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Bad Idea

Chapter Two

If Dean was even remotely close to being fully awake he would have been cursing a blue streak.
Prying open his eyes he peeked out from underneath the covers to glare at his alarm clock that was currently going ballistic on his nightstand.
Dean was so not in any mood to get op just yet so giving a slight mental push while still glaring at the cursed object as it flew off of the nightstand and crashed into the opposite bedroom wall.

Dean smirked, the poor clock never stood a chance, Dean 1; Clock 0.

Dean yawned and burrowed deeper into the warmth of his bed fully planning on going right back to sleep or that was the idea anyway but apparently somebody had other plans.

"You do realize that, that was the fourth one this month?" Sam said in amusement, coming into the room carrying two cups of coffee.
His smile only getting bigger when the only answer he received was a muffled, "Whatever, Dude"

Yep, Dean was definitely not a morning person, a fact that has had Sam puzzled for a good part of his life.
True, back home in Hell Dean was known to love sleeping, a lot. Not that he was lazy, far from it.
Dean also had the reputation of being one of Hell's most fierce warriors, having won more than his fare share of battles against Heaven; he has also had Michael return to Heaven from the battleground far from uninjured. Dean never quit, never backed down and rarely lost.
Sam knew that this side of his brother wasn't because he hated Heaven and the Angels (Hello! They were half angel/half demon themselves) but because he had a fierce desire to protect his family, especially Sam, even though Sam had a reputation just as fierce as his brother's.
From the day that Sam was born Dean saw it as his duty and right to be Sam's protector, anybody that dared to try and hurt Dean's little brother was in for a world of hurt, if they were lucky enough to survive his fury that is. Not even their Father dared to question Dean when it came to Sam, not that he wouldn't try but he rarely did, trusting his oldest when it came to his youngest.
In a way Sam could understand his brother's protectiveness towards him and he loved him for it and would in return do anything to make sure that Dean was also save from all those that tried to hurt him as well, not that Dean would ever admit that he also needed protecting.
Hell would have to freeze over before he did.
That is way it puzzled Sam that Dean could fall asleep so easily while having such a restless, almost volatile personality.

"Hey princess, you gonna stand there all day long or are you going to bring me my coffee?" Dean grumbled, bringing Sam out of his thoughts.

Scowling at Dean, Sam handed him his cup saying,
"You know, if you got out of bed when the alarm goes off instead of destroying them, you might get your coffee earlier and then I won't need to carry it after your lazy ass."

"Aah, but you see Sammy that's what little brothers are there for, serving their older and much wiser big brothers." Dean grinned taking a sip of coffee, groaning in pleasure at the hot liquid.

"Jerk, and older yes, not too sure about the wiser seeing as you still haven't come up with any ideas on telling Dad about our plans."Sam shot back from where he sat cross legged on Dean's bed.

"Bitch…" Dean threw back, "…and I'm working on it, just have patience Little Brother"
Silently Dean didn't have a clue what they were gonna say.

"You don't have a plan, do you?" Sam smirked.

"I have one, just need to, you know, iron out some kinks." Dean defended and nearly choked on his coffee in surprise, making Sam burst out in laughter, as somebody asked,
"And what plan might that be, my Prince?"

"Damn it Crowley! Don't. Do. That." Dean growled making Sam laugh even harder.

"Morning Crowley." Sam greeted and then to Dean, "I thought you said you never get surprised Dean, getting sloppy there bro."
Sam smirked at the offended look on Dean's face, quickly dodging the pillow aimed at his head, mentally sending it back at Dean.

Crowley watched the two Princes antics, thinking that this little trip to Earth really was doing them both good. It was nice to see them relaxed for a change, not having any worries over Heaven and Hell or any fear that those angelic self righteous pricks were gonna try and kill them just because they happen to be the sons of Lucifer and the next rulers of Hell.
They didn't see the Princes the way the demons did.
The Princes had the best of both worlds as their father was an Ach-Angel and their mother a fallen Angel.
Mariala had changed when she fell influenced by Hell just like all the other Fallen that came there but where their grace was tainted by Hell until they turned completely demonic, hers was only slightly touched because of Lucifer's influence in wanting to keep her from changing as little as possible, so when the Princes were born they inherited both their parents angelic nature but also gained demonic powers from where their mother's grace was influenced by Hell.
These two were hybrids of both worlds but the Angels saw them as a danger to Heaven that had to be destroyed.
To every demon they were the future, they would be the reason Hell survived this endless war.

'Morning Prince Deany, Prince Samael." Crowley returned the greeting

"What's up Crowley, aren't you suppose to be doing something involving crossroads in the Middle East seeing as you are the "King of the crossroads" instead of trying to give me a heart attack?" Dean scowled, "And it's Dean"

"You and young Samael…"

"It's Sam." Sam interjected causing the demon to roll his eyes in annoyance.

"Like I was saying, you and Sam know very well that I do on occasion run errands for your Father that has nothing to do with crossroads or the deals that are made at them and Dean I don't think a heart attack would kill you, I doubt you can even get one." Crowley told them.

"Uh- huh…so then what are you doing here?" Sam wanted to know, wanting the demon gone as soon as possible as he wasn't Crowley's biggest fan. Sam's always had a dislike towards him as he despised crossroads deals.

"Impatient as always my Prince. I'm here because your Father asked me to come. He wants to know when you will be returning home." Crowley informed them and then repeated his earlier question noticing the look that passed between the brothers.
"So what plan do you two need to come up with and why?"

When it came to the two Princes it was rather wise to and often necessary to worry as the two of them could get into trouble faster than anybody or anything he has ever know, in Hell, Heaven or even Earth.
You could just ask any number of the guards that they had as youngster and they could tell you just how much trouble these two could be.

"Oh that, it's nothing. Sammy and I just needed to come up with a plan on how to tell Mom and especially Dad that we are not coming home this vacation."Dean managed to tell him in the most innocent tone that he could pull off.

"And if I ask why the hell not?" Crowley asked, eyebrow quirked in surprise. His Lordship was NOT going to like this.

Sam merely shrugged before flippantly saying,
"Because we are going home with some friends to spend Christmas."

Crowley just starred at them in shock, looking at them in complete disbelieve seemingly speechless but then suddenly,
"Are you lads crazy! The last time I checked your Father was Lucifer, you know the Ach-Angel that got tossed out of Heaven for rebelling, the one person that is definitely as anti-Christmas as you can get. There is a reason demons and humans alike don't wanna piss him off and now you're telling me that the sons of the Devil plan on going on Christmas vacation."

"Crowley would you freakin' calm down. Seriously, Dude, it's not that big of a deal." Dean interrupted the demon's rant, earning himself a glare, an act that would have probably gotten the demon killed by Dean if Crowley was any other demon.

"NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL!"Crowley growled frustrated
If Lucifer hears about this he is going to let Hiroshima look like a bloody children's tea party."

Crowley was suddenly hoping that he was right and their kind couldn't get heart attacks because seriously these two were definitely going to give him one, one of these days.

"And…"he added with a sigh,"… I suppose you two want me to break the news to him?"

'Yes." Dean and Sam answered in unison, grinning like idiots and as far as Crowley was concerned the Princes of Hell or not they were both idiots, suicidal idiots at that.


It took almost an hour for Dean and Sam to convince Crowley to give their parents the news but in the end he agreed if only to save their asses a little while longer so that they could come up with a decent argument as to why it would be save enough for them to do this, without protection of any kind he might add seeing as they wanted normal for a change, and why they even wanted to have Christmas in the first place.

Both boys expected their Dad to appear within minutes of receiving the news but when evening rolled by and still nothing, both of them nervous wrecks because Dad or not and even though he loved his sons endlessly this was still Lucifer they were talking about, Dean simply said, "Screw it" and dragged Sam to one of their friend's parties.

When they returned a few hours later it was to find a man standing in front of their living room window.
The moment Dean and Sam sensed and them saw him they were ready for a fight, which was until the man turned to face them.
"Hello Boys..."



To Be Continued…
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