A Little Jealousy Never Hurt

Summary: Hibari Kyouya was a lot of things but jealous – that was of course before Reborn decided to have a little fun and pair Tsuna with his other guardians. Can the prefect continue to maintain his cool or will he finally snap? TsunaxAll; TsunaxHibari

Pairings: Main is HibarixTsuna and GokuderaxYamamoto. Other pairings are basically TsunaxMukuro, TsunaxGokudera, TsunaxDino, TsunaxA!Reborn etc.

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CHAPTER 29: The Future

Tsuna gaped as the smoke slowly subsided, revealing the ex-prefect staring right at him. The boy bit his lower lip – though he was thankful he wasn't in any danger, having the future version of his lov—of the skylark was nerve-wracking. The man had piercing black eyes, a deep scowl marring his features, pale complexion, long neck, broad naked chest, taunt stomach – eh? Tsuna blinked once, twice before realization suddenly kicked in. The man was naked and was practically pinning him in a king sized bed in a large well furnished room.

"Like what you see herbivore…" The man queried jokingly as he felt the boy's eyes directed at him.

"H-Hieeeeee!" Tsuna cried out as he flared up from the abrupt comment. He then scooted further away from the man who in turn seemed unfazed about the whole scenario. If anything he simply stared at the boy's terrified state and smirked. The brunette looked very much frightened bunny corned by a large hungry beast.

"Herbivore…" The ex-prefect cooed as an idea suddenly came to mind. He was annoyed about the fact that Tsuna was suddenly transported to the past when they have just seen each other after how many months of celibacy. He was immensely piqued that his lover's past self had chosen that exact moment to get hit by the bazooka. He was irritated, annoyed – stupefied. Hibari gaped when he first saw the younger version of the brunette. He didn't know why but all his anger quickly vanished when he saw the boy blushing innocently at him. "Herbivore…" The man reiterated as he leaned closer towards the boy who immediately tensed.


"Have you any idea what I was doing before you came tumbling about…?" The man purred in the boy's ear as he turned several shades of red. "Perhaps I should bite you to death for interrupting…" He continued as the brunette felt a cold shiver down his spine. "Better yet perhaps you should make up for it –?" He cooed as he teasingly nipped the boy's earlobe.

"Hiba—Hieee!" The boy yelped when he suddenly felt the older man's hand go under his shirt. Tsuna shivered as the man began to trail butterfly kisses along his neck while rubbing his nipple. "H-Hiba…" Tsuna groaned incoherently. He knew what they were doing was wrong but for some reason couldn't move much less resist the man as he continued with his ministrations. Hibari grinned at the boy's reaction and feeble attempt to push him away as he then wordlessly moved in between the boy's legs. "Hi…ba…ri…s-san…"

"Relax herbivore…" The skylark assured as he kissed the boy in the forehead. Tsuna blushed. Hibari despite his ruthless nature was treating him kindly and almost like a porcelain doll. He had never seen this side of the man – never seen him so gentle – so loving. "…or it'll hurt when I put it in…" The man added bluntly as the boy immediately froze. Eh? Eh? Ehhh? Hibari grinned at the boy's reaction before abruptly pushing the boy down to the bed and suddenly pulling his pants off in one tug.

"Hieeee!" Tsuna exclaimed as he struggled for his dear life or in this case his virginity as Hibari eyed him like a vulture to its prey. "I take it back! Y-You're not kind at all…" He screamed out as he tried to crawl away from the prefect.

"Whatever gave you the idea that I was kind in the first place?" The skylark raised a brow before effortlessly grabbing the boy and straddling him. "And I'll show you exactly what I meant by that." He grinned as Tsuna impulsively closed his eyes. He waited and waited and when nothing happened opened an eye to take a quick peak. To his surprise, Hibari was growling low in his throat as he glared at the doorway. Out of curiosity he, turned his gaze towards the same direction and found nothing amiss only it was at that same moment that a loud explosion wracked the entire room as the wooden door was blasted by an unknown force. Hibari snarled before getting off the bed and wordlessly grabbing hold of a black yukata lying on the floor.



"There better be a good reason for this!" The prefect barked out as the smoke slowly began to subside.

"We heard a scream." A baritone voice replied nonchalantly. "We thought it was a spy who came to sneak an attack on Tsuna so we came to check." He continued amused as the newcomer glanced at the young brunette huddled under the covers. "Didn't expect to find not a spy but you attacking our little Tsunayoshi there." He cooed as he tipped his fedora to hide the mischief reflected in his eyes.

"Now that you know that everything's fine, baby. You can go ahead and leave." Hibari spat vehemently as he glared at the intruders one by one. "Don't forget to take the trash along with you."

"Why you little! How dare you-"

"Now, Now 'Dera…lets calm down." Yamamoto cooed as he tried to pacify the irritable Storm guardian. He sighed at the bombers demeanor before turning towards the young boy on the bed. "Guess the bazooka went haywire again huh?"

"Talk about stating the obvious, idiot!" Gokudera snarled before turning his attention back at the Skylark. "As for you, you bastard!" He glared. "I knew I couldn't trust you! Fucking pedophile! How dare you take advantage of Judaime! I'll fucking blow your ass off!" He shouted out as he took out a handful of dynamites.

"Are you threatening me with those fireworks of yours? Don't make me laugh herbivore." Hibari scoffed as he glared at the man.

"Y-You fucking-" The bomber seethed.

"P-Please wait…" a small voice interrupted his tirade as everyone turned to look at the small brunette wrapped in the sheets. "I-It isn't Hibari's fault…" Tsuna mumbled as he glanced at the doorway. He immediately recognized Reborn, Lambo, Fuuta, Gokudera and Yamamoto looking at him all at once. The brunette turned red as he tried to cover his nakedness. "I umm…a-anyway…c-can anyone tell me how I can go back to my own t-time…" He queried awkwardly as he tried to change the subject. He was already embarrassed as is.

"The Gianini of your time probably did something to the bazooka." Reborn shrugged. "Don't worry, this isn't the first time. You'll be back in your time after an hour…" He continued before stopping midway. "Or was it 5…perhaps 8…maybe it was a day…no…I think it would last for a month…even a year." He added as the boy instantly paled.

"Don't be mean Reborn!" Lambo glowered as he glanced at the brunette who was near hyperventilating.

"J-Judaime! Please don't fret! I'm sure you'll be able to get to your own time sooner or later." Gokudera fussed as he immediately grasped hold of the brunettes hand in assurance. Hibari glared daggers at the man.

"Enough talk. It's late. We can't solve anything this late at night. I'll send Gianini over tomorrow morning." Reborn huffed as he rubbed his temples. Tsuna gaped. Night? Now that he thought of it was indeed dark outside the room.

"E-Eh…b-but it was morning j-just a while ago…" He blurted out.

"It's probably because we're in Italy." Yamamoto explained. "Morning in Japan is night time here which probably explains the sudden change."

"E-Ehhhh! I-Italy!"

"What did you expect Dame-Tsuna." Reborn scoffed. "There was actually supposed to be a meeting with the different famiglias tomorrow but seeing as you've changed places with the Tsuna of this time, we'll have to postpone it." He sighed. "Oh well…I suppose it doesn't matter either way. If your still here by tomorrow, I guess you can go sightseeing." He added as an afterthought before eyeing the boy's guardians one by one. "Now then…regarding the sleeping quarters. Although this is actually your future self's room, we can't leave you here by yourself. At least not in such a vulnerable state." He motioned as he glanced at Hibari. Leaving Tsuna alone with the man was a definite no-no. Gokudera and Yamamoto would have been a great choice but they were on duty that night. He could call Ryohei but he'd be intruding on his alone time with his wife Kana. Mukuro was another option but then again -.

"According to the book Hibari and, Mukuro rank first and second in Tsuna's not to be alone with list. This of course is limited only to Tsuna's guardians and those close to him. " Fuuta suddenly interrupted.

"Well that's pretty obvious." Gokudera scoffed. "That's like leaving Judaime with a bunch of horny low-down wolves." He continued earning a hard glare from the said man.

"Reborn ranks third…"

"…" The baby scowled and immediately glared when Lambo suddenly began laughing out loud. "Stupid cow…"

"Pfft…the arcobaleno's no different…like I said a bunch of horny low-dow…"

"Gokudera ranks fourth…Yamamoto fifth…Ryohei sixth." The teen continued on.

"What!" The bomber exclaimed. "I'll never do anything to Judaime! How dare you accuse me o-of…"

"A bunch of horny low down wolves was it…?" Reborn reiterated bluntly as the man gaped, feeling suddenly shattered. Reborn rolled his eyes at the man's antics before heaving a heavy sigh. "The only people not on the list are Lambo, Fuuta and the girls. Perhaps Tsuna can sleep with Kyoko and Haru just this once." He suggested only to feel a sudden ominous aura from inside the room. The arcobaleno raised a brow and caught sight of Hibari glaring daggers at him. It was obvious that he was against the idea. "Fine then, perhaps Fuuta."

"Sorry but I can't. I have to meet a friend nearby. I might come home late." The teen apologized as everyone then wordlessly turned to Lambo.

"Guess that leaves Lambo." Yamamoto laughed.

The Bovino smiled. "I don't mind. It would be nice to spend the night with Tsuna again." He grinned sheepishly oblivious to both Reborn and Hibari's glares.

"Then it's settled then. Tsuna'll spend the night in Lambo's room!" The swordsman exclaimed before dragging Gokudera out of the room. Reborn let out a frustrated growl before following the two. Fuuta and Lambo also followed afterwards before giving Tsuna directions to his new sleeping quarters. Tsuna smiled and watched them go. Once they were gone he heaved a heavy sigh before grasping his previously discarded clothes.

"You seem excited herbivore." A deep voice interrupted his train of thoughts as Tsuna quickly jumped in surprise. He gasped when he saw Hibari glaring daggers at him with his hands crossed over his chest. He had forgotten that the man was still in the room and it was then that everything that had previously happened came rushing back to his mind. He turned crimson at the thought as he scooted towards the corner of the bed.

"H-Hibari-san…I umm…" He stammered fretfully when the older man suddenly knelt on the bed before wordlessly tipping his chin and forcing him to look up at him. The boy automatically froze.

"Don't get too comfy with that damned cow, herbivore…" He whispered. "…or I'll bite you to death…" He continued before letting go and exiting the room without another room. Tsuna swallowed hard – Just what the hell was that about?


Tsuna walked towards the hallway until he came in front of a large wooden door. He knocked on the door and waited for a reply. When none came, Tsuna knocked again. He heard shuffling from inside, a loud crash then someone curse out loud. The brunette bit his lower lip - Did he by any chance get the wrong room. Maybe he should just go bac-.

"Dame-Tsuna." A deep baritone voice interrupted him as the door creaked open, revealing none other than his home tutor.

"R-Reborn…" Tsuna mumbled. "I-I guess I g-got the wrong room." He continued timidly as he noticed the taller man's disheveled appearance. His tie hung around his neck and his shirt was practically unbuttoned all the way. He also didn't have his fedora on which was also rather peculiar seeing as the baby hardly took it off.

"This is the stupid cow's room. Go right in." The arcobaleno gave a soft chuckle as he moved past the boy. "I hope you don't mind the mess though." He commented before waving his hand and walking away. Tsuna watched him go oblivious to the double meaning in the man's words.

"A-Anou…L-Lambo?" The brunette called out as soon as Reborn disappeared from view. He pushed the door open and gaped at the mess. Clothes were lying everywhere and the sheets were practically tousled about. The boy sweat dropped as he wordlessly went inside. He knew Lambo was a slob but—

"T-Tsuna is that you?" Lambo called out from an adjacent room which Tsuna presumed was the bathroom. "I-I'll be out in a sec. Just sit down and make yourself at home." He continued as the brunette glanced warily at the bed. He didn't know why but he didn't particularly feel like sitting on it much less sleeping on it. Then again it probably had something to do with the murky stains on the sheets. The boy heaved a sigh as he glanced at the couch. He went through it and seeing that it was clean sat down. "S-Sorry to make you wait." The Bovino apologized as he came out the bathroom minutes later. From the looks of it the teen had just gone out of the shower. Strange.

"R-Reborn opened the door for me…" Tsuna mumbled.

"O-Oh r-right." The Bovino stammered as he scratched his head ruefully. "W-We were umm….working…that right w-working!" He chuckled as he made some random excuse. "W-We were sorting s-some files and stuff…" He continued as he began picking up the clothes on the floor and gathering up all the sheets.

"I see…" The brunette replied. He knew Lambo wasn't telling him everything but he didn't exactly feel like knowing the truth either way. The brunette sighed when he suddenly caught sight of the alarm clock beside the teen's bed. It was already 11:30. It had been almost 2 hours since he had been transported to the future. The boy let out a long sigh as Lambo glanced at him worriedly.

"Don't worry Von—Tsuna. I'm sure Gianini will be able to help you tomorrow. How about let's just get some shut eye for today okay?" He cooed as he began changing the sheets. Tsuna nodded his head as he helped the Bovino clean up the room. In the end however, Tsuna still opted to take the couch and not before long called it a night.


Tsuna slowly opened his eyes as the morning sun came peeking through the curtains. He stifled a yawn before sitting up the couch and brushing his fingers along his unruly locks. "Finally awake I see." He heard someone say as he quickly adverted his gaze on the stranger. To his surprise he saw none other than Reborn leaning against the wall and staring at him, amused.

"R-Reborn." The boy acknowledged as he glanced around warily.

"If you're looking for the stupid cow, he's most likely stuffing himself in the dining area." The arcobaleno snorted.

"O-Oh…" Tsuna mumbled sheepishly. He wasn't normally this timid around Reborn or his other guardians for that matter but then again he supposed it was normal since these weren't exactly the same people he knew. They were of a different time line meaning they were practically strangers. B-By the way about last night." He mumbled, trying to start a conversation. "S-Sorry for interrupting you…Lambo said that you were busy working…If I hadn't come…"

Reborn chuckled. "Work? Is that what he said?"


"Nothing Dame-Tsuna. I forgot that you're still a virgin." He commented as the brunette turned several shades of red. Virgin? What the hell!"Changing the topic…I talked to Gianini already." The arcobaleno suddenly said causing Tsuna to look at him curiously. "He said he remembered tweaking the bazooka before…if he's correct the effect would last 24 hours meaning you should be back in your timeline at around nighttime today."

"I-I see…that's a relief then." The boy sighed as Reborn nodded his head.

"While waiting, you could roam around but I suggest you stay inside the vicinity. You can only go out if and when you have one of your guardians with you. Remember you're in a totally different country. I don't want you getting kidnapped or ransomed by hoodlums." He continued as the boy nodded his head. It was then that a petite woman in a maid's outfit suddenly came inside the room interrupting their conversation.

"Buon giorno, signore." She said as she bowed down in front of Reborn. "Sono venuto a pulire la stanza."

"Torna più tardi." The arcobaleno replied as the woman nodded her head before leaving the premise. All the while Tsuna stared at them in awe.

"Wow…" He exclaimed. "You're really fluent aren't you?"

"Of course I am. What did you think?" The hitman raised a brow when an idea suddenly came into mind. He tipped his fedora to hide the sudden glint of mischief in his eyes as he smirked. "Would you want me to teach you?" He cooed as the brunette's eyes widened.


"Really." The arcobaleno grinned. "Though I can only teach you words or phrases that are basic. Words you can use and apply during your stay here. Italian is a pretty hard language to learn after all." He continued as the boy nodded his head in determination. "Alright let's start with the word 'stop'."

"Eh? Why that?"

"Like I said Dame-Tsuna we have to begin with words you can use. If for example you were taken by some random guy, you can easily communicate with him and say no." He explained as the boy bit his lip thoughtfully. Now that he thought about it, Reborn did have a point. He was after all in an entirely alien place not to mention timeline. "Alright now let's continue…No in Italian is Prendete me!"

"Are you sure? That's pretty long…"

"Who's the teacher here, Dame-Tsuna?" The arcobaleno glowered as the boy visibly flinched.

"F-Fine. So it's Prendete me r-right?" He mumbled as he tried to remember the words in his head. "Pren….dete…me."

"Good! Next word is Stop…" The baby smirked as Tsuna looked at him skeptically but nodded his head nevertheless. "Stop in Italian is Ti voglio."

"Ti…vo…glio…" The boy repeated as the arcobaleno smiled.

"I'm impressed. Next is let go of me or Fare sesso con me." He cooed as Tsuna looked at him suspiciously. Were those words really necessary? Was he really going to be able to use it? Tsuna heaved a heavy sigh as he listened to Reborn. The arcobaleno seemed keen on teaching him to speak in Italian as he continued to teach him word after word. In two hours he was able to learn at least 8 rather peculiar words. "Not bad Dame-Tsuna, not bad at all…" The arcobaleno grinned triumphantly after their lecture. "Unfortunately we'll have to stop there. I have a meeting to attend, if your still here by the time I get back, I can teach you more words." He grinned. "But I'm pretty sure those are enough to get you through…." He smirked before leaving the room with a final wave of a hand.


Tsuna spent the morning hanging around Gokudera and Yamamoto. The two hadn't changed and treated him with kindness. They showed him around the mansion and even told him countless stories about the future. Unfortunately both of them had to go after lunch because of an important meeting in Venice which was a few hours away from their location. Tsuna heaved a sigh as he sat alone on the living room. He felt lonely especially since he didn't particularly know anyone nor could he roam around. He sometime caught sight of his guardians passing by but he didn't have the heart to bother them seeing as all of them seemed rather busy. Truth be told – he missed being back home. Part of him vaguely wondered what Hibari's reaction was after seeing his future self…

"Kufufu…and what do we have here…" A familiar voice said as Tsuna immediately turned towards the newcomer. He paled when he saw Mukuro leaning on the wall and looking at him intently. "I just came from a mission back in Berlin and lo and behold what do I find in my steed...a little lost bunny." He grinned as he approached the boy who instantly moved further away.

"M-Mukuro…n-nice t-to meet you a-again…" He stuttered, hiding his fear. "I umm…the bazooka went h-haywire a-and…"

"So I see…kufufu…" The man grinned. "Though I'm not really surprised about that…what I'm more surprised is why your little guard dog isn't with you today."


"I've heard he already came back the other day…I assumed he'd be watching over you especially in such a vulnerable state…kufufu…" He cooed as he walked towards the boy. "Though I supposed I ought to be glad..." He continued as he stopped right in front of the trembling brunette. "I can't possibly let such opportunity go to waste…don't you agree Vongola?" He added as leaned forward and tipped the boy's chin. Tsuna paled.


"Hmm…? I didn't quite get you. Did you say something, Vongola…? The man queried as the boy tried to move away. Unfortunately Mukuro had a firm grip on his chin and refused to let go.

"I don't want…p-please…" He cried out nervously as he began struggling. It was then he remembered Reborn's lecture. "Ti voglio!" He exclaimed out of whim. Truth be told he actually didn't expect it to work but to his shock Mukuro immediately stopped and if anything he seemed rather surprised.

"What did you say?" He queried.

"I umm…." Tsuna stammered. He couldn't believe it! Did Reborn actually tell the truth for once? Did his lesson on Italian really work? The boy inwardly smiled to himself as he felt suddenly courageous. "Prendete me!… Fare sesso con me." He reiterated as the illusionist stared at him blankly. Come to think of it, the man seemed speechless as he simply gaped at the boy. Tsuna grinned triumphantly – He certainly showed him.

"Kufufu that's rather bold of you…" The illusionist uttered, as soon as he came back to his senses. "I must say I wasn't expecting that…especially not from you." He continued as he glanced at the boy who scooted away from him. "Do you even know what you just said?" He inquired

"O-Of course!" Tsuna exclaimed haughtily as the illusionist raised a brow in reply.

"Is that right? Then perhaps I'd take you up on your offer." He replied before suddenly grasping the boys hand and pulling him towards him in a rough searing kiss. Tsuna's eye widened and immediately tried to push the older man away. What the hell was happening? "Kufufu…why so spiteful? I was only doing as you said?" He hummed as he straddled the boy on the couch. What was Mukuro saying? He never said anything – all he wanted was for him to stop.

"H-Hibari-san…" The boy cried out unconsciously as he closed his eyes. As if by cue, a tonfa came rushing out towards them causing Mukuro to immediately back away.

"Kufufu….I knew you'd come out sooner or later."

"H-Hibari-san…" Tsuna hiccupped as he glanced at his savior. "How d-did you…" He continued when the man turned towards him. The boy instantly flinched when he saw the older males furrowed brows and sharp glare. From the looks of it he was beyond pissed.

"Your timing is impeccable as always…" The illusionist chuckled. "Then again I suppose it has something to with that little fluff ball of yours." He continued as he glanced at Hibird who was perched on a nearby window. From a strangers point of view, nothing seemed amiss but from a closer view, one could clearly see the small microphone tied to the birds right leg and basing from the Skylark's reaction he had apparently heard the entire conversation.

"I'll bite you to death." The ex-prefect exclaimed as he wordlessly came rushing towards the illusionist.

"I've heard that countless time, and yet I'm still here aren't I?" Mukuro chided as he took out his trident. "Apparently you're nothing but bark…" He continued as the Skylark doubled his efforts and barraged the guardian with continuous assaults.

"Go to hell…"

"Kufufu I've been there remember?"

"Then stay there, bastard." Hibari glowered spitefully as he continued to spar with the older male. Tsuna meanwhile cowered in fear as both his guardians went all out.

"S-Sto…" The boy was about to plead when a loud bang suddenly sounded, causing all three of them to stop dead in their tracks.

"Honestly…" A deep voice huffed from the shadows as all three turned to look towards the newcomer.

"Reborn!" Tsuna exclaimed. He never thought the day would come that he'd actually be glad for the arcobaleno's interference. The man was literally a life saver.

"Baby…" Hibari snarled as he glared at the arcobaleno. Though he respected the man, he was irritated that he had interrupted his fight with the pineapple bastard.

"What are you…kids? I don't want any dead bodies lying around so I suggest the both of you settle down." The hitman uttered as he glared at both guardians who in turn eyed each other menacingly. They hated each other's guts but they knew well enough not to mess with the arcobaleno. "By the way…" The man uttered before turning his attention towards the illusionist who in turn raised a brow. "Fran was going about looking for a certain pineapple pervert. You wouldn't know anything about it now would you?" He smirked as Mukuro instantly felt a nerve twitch.

" Why no…I don't know anything about it." The illusionist forced out a smile. "Perhaps I should ask that cute little froggie about it no?" He continued, sarcastically before turning towards Tsuna who instantly flinched. "It was nice meeting you, Vongola…it was entertaining…kufufu." He cooed before walking away.

Tsuna heaved a heavy sigh of relief at the thought of having cleared things out. Unfortunately, it was at that exact moment that he was brutally hauled on his feet. "Hieee…." He gasped only to find Hibari glaring down at him. "H-Hibari-san?" He queried nervously as the man wordlessly dragged him to Kami knows where. Reborn meanwhile only watched in amusement as he tipped his fedora – toying with the boy never seized to amuse him -.


Hibari dragged Tsuna down a hidden staircase, through a hallway and finally to a large room, where he kicked the door open and wordlessly threw the boy inside. "Just what were you thinking?" He growled, glaring at the boy. Tsuna instantly cowered in fear – what did he do wrong? It wasn't like he wanted to be cornered. Besides didn't he try to stop him? Why was Hibari so mad about?

"I-I didn't…" The boy stammered fretfully as he tried to keep his tears at bay. Hibari glanced at the boy, and rubbed his temples. No matter how mad he was, looking at the child version of his lover cowering in fear in front of him was too much to bear. Come to think of it, he was never able to stay mad at Tsuna for long. The prefect frowned as an abrupt image of the brunette smiling at him came into mind. "I didn't mean…I only…" The boy whimpered, interrupting his train of thoughts.

"Herbivore…" Hibari mumbled in a much softer voice as he walked towards him. "I'm going to repeat my question…just what were you thinking when you said those things…and to that pineapple bastard no less…" He continued, as he gritted his teeth in anger. Tsuna looked at him questioningly.

"E-Eh?" The boy mumbled as he thought back on the previous events. "D-Did I say something wrong?"

Hibari furrowed his brows. Was the boy really that clueless? "Tell me herbivore…do you know what Prendete me Fare sesso con me means?" He queried as the boy nodded his head.

"R-Reborn said it mean no and umm…let go I think…" The brunette replied innocently as Hibari stared at him. "A-Am I wrong…d-did I get it mixed up…" He queried nervously as Hibari shook his head to calm himself down. Did he have the heart to tell the boy the truth? Could he tell the boy that Prendete me actually meant take me….and that Fare sesso con me meant, have sex with me or better yet fuck me? Hibari bit his lower lip –.

"Herbivore…don't ever say those words again…"


"Do I make myself clear?" The dark haired teen grounded out as the boy looked at him warily.

"B-But why…?" He queried only to receive a hard glare from the prefect, motioning that he was dead serious. The boy flinched. "S-Sorry." He muttered quickly as he adverted his gaze away from the man. "I-I only wanted to learn…I didn't think it'd cause such inconvenience." He continued as the man heaved a heavy sigh. Sure he was frustrated at the start but it didn't mean he was mad at the herbivore, which he apparently thought he was. Hibari let out a breath as an image of his sulking lover came into mind. When he scolded the brunette for something he'd always mutter a quite apology, look away from him sulk like a puppy.

"Herbivore…" Hibari whispered as he approached the boy. The brunette still looked the same not to mention was still innocent and naïve as ever. Tsuna looked at him and froze when he felt the man gently tip his chin and without another word kiss him on the lips. It was different from Mukuro's – it was sweet, loving and gentle.

"If you really want to learn Italian then I'll teach you…" The Skylark uttered as he glanced at the boy.

"R-Really?" The brunette asked, still in a daze. Hibari smiled – a real smile.

"Ti amo…" He whispered in the boy's ear. Tsuna blushed either from the proximity or the man's breath against his skin. He then looked at Hibari questioningly.

"What does it mean…?" He queried as the man only grinned.

"It means I'll bite you to death…" He answered all too simply as he kissed the boy one last time effectively silencing him.

Ti amo – I love you…


Hibari ordered Tsuna to stay put right after their confrontation. He didn't trust the boy to wander around the mansion after all that had happened. He didn't even dare leave the boy especially with the likes of Mukuro prowling about. The boy of course readily agreed and simply settled on the sofa. He waited obediently for Hibari's return only to doze off after only several minutes. It wasn't until he felt a soft nudge did he open his eyes and sit up from the cot. "Mmm…" He groaned as he rubbed his eyes groggily. "Hi…bari san…?" He queried as the man raised a brow.

"Get up herbivore, we're leaving." The man replied bluntly as he fetched his coat from the closet.


"I said get up." The man glared. "Before I change my mind and decide to leave you." He continued irritably as the boy gulped and followed the man down the hall and outside the mansion. Where was Hibari taking him? "Get in the car." The man ordered as Tsuna obediently took the passenger's seat while Hibari went up front to drive.

"H-Hibari-san…" Tsuna whimpered. "W-Where are we going?" He mumbled only to be ignored as the man simply drove off. The boy bit his bottom lip in worry but it wasn't after a while that his worry suddenly faded and turned to awe as he saw the scenic view from the window. If anything he seemed excited as he glanced at his surroundings. He had never seen such beautiful houses and fancy looking buildings back in Japan. He also noticed the slopes and mountains from afar and couldn't help but stare in wonder. From the corner of his eye, Hibari watched the boy and smiled.

"We're here…." The ex prefect announced after half an hour driving. Tsuna glanced at him questioningly and turned towards the window only to find an extravagant building up ahead. Hibari didn't bother explaining as he simply went down the car and handed the keys to a decent looking man, who he presumed was going to take the car to a valet parking. Tsuna pouted as he followed Hibari instinctively.

"Buona sera, signor." A brown haired mestizo greeted before turning towards Hibari. "Tavolo per due?" He continued as the brunette merely gaped at him.

"Daccii posti miglioriin casa."The dark haired man replied casually as the man nodded his head before leading them towards a table near the back. It was warm and cozy but best of all it was practically secluded as the duo made themselves comfortable. It wasn't but a few seconds later did the same man come back holding 2 menus. It was then the brunette came into realization that he was in a fancy restaurant.

"Possoprenderegli ordini??" The man asked as Hibari scanned through the choices. Tsuna meanwhile only gaped as he too turned his attention towards the menu. Everything was in Italian and he could barely understand a word of it. Hibari meanwhile seemed to have already made his choice as he whispered something foreign to the man who in turn nodded his head in consent.

"Umm…" Tsuna mumbled, embarrassed as he turned his gaze at Hibari. The man raised a brow before turning towards the waiter and muttering something to him. Tsuna bit his lower lip as the man repeated their order and without another word left their table.

"You eat pasta I hope? The man queried as the brunette simply nodded his head. "This place is known for it…" He stated nonchalantly before placing his table napkin on his lap. Truth be told, the restaurant was actually Tsuna's favorite – He had specifically brought the boy there in hopes that he would enjoy it too. Not that he needed to know that part of course.

"Y-You really didn't have to do t-this…" Tsuna mumbled as he blushed of the thought of Hibari treating him out. It even seemed as if they were on a date – then again this man was actually the future self of his actual lover not his lover per se, if that even made any sense. Come to think of it, for a third person's point of view the whole thing seemed rather peculiar.

"It's nothing herbivore." The prefect shrugged. Oddly enough, Tsuna didn't feel as intimidated as before. If anything he seemed light and comfortable around the older man as he soon found himself talking to him about random stuff. Hibari for one seemed amused and listened to the boy's stories. He would sometimes even comment and add in his own views about certain topics. Unfortunately, their conversation was interrupted when the waiter came back with their meal. Tsuna drooled at the sizable proportion of the food as well the delicious aroma that filled his nostrils. Hibari chuckled at the boy's reaction and let him have his fill. The two ate in comfortable silence. Tsuna in particular seemed delighted with his meal and ate without reserve.

"Sugoooiiii….I never knew Italian cuisine would be this good!" Tsuna exclaimed several minutes later as he finished his last bite. Hibari plainly rolled his eyes as he wiped his mouth with the napkin. Though he would never admit it, the boy's reaction was actually rather cute. Come to think of it, his lover, had the same goofy grin when they first ate in that restaurant. The man scoffed at the memory before calling the waiter for their bill. Once the man passed by, he simply presented him a card after which he stood up from his seat and wordlessly dragged the boy away."E-Eh?"

"We're going up." The man stated as he pulled the boy towards the elevator.


"I booked a room on the 18th floor."

"E-Eh?" Tsuna gaped. "A-A room?"

"This place is a hotel if you didn't know?" The prefect raised a brow as the elevator gave out a loud DING signaling that they were now on their floor. Hibari got out the small compartment and frowned when he noticed the boy standing there, frozen on the spot. "Herbivore…" The man called out as Tsuna glanced at him open-jawed.

"I-I…w-what…h-hotel…mm…" The boy stammered. Hibari raised a brow before abruptly grabbing the boy's arm and pulling him to his feet. It didn't take a genius to know what the boy was thinking. "Hiiiiieeee." He exclaimed as the man dragged him towards a large room. The room in itself was spacious – it had a small living room, a kitchenette as well as a large mahogany table with a matching chair, perfect for working. The room even had an adjoining bathroom opposite the bedroom which had a single king-sized bed. Tsuna paled – a single bed.

"Go to bed herbivore…" Hibari suddenly commanded as the boy automatically flinched.

"I-I'm not tired…I-I think I'll just…"

"Go to bed." The man reiterated. Tsuna bit his lower lip. He wasn't ready for this. He was scared – he wasn't prepare—"I won't be able to attend to you since I'll be working the whole night so go to sleep – before you know it, you'll be back on your own timeline." He continued as Tsuna gaped – Eh?

"O-Oh i-is that what you meant?" He queried, blushing at his own thoughts. Hibari grinned.

"Where you perhaps thinking of something else?" He insinuated.

"N-No! O-Of course n-not…" The brunette mumbled before hopping on the bed and hiding under the covers. Hibari chuckled before going towards the desk and laying down his countless papers which Kusakabe had delivered beforehand. He often spent time in this place – the atmosphere was calming. It was a good getaway especially after being cooped up in a mansion with nothing but noisy herbivores. Hibari rubbed his temples before gathering up the papers and going through them one at a time. Before he knew it, it was already 9:45. Hibari glanced at the clock then at the bundle in the bed. The herbivore had apparently fallen asleep in his steed. The man smiled before wordlessly standing up the chair and walking towards the bed.

According to Reborn, the bazooka will lose effect in 24 hours. Since the brunette had appeared 10 pm yesterday, he was bound to change places with his future self the same time today. The dark haired man smiled as he sat on the edge of the bed. He was finally going to see his Tsunayoshi – though he had to admit that spending time with the younger version of his lover was also very entertaining. It was then he remembered those days with the brunette. He remembered all the pains he went through fending off stalkers. The boy despite himself was actually a magnet for trouble not to mention of trouble makers. Then again he supposed it was what actually what brought them together every time. The man smiled as he silently brushed the brunette's hair away from his face. As if by cue, the boy shifted in his bed and slowly opened his eyes – 5 minutes to go.

"Mm...Wha…where…?" He mumbled groggily when Hibari suddenly placed his hand in the side of his head, effectively pinning him on the bed. The boy blinked as he glanced up. "H-Hibari-sa-?" He queried nervously when the man leaned forward and without another word kissed him fully on the lips. "Hiiieeee!" The boy gasped as they parted. "S-Stop y-you said you weren't…"

"I never said anything herbivore." The man grinned as he descended down the boy's neck, showering it with small butterfly kisses. The boy flinched as the ex-prefect bit hard against the skin before licking it clean. "Say hi to by idiot self for me…" The man suddenly whispered in his ear when a loud explosion suddenly wracked the entire place and a familiar pink smoke engulf the entire room.

"Welcome back…"


Tsuna blinked as he suddenly found himself seating on the couch of the reception room. Wait. Did he just say reception room? So did that mean he was back in his own timeline? Did he and his future self switch back? Was everything back the way it should b—

"So your finally back, herbivore." A familiar voice said as Tsuna immediately turned his head toward the door only to find Hibari leaning against the frame. Hibari. His Hibari. Tsuna nodded his head enthusiastically.

"Y-Yah…I'm back." He blushed as the man nodded his head in acknowledgement before walking towards him. Though he wouldn't admit it, he actually missed the boy – though the future Tsuna was actually no different, he was happy to have the brunette back. "I…so how was it?" The boy suddenly asked as Hibari raised a brow questioningly. "I-I mean how was I…was I cool in the future?" The brunette joked as the man simply rolled his eyes.

"Once a herbivore always a herbivore." He retorted blatantly as young Decimo simply chuckled. Hibari glanced at him. To be honest, the future Tsuna had gone beyond his expectations. He was very capable and yet was still very down to earth. He was still as innocent as ever but there was something about him that made others want to listen. He was charismatic in his own little way. The boy aside from his personality had also changed physically. He was beautiful. He couldn't forget the boy's eyes , his warm smile, his pale feature. It actually took all his will power to stay calm and rooted.

"O-Oh…Well…the future you is really amazing…you know…" Tsuna blushed as the man glanced at him. "I'm glad Hibari decided to stay by my side all that time…" He continued softly as the man's eyes softened.

"Herbivore…" He whispered as he walked towards the boy. He however stopped dead in his tracks when he caught sight of the red marks along the boy's neck. Hibari felt a nerve twitch. Those weren't any red marks – those were hickeys. Come to think of it, the boy's seemed a bit flustered and his lips were a bit swollen as if someone had – Hibari gritted his teeth. Apparently when he was holding back here in the present the boy was having the time of his life romping with his future self. "Herbivore…" The man reiterated as the boy flinched from the sudden deathly tone in his voice.

"H-Hibari san?" The brunette whimpered fretfully as he glanced at the man who was suddenly emitting a killer aura.

"I'll bite you to death!"


Meanwhile a certain long haired brunette gaped as he took in his surroundings. It wasn't until a while that he realized that he was no longer in the mansion but instead in a hotel room with the dark haired man hovering over him. Tsuna glared at his lover. "Y-You brought my past self in a hotel!" He accused. "Y-You didn't do anything to h-him did you!" He mumbled as the Skylark simply rolled his eyes before abruptly grabbing the boy by the hair and pulling him in a rough kiss.

"Shut up herbivore!" He retorted as he aggressively pushed the man on the bed before pulling his clothes open causing the buttons of his polo to come flying out.

"T-That was my favorite shirt!" The brunette protested when the man kissed him again.

"Just …shut up…" Hibari glowered. "I've been patient enough…" He continued as he unbuckled the boy's pants. Tsuna gasped, when the man's hands slowly began to stroke his member. He groaned when his pacing quickened and practically screamed when he reached his climax.

"K-Kyouya…" Tsuna groaned. "Prendete me! Fare sesso con me."

"Gladly." The man smirked as kissed the herbivore while unbuckling his own pants. It wasn't after a while that the room was filled with loud moans and heavy panting as Hibari did his lover until he was spent and couldn't move.

"My back hurts…" The brunette whined as he cuddled closer to him after several hours of love making. Hibari surprising allowed him as the brunette rested his head against his arm. "Ne Kyouya…" He muttered, before closing his eyes groggily. He was tired and sleepy.


"Did you do anything to may past self?" He yawned. Hibari chuckled as he placed his free arm around the boy's waist. Tsuna forced a glare on him. "You did, didn't you?" He accused, while trying to keep his eyes open.

"Let's just say…A little jealousy never hurt…" The man grinned as he pulled his now sleeping lover closer to him.



DICTIONARY (Just the important ones)

Predente me – Take me

Fare sesso con me—Have sex with me

Ti Amo/ Ti Voglio – I love you

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