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In a large silent mansion, two girls swiveled in perfect unison around their room. Their strong connection was the only thing that abled them to keep living together in the same room, as they had for sixteen years. Though it was shared by only two, the room was large enough for ten people. The room seemed like it was divided by two opposites instead of two twins. Both walls were covered from top to bottom with posters of shows, video games and music: mostly American music artists and a few Japanese musicians as well. On the right you could see many different posters of Linkin Park, Aerosmith, Sum41, Utada Hikaru, Aya Hirano and posters of many different Anime and Kingdom Heart's characters. The left wall however had musicians like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Buono!, 2NE1 and posters of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy characters. The flooring was separate on each side of the room, the right had a plushy dull gray carpet white the other was a simple light brown hard wood floor. The walls were white with huge bright orange paint splashes everywhere while the other side was painted in striped with dark midnight blue and a gentle sky blue. On each side was a king sized bed, covered in the same brown comforters and pillows. At the foot of the beds were chests where their house clothes rested on. Computer desks, homework desks, book shelves and dressers were all shoved against the wall, making room for the black table, which was covered in magazines, and books, and chairs that nestled comfortably in the center of the room. Close to the heads of each bed were night stands and opposite those were two mahogany doors that led to short hallways, a door in the middle leading to the bathroom being conveniently placed there, that made a passage way to one walk in closet. There they stood, judging the other's fashion for their first day back to Ouran Academy.

"Kimiko…" Yukiko called out, fixing her uniform as she tugged on her burgundy red skirt and a cream colored blouse. Over her blouse, a jet black vest was tightly secured, hugging her curves. With a red bow tie wrapped around her collar and her high snow white stockings covering her legs, she slipped on her flat black shoes on. Her long black hair was falling behind her, curving outward in the occasional twist and turn, a red ribbon keeping her hair from falling into her face, except for the thin strands that draped over her left eye. She swiveled on her heel, locking eyes with her beloved sister. "You remember our little switch?"

"Yeah…It was on those Hitachiin brothers…about two years ago" Kimiko answered tying a black bow in her straight dirty blonde hair. Her outfit was vaguely resembled her sister's all except for the differing colors. She had on a simple black skirt instead of a red one and her vest was bright red instead of dark black with a long thick black tie instead of a small red bowtie. Opposed to white stocking, she wore black ones, making sure that they bent shorter than her sister's and her shoes were a pale eggshell white. Kimiko glanced over at her sister her blue eyes meeting Yukiko's grey ones as two identical smirks were pulled on each of their lips.

"The Hitachiins…I wonder if they're still there"

In a lone abandoned hall way of Ouran Academy, you could see Kaoru Hitachiin and Kimiko Misaki alone. They spoke in hushed voices even though no one would come near them, talking in the same afternoon that Kimiko had left a very private, very personal, very affectionate letter in the young Hitachiin's desk.

"So you're the one who sent this love letter?" Kaoru asked with a gentle smile, twirling the letter between his fingers as he gazed towards a shy, flustered Kimiko

"Y-Yeah…" Kimiko mumbled, looking down in embarrassment as she fiddled with the hem of her shirt, her blonde hair falling over her face.

"Well…" Kaoru began, smirking as she took in a deep breath. It was a usual procedure for them: meet girl, lie, sweet talk them, and prove themselves right, that no one would ever see them as individuals. ",You slipped it into the wrong desk. You meant to put this in Kaoru's desk" he lied, stepping towards her slowly, seeing her take a step back in what seemed like fear. "I'm Hikaru. Kaoru likes someone else though, but I always thought you were cute so would you settle for me?"

For a brief second it almost seemed like Kimiko had a look for remorse in her eyes, a look of knowing sadness. Kaoru simply brushed it off as disappointment that she wasn't getting the twin she wanted and had to bite back the frown that so wanted to wash over his features.

"I would," she began, seeing the knowing look spark from her eyes to his, but it was crushed almost instantly. "If you were Hikaru, but you're not, and I'm not Kimiko" said 'Kimiko' looking back up with a smirk, seeing Kaoru's eyes widen in shock.

"W-What?" he stammered out, his eyes shifting to behind the standing bush where his brother was hiding with an identical look on his face.

"I told you they would pull this didn't I Kimi?" The fake girl called out behind her. A few feet behind her, an identical blonde haired blue eyed girl walked out, her arms crossed firmly over her chest.

"Yeah you did Yukiko, I thought you were better then that Kaoru…" the real Kimiko grumbled, shaking her head with a disappointed look.

"I thought you were better then that Hikaru!" Yukiko called out past Kaoru, towards a few bushes that were close by. A confused ginger haired twin walked out with a shocked expression plastered on his and his identical twin's face.

Yukiko took a few steps back and stood next to her sister, both girls running their fingers through their blonde hair in frustration. Turning on their heels, both girls left with irritated yet somewhat sad looks on their faces "Good-bye Hitachiins! We'll never bother you boys again…" they chorused, leaving the empty abandoned halls along with the two confused boys.

"Do you think they're still there?" Kimiko finally asked after running her eyeliner over her waterline a few more times.

"Maybe. It'll be interesting if they are." Yukiko responded with a smirk, glancing in the mirror in happiness that the bleach blonde hair she once had was long gone, and her natural hair had returned.

"Think they'll remember us?" Kimiko asked again, walking out of their shared room with Yukiko following close behind

"Maybe, do you still like him?"

There was a pregnant pause before Kimiko built up her strength and responded.

"I think I still might, just a little…" She gave a sigh of frustration, as irritation made its way back to her eyes. ",but trust me. I don't want to."

"Want to see if they've learned their lesson?"

Both girl's halted, staring at one another with a mix of mischievousness and seriousness. Slowly, a smirk worked its way back onto Kimiko's lips as she gave a curt nod.

"Yeah." The two began their walk back to their car again, getting into the back and pulling a bleach blonde wig out of the back that was identical to Kimiko's own hairstyle. "Let's see if they really changed…"