play at The Bronze tonight."

"I..." Giles tried.

"And the food-"

"Xander!" Giles cut him off.

"Yes?" Xander answered hesitantly.

"I'll be there," Giles finally said resignedly.

"Oh! Ok, right... See you here then," Xander exclamed hurriedly and, not giving Giles a chance to change his mind, he slammed the receiver on the hook.


The snacks and the drinks were plenty; including pop corn, nuts, soda and a few beers. The living room was spacious; Willow and Oz were snuggled up on a bean bag, Giles shared a three-seat couch with Annya and Xander and on a two-seat one Buffy sat thightly.

If you thought things would be awkward between Watcher and Slayer you were absolutely right. However, it wasn't that obvious to everyone else, therefore the movie session was going as smooth as possible.

The movie was surprisingly good; Swordfish. The plot was gripping, the action thrilling and while the guys drooled over Halle Berry the girls had John Travolta and Hugh Jackman for their viewing pleasure.

Some steamy scenes, however, contributed to the increase of the uncomfortable feeling between Buffy and Giles. At one point, the Slayer excused herself to go to the bathroom.

Anya, on the other hand, didn't seem embarrassed by the movie and inspired by it, she grew extra affectionate towards Xander. In what the couple thought was a discreet exchange of caresses, her hand had landed on Xander's lap making him gasp and her whispers of dirty words on his ear could be cleared heard by Giles who was seated right next to her on the couch.

"I-I'll get us some m-more popcorn," Giles mumbled, more to himself, before running from the living room.

On her way out of the bathroom, Buffy accidentally collided with Giles. Instinctively, his hand gripped her elbow in an attempt to balance her.

"Buffy... I'm so sorry."

Buffy's gaze studied his hand over her arm before finally focusing on his eyes.

Giles removed his hand from her as if his skin had been burnt. "I'm sorry," he repeated.

Since Buffy had arrived at Xander's place she had felt disturbed by Giles' presence. First of all, he looked gorgeous as she had never noticed before; his hair, his broad shoulders, his jaw-line, his lips... On the other hand, his impassive British posture and distant politeness towards her distressed her in an unbearable way.

She narrowed her eyebrows, "I'm sorry?" she repeated angrily in almost a whisper; her rage rising even more at that well known sentence.

Buffy walked around Giles, making him stumble backwards and his heart rate speed up.

"What are you sorry about this time?" she pressed on with the question that had been plaguing her since their last encounter.

Buffy closed the door behind them and only then, Giles noticed they had moved to inside the bathroom. She kept creeping over him and her closeness in addition to her intimidating behaviour were paralysing. In no time, the Watcher found himself trapped between her and the sink.

"What's wrong, Giles. Did the cat eat your tongue?"

Giles hands gripped the edge of the sink and he tipped backwards trying in vain to put some distance between them.

"I... I-" he managed to choke.

"I-I, what? ...'I'm sorry'? Is that it again what you are about to say?" she accused.

Giles jumped when he felt her hands land on his chest. They ran down caressing him firmly and her fingers closed tight around the fabric of his shirt. Buffy harshly pulled its tail out of his trousers.

He gasped and his eyes widened even more, if that was possible somehow. Now his voice disappeared completely. Not only his voice but his abillity to add two and two had also vanished.

Buffy proceeded with firmness, one step only from the aggressiveness. Her hands made short work of his belt buckle, the button and zipper of his trousers.

Her body was very close to his and Buffy's hand slipped inside of his boxers.

"Wasn't it that good for you?" she asked mere inches from his neck.

Giles mouth opened releasing a silent moan and he closed his eyes tightly when he felt her warm hand start to rub his cock.

She was definitely trying to turn him on despite the aggressive behaviour. Buffy stroked him, massaged his soft skin with determination; his shaft didn't take long to become erect, rigid like a steel bar.

"Wasn't I woman enough for you?" She gave him a long and tight stroke.

Giles released a loud moan and his head jerked forward.

"Shhh," she whispered over his ear, ordering him to keep quiet. After all, they were guests in a full house. However, showing no mercy her hand increased its speed.

Obeying her order of silence, Giles swallowed the moan that threatened to escape him once more.

"Was I plain, Giles?... Not fun?" she continued her steady strokes and Giles couldn't help thrusting into her warm maddening hand.

"You know what. I guess the movie gave me an idea..." Buffy said before removing her hands from the inside of his boxers. Giles sighed in brief relief and panted to try to recompose himself.

"You have no idea how I'm dying to try it," she whispered sensuously like someone that blows cigarette smoke straight in your face.

With that, she dropped to her knees in front of him. She yanked his underwear and trousers down his legs to his ankles.

"Buffy!" Giles exclaimed in an alarming tone.

Ignoring him, she leaned in and touched his cock with her tongue experimentally for the first time.

"Oh," Giles breathed out. His legs giving in and causing him to lean against the sink for support.

Buffy gripped his hips firmly to position him better for her. She held his cock with her hand once again and noticed as slick moisture wept from the tiny hole on its tip. She wondered how he tasted and to find out she gave him a long and firm lick running her tongue all the way through the slit of its head.

Giles gulped and his head lulled back. Fixing his eyes on the blue ceiling, he asked himself if he was in a dream or a nightmare of some sort.

Buffy delighted in the feeling of power she had just assumed over him. She pricked her ears and noticed how masculine and enticing were the still restrained noises coming from his throat. She curiously licked the length of his veiny manhood. It was long, deliciously cylindrical and stood up to her attention. It was fascinating to know she caused this reaction in him, particularly considering his so abiding royalty-follower manner.

Giles felt a wet warmth enveloping the head of his cock and he could do nothing but bit his lower lip to stiff his loud groan.

All along they could hear Swordfish running in the background.

Buffy sucked on his crown and he hissed. His knuckles whitened so tight he gripped the sink when her hands fondled his balls.

"God," he breathed out. His head lowered and he looked at her by his feet for the first time. She looked so strong yet feminine as he'd never seen before. His head shook in disbelieve.

Buffy met his eyes and encouraged by the need she saw in them she engulfed his cock as far as she could.

Giles widened his eyes and gasped audibly. She spined her tongue repeatedly around the rim of his mushroom head coating it with her saliva. His mouth opened and closed a few times as if he wanted to speak but no sound came of it. She noticed his jaw trembling and could tell he was struggling to keep himself under control.

Buffy sucked him hard again and flicked her tongue fast over the eye of his penis. Giles' head fell back again and she heard him taking a huge breath before his head returned to its original position and his eyes connect with hers once more.

His breath was shallow and she started an in and out motion with her mouth over his hard, wet cock. She could tell yet by the expression on his face that she was driving him to insanity. She had never performed a blow job before but she now knew what it was about it that made men beg for it and why woman gave it to them. She had thought that being at a man's feet would make her submissive but she was just finding out it was the exact opposite. Giles was contorting in pleasure and surrender, struggling to keep himself quiet and she commanded all of him as if he was a puppet on a string. Her strings...

Buffy dove in to her task even hungrier, eagerly to hear him cry in abandon. Giles hips started to buck and she pressed them back hard against the sink. Frustrated, he hit the edge of the sink with the palm of both hands before gripping it once again.

Buffy took pleasure in his frustration and sped up. Giles grunted and gritted his teeth together.

"Buffy," he choked and she saw when he was approaching his climax. His left hand flew up and he bit the base of his thumb sideways to prevent his cry from echoing through Xander's apartment when he finally shot his warm seeds in her mouth.

She heard his cry though, it was unrestrained and guttural.

Buffy stood up; they were at the same height as Giles still leaned against the sink. They locked eyes before he slowly lowered the hand he had in his mouth. His chest moved fast while he still panted heavily.

Buffy's face was unreadable and Giles watched her. Suddenly she opened her mouth slightly and played with her tongue inside it. Giles focused on it and saw she had her mouth full of his cum. His clear fluid swirled around her mouth and he noticed a smug expression opening up on her face.

When her eyes flicked to the sink he eventually figured out her intentions. She was going to spit it all out. She assumed an air of superiority at him and Giles narrowed his eyes. She was doing it out of pure evil pleasure; not only showing her power over him but rubbing it in.

Giles wanted to take her onto his lap and smack her butt as you do to a child for been so arrogant.

Instead, when she made her move to the sink, he grabbed her by her arms and pulled her to him. His mouth came crushing on hers forcing it open. He swept his tongue around her mouth bringing his cum into his own mouth and drinking it thirstily. It surprised him how aroused he got by this action and he wanted no more than drowning himself in her. One of his hands released the bruising grip on her arm to fist into her hair. He held her head to him while he deepened the kiss.

After a few moments, Buffy made a sound of protest and pushed herself angrily out of his embrace.

She now panted almost as much as he did and they looked at each other for a long time without saying a word.

Buffy's face no more showed any signs of superiority, instead she looked extremely confused.

Giles on the other hand, focused on trying to read her expressions. He had his eyebrows arched up but a little flame of desire still lingered in his green eyes.

Buffy turned dramatically and ran away from the bathroom.

Giles closed his eyes, sighed and ran a hand over his hair. He drawn his underwear and trousers up and fastened them up. Feeling still wobbly on his legs, he slid to the floor resting the back of his head against the sink.


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