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Here it is, I give you Bad Idea.

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Bad Idea!

Chapter one

"Come on Sammy, it'll be fun! I mean it's not like we're gonna get another chance to do this." Dean yelled to his brother who was busy in the kitchen.

"Dean you do realize that when Dad finds out about this plan and we both know that he will, he is gonna have a cow." Sam said leaning against the door frame, looking over at his brother who was lounging on the sofa with a book.
Dean chuckled at Sam's statement before saying,
"Hey, if he does, do you think it'll have wings because I've gotta tell you that's something I'd really wanna see."

"That's so not funny, Dean."Sam answered un-amused.

"Oh come on, it's a little funny." Dean shot back smiling mischievously.

Sam didn't reply but he did have a hint of a smile on his face, lips curving slightly at the edges of his mouth.
"Seriously Dean, I don't think he is gonna be okay with this, Mom maybe but Dad… "

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Dean sighed, throwing down his book.

"You do remember the fight we had with him before he even considered to think about us coming here, right?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow.
"It was a freakin' miracle when we got him to agree and even then there was a crap load of conditions before he gave in."

"Oh don't remind me about that…" Dean groaned out,"…but I am so not even in the slightest mood to go home not with everything that's happened recently plus I just about committed murder the last time."

"Trust me, I know. I think the only thing that stopped you is that Dad warned you to keep your temper in-check plus mom kept giving you those looks of hers."Sam said handing Dean a plate with pizza and plopping down next his brother.

"Hey, you got those looks too the last time I checked." Dean defended as he took a bite of pizza.

"Can you imagine his face when we tell him about this?" Sam huffed out as he threw both legs over his brother's knees attacking his own food.

"It'll be priceless that's for sure."Dean smirked

"What if we told Mom first and then got her to tell Dad. She's always been able to convince him of just about anything?" Sam suggested frowning ever so slightly.

"Hmmm…Maybe." Dean agreed with a nod.
"She's always had a way with him, has Dad wrapped around her little finger."

Both brothers just sat there eating in silence for a few minutes before Dean asked,
"So I take it you are in on the idea then?"

"Yeah, why not?
I mean what could happen and besides I'm just as much not in anyway looking forward to go home for this vacation."Sam answered after awhile.
"So yeah, call Zach and tell him we would love to come."

"Sweet Little Brother! This is gonna be awesome." Dean said grinning from ear to ear, suddenly looking like an exited five year old as he fished his cell out of his jeans pocket. Flipping it open, he scrolled down and hit the call button bringing the phone up to his ear.
After a few seconds somebody answered on the other side.

"Zach, hi." Dean greeted.

"Dean, my man. What's up?"

"Nah, nothing much, same old, same old." Dean answered.
'Look Zach, I talked to Sam and if you guys still want us to come, we're in.

"You sure because the last time we talked you said that your old man would pitch a fit?"

"Understatement, dude, but Sammy and I'll work something out with our Dad," Dean told his friend, smiling at Sam's snort of disbelieve.

"Awesome then. I'll tell Becky that you guys are coming. Man this is gonna be sweet."

"Thanks Zach and tell Becky we appreciate this." Dean said.

"No problem, the more the merrier, I always say."

"No argument there..." Dean agreed,"...I'll see you at class tomorrow."

"Yep, night Dean."

"G'night Zack."

Closing his phone Dean turned to Sam,
"Well its official. We're going so no turning back now."

"Great, now all we've got to do is tell Dad about our plans and hope he doesn't kill us…or worse…" Sam groaned, head falling back against the couch, eyes closed.
"Got any bright ideas, genius, because this was your bright idea?" He asked a few seconds later.

'Nope, not a damn clue." Dean said and then suddenly burst out laughing.

"Care to share with the rest of the class about what's so funny?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow, looking at his brother as if he was completely mad or had just grown a second head.

"This is what's funny, Sam" Dean managed to choke out between gasped.
"This whole freakin' thing is bloody hilarious."

When the light bulb in Sam's head finally clicked on, Sam started to laugh just as hard as Dean because seriously, how the hell do you tell your parents that their sons aren't coming home for the vacation but going to friends to spend Christmas.

No problem, right?... Should be easy?

Not so much if your Father just happens to be the Devil, Lucifer himself and you and your brother are the throne princes of Hell…

To Be Continued…

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