Moments of the Heart
A Harvest Moon Drabble Set

*Love Light*

Candle light, moon light, star light,
The brightest glow is from love light.
~Grey Livingston

It was evening, and the summer night was humid. But the waterwheel kept on turning, and the coolness of the water was inviting. It was by the white rock near the stream at the edge of the farm where I sat down. Tired from the day's work, my hands flew to undo my yellow canvas boots and free my feet to roam the cool grass.

I didn't really need to turn around when I heard footsteps. I already recognized my husband by the rhythm of his walk: slow, soft, deliberate. It made crisp rustles in the green grassy hill fields that we lived in, the sound drowned out by the ever-loudening cries of crickets.

He sat down beside me and wrapped a warm arm around my waist. I laid my head on the side of his gently sloping shoulders, inhaling the scent of the day that did not yet fade away from his form. His slightly chapped lips found their way to my forehead, and I replied with my own on the corner of his mouth. We stayed together like that for a while, and then my husband spoke.

"Why have you been staying here these past few summer nights?"

I shrugged my shoulders under my chestnut-brown mop of hair, blushing a little under his gaze. "I don't know, you might laugh. It's kind of funny." And a little laugh issued from my lips.
"I promise I won't. I just want to know."

I smiled and took his hand and placed it on top of my knee, drawing my arm to point at the bushes by the stream. "Look."

He opened his eyes wider when he saw the lightning-bugs emerge from the bushes. I looked at his face and chuckled. "It is kinda silly, huh?"

The night was balmy and the big river at Flute Fields seemed to be more serene that night. My boyfriend had invited me to light the lanterns and send them down as a way to respect and honor ancestors and departed friends.

We both gathered their flowers and let them go in the cool water. They seemed so pretty, like flowers with hearts of fire. My cousins Adam and Amanda told me about this festival, and so have my twin siblings Angela and Kevin. It was a spiritually cleansing ritual, and I felt my heart become light when I saw the parade of glowing lanterns drift away.

I couldn't help but be quite sombre at this point, and I knew that a shadow of a frown crossed my face. The young man with me saw this and looked worried. I was simply remembering my mother, I told him, whom I had lost when I was a small child. He squeezed my hand to comfort me, sharing that his parents also died long ago. We both prayed to our families, and I felt a sudden peace come into me.

Then the fireflies flew out of their hiding places to dance on the river's way.

For a while I stood there, enchanted at the parade of living stars that came and went with the water's flow. My boyfriend was beside me, too, and he was transfixed at the light-angels that danced up and down the waterwheel's steps. His slightly rough fingers were gently curled around mine, and a single word escaped his lips.


I tore away from the river for a while and saw his eyes widen in surprise, and I smiled when I saw how pretty his eyes were, more evident in the quiet darkness of night. His smiling mouth was serene, and his normally sun-worn skin looked satiny by the sheen of the rippling marine light.

It was by this light where we said our goodbyes later that evening, and I blushed to hear at how pretty I looked that night, with the water shimmering my pale skin and the fireflies in my eyes. He smiled tenderly at me and whispered in the night, "I will always be by your side."

I could not forget how he always spoke gently to me, a mark of all the love he gave to those he cared about. Whenever he captured my lips in a kiss, I felt like my heart would melt. But it was that moment of love that truly made me realize how blessed I was to have him by my side that night.

The next day, I plucked up enough courage to show him that I wanted to be by his side forever.

Toby's smile grew wider and both his arms curled closer around my waist. "It's not silly, Moll. It's sweet." And he kissed me fondly on the cheek. His scent is of the salty seabreezes and mine is of the sun-dried grass, We lingered like that for a long while, until the moon grew higher into the sky and the dark began to deepen.

And so we returned home together, side by side as the fireflies bid us goodnight.